Why Lizards Do Push-Ups?

Why Lizards Do Push-Ups

Do you have a lizard with funny quirks that you love watching?

Are you looking to understand the reason your lizard does certain actions that they do?

If you’re a pet owner for lizards You’ve probably seen your pet doing funny actions, such as something that reminds the human version of pushups.

If you’ve read this, you may think:

Why do lizards do push-ups?

Lizards can do push-ups due to various reasons. However, typically males, display strength and offer the chance to attract the attention of female lizards. 

Certain lizards may also perform them when they want somebody else to be taken away from their area. These push-ups could be fun but the lizards seem completely serious about doing them.

Keep reading for more information about why lizards do push-ups.

Why Lizards Do Push Ups?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to draw the attention of someone.

Some lizards switch colors to communicate and signal interest, other species have come up with a unique method to draw the attention of.

In comes the push-up.

Lizards have decided that an up and down motion similar to human push-ups is an excellent method to make someone take a look.

There are many reasons why lizards might decide that exercise is the thing they want to accomplish.

Mating Rituals

Research has shown that push-ups are a way for men to show their strength, particularly to women they want to attract.

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A lot of male lizards use push-up as an element of the mating rituals to show females how powerful they are.

For some lizards, such as Western fence lizards often called blue bellies, performing push-ups allows males to show their blue stomachs at females to make them look attractive.

Imagine male peacocks showing off their brightly colored feathers to attract the female’s attention. apply this on the western fence lizard.

The attention of female lizards is vital for males during mating season and push-ups can give males the edge they require.

Get Out Of My Territory

Push-ups aren’t only used by male lizards for getting the girl as well as to compete with opponents to gain territorial rights.

The need to defend territory is one of the primary reasons that lizards go upwards and downwards.

This is another demonstration of strength and determination for the lizard, however, the meaning behind it is different.

instead of saying “Hey, want to go out sometime?” the lizard performs push-ups in order to say, “Get off my lawn.”

Lizards tend to be extremely territorial animals, disliked when other species are allowed to enter their territory.

Most of the time, they are solitary animals who only meet with a different member in their group when it’s the right time to get married.

The motion of up and down of a push-up, swiftly raising their entire body upwards and downwards, can be a challenge for other lizards, particularly when one lizard is too close to the other.

The male displays to another male how tough he is and ready for the fight should it be necessary.

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If it is successful then the newcomer will be dismayed and will leave However, a snobby Lizard will get involved in the battle and try to show the other that he is not the only one to be beaten.

It could end with one lizard seriously harming, or even devouring the next.

Pet Lizards

The scenarios shown in the examples above illustrate the behavior of wild lizards and what they are doing when they push up however pet lizards don’t differ.

The reason wild lizards perform the upward and downward motion of a push-up is almost identical to why your pet does the same.

You may happen to pass through the area when your pet naturally would like to play.

They are famous for their shows even when they’re not certain that another lizard is in the vicinity to observe.

There is hope even if they don’t know what the lizard’s identity is.

In some instances, you could be able to alarm the lizard and it may be mistaken for a competitor.

A few people believe that the push-ups are an opportunity for your lizards to communicate with you by saying, “Hey, I know that you’re watching me. I can see you.”

Even even if they’re not feeling at all threatened, some think your lizard is trying to let you be aware that they are there.

Do Both Female And Male Lizards Do Push Ups?

We’ve discussed the reasons why lizards bounce down. But does this have to be the same for males and females?

It is often the case to observe male lizards doing push-ups since they’re more interested in creating an impression.

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Males are generally more aggressive and may perform push-up displays more often, but that does not mean that females don’t do push-ups.

Females may be moving up and down in the push-up-like motion, but they’re not as empathetic as males in their species.

They’re less aggressive, but occasionally they get into fights with female lizards.

It’s not often If the females do fight, it’s unlikely to occur, the outcomes aren’t as severe as when males battle.

A woman might move her head upwards and downwards in response to a male’s behavior in courtship.

They usually are very subtle in their appearance, so you won’t witness the same huge show that men put on.

Females do not have the same opinions of strutting their stuff as men have, but you could sometimes see women doing a push-up or two.


Watching your lizard perform push-ups, particularly first-time, is sure to be enough to make you take a moment to look at it and possibly even giggle a bit.

You begin to wonder what the reason lizards do push-ups.

There’s no reason to!

This is a way to draw attention. In some ways, if people stop and look at it, it’s functioning.

If it’s for mating or to remove another from their home, the push-up motion is a great method to attract attention and draw another lizard’s or your attention.

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