Why Are Lion Groups Called Pride?

Pride is a group of lions. It can also be called a sault, or troop. But it is more befitting to address the royalty of the animal kingdom as a pride. A group of lions (pride) is a family unit that consists of up to 40 individuals.

Many people wonder what a group of Lions is called. There are many strange names that collectively refer to wild animals. The most common name for lions is pride.

Other useful lion Terminology and Collective Nouns

You have the tickets booked, your family or group of friends are together, you have a safari prepared, and you know the safety rules. What about your vocabulary?

It’s not enough to know that pride is a group of lions. These terminologies will help you look cool in the scorching safari sun.

Male lion

The male lion is called… lion just as we know him all our lives. The male lion is the true king of the jungle. A pride of lions is the royalty of the male kingdom.

Like every king, the lions are the backbone of the pack. Although they might not participate in hunting, they are there to help protect their territory and their pride.

Female lion

A lioness is a female lion. Although they may not be the top runners or the head of the pack But they are the backbone and strength of the pride. In fact, lionesses are often the “breadwinners” of pride.

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They hunt prey in groups, which serves as a meal for the entire pack, even the lions, who rarely participate in the hunting process.

The responsibility of caring for their young is also shared by the Lionesses. They must feed, protect, and teach them how to hunt, in order to prepare them for wildlife.


A baby Lion is also known as a lionet or whelp. This is the young animal of many carnivorous species. Cubs are the offspring of wolves, tigers, foxes, and bears.

The litter is a group of cubs from lions. Although female lions can give birth to cubs throughout the year, it is rare to have more than four. The litter can usually contain two to six cubs.

Group of male lions

A coalition is a group of male lions. The essence of a coalition is to exude dominance and extreme strength of the pride to stray lions who would want to come into the pride and assume the position of the leaders.

Pride should have no more than three to two adult male lions. It is not surprising that young lions between 2 and 3 years old are being evicted from pride in order to maintain control over their authority and competition.

A coalition can also exist outside a pride. These types of coalition are made up of adult male lions that have been exiled from their pride of birth.

Group of female lions

What is pride? Are you surprised? Surprised? It’s a well-known fact that female lions play a key role in pride.

A pride of Lions is more likely to be made up of female lions rather than male lions. Male lions do the work of mating with female lions to produce young and protect territories and members of the pride. That’s not all.

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The pride is run almost entirely by lionesses. They mate to give birth to their young. They care for their cubs and hunt to meet the needs of the pride.

Once the cubs reach adulthood, the lionesses will teach them how to hunt. So it’s fair enough that they get to keep the name of the group. I mean, male lions still keep the name of the whole species!

Why Are Lion Groups Called Pride?

Simply put, pride is a group of lions that are considered the royalties of the animal kingdom. Taxonomists assign animals based on their stature, place in the food chain, and behavior.

Lions are at top of the food chain and have the ability to control other animals. They are strong, fearless, and have no natural predators.

Lions also have a variety of symbolic meanings. Since antiquity, lions have been a symbol of courage, justice, and dominance. This is why they are called “the king among the bests”.

For all these reasons, a group of lions is called a pride.

Why do Lions live in groups?

To have more kills, and to minimize injuries from hunting activities, lions prefer to live in groups. In addition, lions prefer to live in groups to protect their young and improve their territory strength.

For a wild animal to survive, it is important to have the best land possible with plenty of food and water. This is especially true if the territory is owned by powerful pride members.

Next, do lions remain loyal to their group throughout their entire lives? Some lions are not like others.

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When a young male lion is older than 2 or 3, the older pride lions and sometimes lionesses chase him out of the pride. Sometimes they decide to search for another pride, where they can be new alphas.

A coalition of lions outside of pride are not necessarily related; they are usually young adult male lions exiled or left their pride of birth.

On the other hand, female lions are usually loyal to the pride their whole lives. If there is enough food source for every pride unit, lionesses choose to stay devoted members.

Final Words

Here you have it, pride is a group of lions.

Did you know it, but couldn’t recall?

Whatever your preference, I hope you have increased your knowledge of wildlife and learned the jargon used by lion-related vocabulary.

You should be able to communicate with your friends and use lion terminology for your next safari trip.

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