17 Awesome Wood Fence Ideas to Decorate Your Backyard

Wooden fences are a great way to separate your backyard from the rest of your property.

Wooden fences can also help you maintain privacy in your backyard.

To help you choose the best wood fence for your property, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular designs.

Learn how to build a fence step-by-step after you’ve selected your favorite design.

Why Use Wood Fences Anyway?

The most convenient option for enclosing your property is with a wood fence. As long as you have a local hardware store, you’ll be able to get everything you need for a new wooden fence in just a few days.

In the event that you aren’t sure which side of the property the fence is on, check out our article on how to tell.

There are a few other reasons for a wood fence:

  • Cost – among all the fence types, these can be some of the least expensive.
  • Privacy – if you do your fence properly, you’ll have great privacy in your backyard.
  • Looks great – adding a finishing touch around your home with a fence, makes your property look great.

The following are some yard and garden fence designs to help inspire you if you are considering putting a fence in your outdoor space.

Ideas for wood fence decorations for your yard

1. Varying Width Wood Fence

These fence designs are visually appealing and give an added sense of sophistication to your fencing.

Make sure to keep in mind that they are more complicated and thus more expensive to implement. You’ll also have to keep track of which board goes up next because you’re buying different-width boards.

As a result of the different widths of this fence, a contractor may charge you more for the installation.

However, take a look at that fence! I love it.

2. Basket Weave Wood Fence

Wooden fencing in the form of a basket weave is aesthetically attractive. If done correctly, both yards that share the fence will have a beautiful section of it.

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In addition, the basket weave allows air to flow freely so that you can enjoy a crosswind. There are several uses for this design, including a privacy barrier.

As an illustration, I snapped a picture from the side to show how it appears from the corner.

3. Herringbone Style Wood Fence

You can add depth to your fence with this geometric beauty, which is different from vertical or horizontal.

Expect to pay more for this fence or to spend more time building it yourself if you’re doing it yourself, like the varied wood fence.

In order to reach the 45-degree angle, you’ll need a lot more time to cut each board individually. Since you’re cutting the boards, there will be a lot of waste.

However, if you want a fence like this, the cost is less of an issue. You want a beautiful wooden fence in your backyard to complete the appearance you’re going for.

4. Shadow Box Wood Fence

A traditional luxury wood fence is the shadow box fence, which has been around for decades. The style of this fence is appealing to many people since it gives enough privacy while still allowing air to flow through the barrier.

If you gaze dead on, it’s fully barred from seeing through, but if you look at a small angle, you’ll see through some area.

The fence’s other key selling point is that it doesn’t have a “negative” side. The fence looks wonderful on both sides because the posts and rails are placed on the alternating sides of the boards.

5. Picture Frame Fence

The picture frame fence, like the shadow box fence, is constructed so that both sides of the fence are identical. Because the panels are contained within the picture frame, it is referred to as a “good neighbor fence”.

For a more elaborate look, you can paint the fence frame a different color than the fence boards.

6. Board on Board Wood Fence

Nothing can pass through a board-on-board wood fence, making it one of the greatest options for those seeking privacy. Panel fencing from Lowe’s or Home Depot pales in comparison. While the individual boards are still provided and installed, the distance between them has been eliminated.

There is no gap between all the boards if you put two boards close together and stack the third on top.

Trying to describe anything in words can be tricky, so here’s a nice movie to show you what I mean.

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7. Horizontal Wood Fence

Currently, horizontal wood fences are extremely trendy. When people look at their fencing, they want to see something unusual. For your rear yard, you can choose from a variety of horizontal wood fencing options.

8. Horizontal Wood Fence with Metal Accents

The wooden fence with the metal accents is one of our favorite designs. There are many various metal sheets to pick from in this style, making it a versatile option.

Using metal for the fence also has the added benefit of lowering the overall cost. Horizontal fencing made of wood can be more expensive than metal sheets.

9. Pallet Fence

The thought of having a fence that costs nothing is appealing to some people, so I’m including it here. Pallet fences are less about enclosing seclusion and more about securing an area from intruders or animals.

It’s less important to have a beautiful fence than it is to have a fence that serves a purpose.

For those that have access to an abundance of pallets, don’t give a hoot about aesthetics, and enjoy doing things on their own, this may be the best option.

It’s a good idea to check that the pallets you’re using may be safely reused if you decide to go this path.

10. Painted Wood Fence

You may personalize your backyard with a painted wood fence. When painting your fence, you have the option of choosing from traditional solid colors like white or green. Alternatively, you can use a range of colors to spruce up a fence.

In an effort to breathe new life into their old fence, our closest friends painted theirs a vibrant shade of blue.

11. Rail Fence

Using horizontal or vertical boards, a rail wood fence creates a rail appearance. Modern rail fences are a popular choice because of their clean, uncluttered appearance and the fact that they can be easily adjusted for any given location. Rail fences are very simple to set up and maintain.

The black paint on this painted rail fence draws attention to the bamboo. It’s one of my city’s most beloved fences.

12. Wood Panel Fence

One of the cheapest wood fences to put up is the wood panel fence. Installing them yourself on your lawn is a cinch because of how flat the panels are.

13. Geometric Wood Fence

When it comes to wood fence designs, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. In addition to delineating property, this geometric wood fence provides plenty of visual interest. In addition, it doesn’t obstruct views from outside the fence. In spite of this, the wire strung between the wood planks keeps rabbits and other garden pests at bay.

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14. Stepped Wood Fence

Stepped fences are good for erecting on a slope since they are easier to maintain. It has a pleasing appearance, as it makes use of the terrain’s natural contours. Additionally, the hillside provides privacy regardless of your location. Because of the horizontal slats on this wood fence, the step effect isn’t as jagged as it could otherwise be.

15. Arbor Garden Structure

You can stroll beneath an arbour, which is a garden building built vertically. Arbors can also be used to create a fence. It’s a great way to add curb appeal to your property, as well as a welcoming focal point. It is also capable of supporting plants that are positioned at an angle. Flowering vines that twine around arbours add a splash of color and visual interest.

16. Pointed Wood Fence

With no additional materials required, simply cut the tops of your wood fence slats into pointed shapes. There is some additional work involved here, but it’s not as much as if the wood were left squared off at the top. Even a simple fence may be transformed into an eye-catching piece of art with a little help from paint. If you have numerous peaks on your roof, the points will match up perfectly. Moreover,

17. Surfboard Fence

With no additional materials required, simply cut the tops of your wood fence slats into pointed shapes. There is some additional work involved here, but it’s not as much as if the wood were left squared off at the top. Even a simple fence may be transformed into an eye-catching piece of art with a little help from paint. If you have numerous peaks on your roof, the points will match up perfectly.

Rail fencing is commonly used to demarcate the limits of a bigger property so that horses or other large animals can roam freely.

There are many different types of wood fences to choose from, and we hope this guide has helped you narrow down your options. To keep your wooden fence looking its best, you may also want to check out our guide on how to clean it.

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