What do garden Snails eat?

If you remember watching Spongebob you might recall Gary having a bowl of “Snail-Po” out of his special food bowl. 

It is possible that you remember his chef trying some himself to determine what it tasted like.

But if “Snail-Po” doesn’t exist in the real world, what exactly are we supposed to feed our pet snail? 

Learn all you need to know about the diet of snails that live on land. This guide to what garden snails consume will assist you in determining the right nutrition plan to feed your animal.

What Do Garden Snails Eat In The Wild & As Pets?

Wild slugs don’t have a preference for food You’ll find the slugs within your gardening. Certain species of snail are known to be omnivores carnivorous, or even detritivorous. 

Yes, there are predators which consume other species or dead animal carcasses. However, in general, the snails are herbivores. They eat trees, plants, bark, fruits, and vegetables — you name it.

Pet snails are similar in the fact that they’ll consume almost everything they encounter. Try the various foods we recommend in this article to see the ones they enjoy. 

Do not worry about it If they don’t enjoy certain foods, they’ll avoid eating them. You can always substitute unfinished food with something they’ll love eating.

What Do Snails Eat in Captivity?

It’s simple to find food that garden snails consume. Slugs eat a wide variety of kinds of vegetables, fruits, grass plants, as well as anything else you might discover in your fridge or in your garden.

Whatever you do, be sure that you thoroughly clean the food prior to putting it in the tank. A thorough rinse with pure water can remove harmful pesticides.

It’s also crucial to get rid of any rotten materials and then add food every few days. Maintaining fresh vegetables and fruits in the tank can prevent the growth of mold.

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Feeding in Snail Homes

If you feed your pet snails You can make sure they are eating by providing the perfect environment for them. Remember these suggestions in mind while creating your perfect snail terrarium

Keep them out of direct sunlight
* Add leaves, sticks, bark, or plants to replicate their natural environment
* Add a couple of inches of soil that is chemical-free and make sure it is kept moist (more on this later)
* Create hiding spots using structures such as tiny hollowed-out logs
* Ensure that sufficient air gets into their tanks

What Is A Snail’s Favorite Food?

Squirrels can be seen enjoying fruit, plants, and other meals. They all have distinct tastes, and it could take several weeks to establish a preference for their favorite foods.

Here are some suggestions that will result in happy snails:


Lettuce is a tasty, crunchy snack for terrestrial snails. It also gives them plenty of water.


Beer may appear to be an unusual option, but snails love the yeast it offers. small drops of it occasionally are delicious. However, too much of it can be fatal and it’s crucial to limit yourself to tiny drops.


If you’re cleaning your refrigerator keep in mind that your pet is likely to enjoy fruits such as:

* Strawberries
* Bananas
* Apples
* Pears
* Avocados
* Mangos
* Peaches

There’s plenty of debate on the dangers of citrus for the animals. To be on the safer side, give them foods like oranges in a moderate amount.


In contrast to the kids, they love vegetables. It shouldn’t be a problem with getting them to eat.

* Broccoli
* Cauliflower
* Cucumbers
* Potatoes
* Spinach
* Cabbage
* Mushrooms
* Peppers

If your diet includes “hard” vegetables like potatoes and carrots, you might want to soften them by boiling them. Make sure you allow the food to cool completely before adding it to the tank.


Seeds are another favorite. Some of the most popular options are hemp seeds, sunflower seeds as well as pumpkin seeds. It is best to grind, crush, or soak them prior to serving.

Pet Food

Giving tortoise food or dog food is also an everyday practice. It is best to soak it prior to the food being placed in your aquarium.

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Raw Meat

Carnivorous snails consume raw meat such as the mince of a steak and chicken. Do not feed any meat that has seasonings on it. They will also eat eggs that are raw cooked eggs, cooked eggs, as well as eggshells.

Foods to Protect Snail Shells

Snails have only one shell. To keep their exteriors in good condition they should have access to ample calcium.

Calcium is found in leafy greens like broccoli as well as kale and Brussel sprouts. However, you might consider purchasing calcium supplements from an animal shop.

Don’t be hesitant to add a cuttlefish’s bones or eggshell into their aquarium. This snail’s mouth is awash with the radula, which scrapes to sift away these calcium-rich food items.

In spite of the fact that a deficiency of calcium could stop snails from growing or even repairing their shells, it’s vital to avoid giving excessive amounts of this mineral. 

Too much calcium can cause dangerous internal stones. The recommended dose of calcium for snails is 20 percent from their daily diet.

Foods to Avoid

Land snails aren’t picky about their food, however, that doesn’t mean you must feed them anything and everything.

Snails can be harmed by certain foods. These include:

* Extremely salty food items
* Pasta
* Rice
* Any substance that is contaminated by harmful chemicals or pesticides

Do Garden Snails Drink Water?

Once you’re aware of the diverse diets of land snails You might be thinking about whether they consume water. Snails are fascinating creatures because they don’t require a water dish. They receive the majority of needed hydration from the foods you provide them.

They also receive moisture from the soil inside their tanks. Use a spray bottle at least twice per day to keep your environment humid. Although a water bowl isn’t required, snails will love it. They’ll not just take a drink out of it, but make use of it for baths.

If you decide to put it in an aquarium, ensure that it’s deep enough to keep the snails from getting drowned. The bowl should also be heavy, as snails could knock it over into the soil.

What to Feed Baby Snails

When your mature snails tend to lay eggs you may be wondering what the newborns will be eating.
It’s a good thing that babies eat the same food that adults do. Introduce these snails to a variety of food in the beginning so that they don’t get so picky later on. Be cautious when feeding the snails foods that are watery (like the tomato’s insides) that the tiny creatures could drown in.

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Also, you should be aware of the size that the water tank’s bowl (if you decide to include one).
Also, they’ll require plenty of calcium to strengthen their shells.

Funny Fact They are born in shells. When they emerge from their eggs, the first thing they do is eat the egg’s shell. It’s high in calcium and will aid in the formation of the new shell.

Do Carnivorous Snails Eat Other Snails?

Ascertain species are carnivores, your pet snail may try to eat its tankmates. It is unlikely to happen so it’s as long you maintain diverse kinds of snails in different tanks.

What Do Freshwater Snails Eat?

You’re familiar with what you feed snails on land but what do freshwater slugs consume? They don’t need any particular food item. 

They feed off algae and other debris that accumulates in the aquarium. They are minimal maintenance requirements and the ability to keep your aquarium tidy!

If you’re looking to enhance your pet’s nutrition, algae discs bought from the pet store in your area will suffice.

What Do Sea Snails Eat?

Sea snails are like freshwater snails in the sense that they consume algae in the tank. In addition, they’re known as bottom feeders because they’ll search for organic debris, decaying plants, and fish that haven’t been eaten. 

The opening of the mouths of a saltwater snail can contain tiny pieces of scallop, shrimp, and even fish. You can add these fatty fish to the tank to make delicious food.

What Do Garden Snails Eat? The Bottom Line

Your snail is one of your family members and should be treated as such. be well-fed! What do garden snails consume? 

They are able to eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, and plants but ensure that they consume plenty of calcium.

This guide is the ultimate snail’s guide. You are welcome to save it as a bookmark and come to it to ensure that your pet is getting the finest food.

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