Where Do Squirrels Sleep?

Where Do Squirrels Sleep

When we think of squirrels our minds immediately think of the cute, hyperactive animal that chases between trees that line our backyards! 

The common backyard creatures may draw our attention and prompt us to wonder about things like, “when and where do squirrels sleep?”

Based on National Geographic, there are more than 200 varieties of squirrels around the globe, which are classified under a variety of major species. The majority of squirrels rest in tree nests or in-ground burrows, according to their species.

If you’re looking for the answer, then you’re in the right spot because today we’ll give you an extensive guide on the sleeping habits of squirrels!

Factors That Affect Where And How Squirrels Sleep

The first thing you need to be aware of about squirrels is that they’re certainly not in the same way. As we’ve mentioned before there are different kinds of squirrels that have totally different habits of sleeping.

Here’s a review of the variables that could influence where squirrels usually rest.

Geographical Location

We’ve discovered that there are hundreds of species of squirrels throughout the world. But, the majority of them are identical in nearly every aspect of life with only the slightest of variations.

In all of these species, we can classify all squirrels into 3 principal groups based on their geographical range

  • Ground squirrels: They mostly reside on the ground and are quite thin with short tails. They’re extremely agile and quick on the ground, but not fast in climbing. Ground squirrels generally build their nests in the ground.
  • Tree Squirrels: They typically reside and are a part of trees, particularly in coniferous forest rich in nuts and acorns. They typically possess larger bodies, with longer tails. The majority of tree squirrels will find the best spot within a tree , and then build their nests in which they rest.
  • flying squirrels: Despite the name, these squirrels don’t actually fly. Instead, they have skin flaps between their legs, which help them glide on their leaps. They usually belong to the group known as the tree squirrels which is why they build their homes in the trees.
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Species of Squirrels

Species of Squirrels

There are numerous species of squirrels around the globe, it’s not difficult to imagine that some sleep in different ways. In reality, there are five commonly found species of squirrels within North America.

Within the United States, the most frequent species of squirrels are squirrels of the gray squirrel in the eastern part of America that is prevalent throughout the East towards the Midwest of the United States as well as in Canada.

The grey squirrel of the western part of the continent is also quite popular on the other part of the continent. And they share the same grey-whitish fur.

Squirrels with black fur are smaller in comparison to the previous species, and they sport distinctive black fur. They are known for their lack of occurrence and their hostile behavior towards other squirrels, which is why they reside and sleep alone.

Fox squirrels and brownish squirrels sporting bushy tails are more suited to wide open spaces and large trees made of wood they are smaller in size and possess reddish fur.

It is believed that the previous species is the one most prevalent of all in America as well as being classified as trees squirrels. They are the California Ground Squirrel, another American squirrel that is the most popular ground-dwelling species.

Age of Squirrels

When squirrels are young, they are unable to walk for weeks. In that time, squirrels are confined to their nests, regardless of whether it be a nest in a tree or ground nest.

When they are mature at about 18 months old, they’ll move on to search for a new home to settle in, where they can make their home.

Time of the Year

One of the distinctive patterns of sleep that animals have around the globe is hibernation as well as estimation. Many squirrels utilize these tactics of survival to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Habits such as hibernation or estimation can also impact the location where squirrels sleep since they require a fairly secure location in which they can keep enough food to last through the winter.

How To Spot A Squirrel Nest

After you’ve learned what squirrels are and their nests here’s a quick description of the typical shelters of different types of squirrels and the best way to recognize one.

Tree Squirrel Nests

Tree Squirrel Nests

The majority of squirrels found in North America are tree-dwelling ones. The nest squirrels construct within trees are referred to as dens or drays. They usually look for cavities with cavities already present and construct their nests within.

Most of the time the cavity is hollow woodpecker holes, but they could be caused by the rot of other causes.

Squirrels typically line their nests with leaves and moss as bedding. The layout of squirrel dens provides shelter from the elements and protects them from rain and wind.

If squirrels have trouble making the proper holes for their nest’s Plan B is to use the dray, which is a nest constructed of tiny branches of trees.

In some instances, squirrels may switch between dens, drays, and dens, based on the weather conditions, so it is common to see them near trees in winter, and drays on branches of trees in summer.

It is recommended to be careful not to disturb the nest as babies squirrels can be seen in the dens and Drays. Take a look from an uninvolved distance.

Ground Squirrel Nest

Ground Squirrel Nest

Ground squirrels aren’t the type to create drays or low-profile holes in trees. Instead, they dig a hole and build any kind of burrow, from a simple one to a vast underground system to reside in.

Ground squirrels are typically smaller and agile than tree squirrels. This makes them able to move around tunnels with ease and then retreat into their burrows if they’re scared.

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One thing that makes a squirrel hole easy to find is the tiny dirt pile left near the hole that leads to it.

Ground squirrels might share several burrows in areas that are favorable to them. In this situation, you’ll see numerous holes close to one another, each having a tiny pile of dirt in the middle.

When Do Squirrels Sleep?

When Do Squirrels Sleep

Most squirrels are on the same sleep pattern as humans. They are most active during the day but sleep in the evening, which is why it’s quite common to observe the animals going about their daily work in the mornings and evenings.

Squirrels are known to spend their time either building burrows or dens or collecting food. They usually return home when the sun sets to feed their children and then sleep through the night.

Certain species of squirrels employ strategies to conserve energy in certain seasons in order to survive.

This phenomenon is called hibernation and estivation and depends on the weather conditions. Both hibernation and estivation are most often related to ground squirrels than tree squirrels.


Hibernation is a common occurrence during winter when northern climates cool. In this state, ground squirrels create burrows to sleep in during the winter. The heartbeat, along with breathing, slows down during this period.


In warm environments, ground squirrels also enter an estimation phase. This is most common in desert areas where the squirrel goes into exactly the same state of low activity in hibernation, which is a couple of months long.

Final Words

The end of today’s guide to answer the question that is a bit puzzling, “where do squirrels sleep?” As you observe, squirrels rest in nests they build by digging tunnels in the ground or constructing nests inside hollowed-out cavity trees.

In both instances, it is recommended to build their nests in areas that have ample food sources in order to return to their nests as quickly as they can when the right time comes.

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