How Much TruGreen Really Cost?

If you want to take care of your lawn properly and efficiently, using a professional lawn care firm is the best choice. 

TruGreen is a well-known lawn care provider that has an extensive presence across more than fifty states.

If you’re trying to discover the best lawn care service that meets your requirements most, we’ve analyzed TruGreen’s price with six estimates. 

The majority of lawn care firms have cost estimates that fluctuate based on the additional service options and the size of the lawn.

We discovered that TruGreen lawn care costs vary between $29.95 up to &49.95 for each application. 

This is a promotional price for new customers, and lawn sizes are less than 5000 square. ft.

You can receive a detailed estimate by calling 1.844.567.9909 or filling out their online form. The customer service representatives will call you to tailor the plan to your needs and give you an estimate.

We will go over in detail the price of each plan and the benefits you receive with each plan. In the next section, we will cover several great alternative plans to TruGreen.

What is the Cost of TruGreen?

The TruGreen price is based on the area, the size of your yard as well as the current condition of your lawn, and the treatment plan you pick.

If you have a residential property of smaller than 5,000 square feet of yard size, it can cost anywhere from $425-$795 annually. 

For larger yards, up to 22,000 square feet, it will cost between $650 and $1,700 per year by 2022.

We’ve broken down the specifics of TruGreen’s cost according to their various plans as well as additional services within the post. 

Different Kinds of TruGreen Plans & Costs?

TruGreen provides four different kinds of services:

  1. Lawn Care
  2. Tree and Shrub maintenance
  3. Prevention and control of mosquitoes as well as
  4. Pest control

It’s important to note that TruGreen does not list its cost on its website like other lawn care companies do.

They’ll request you to fill out an online quotation form, and ask you to supply details about your contact information, name, telephone number along with your email. Then, their sales representative will contact you to discuss the matter further.

There’s something wrong with this strategy however it’s not like it’s transparent. Sales representatives employ selling techniques, such as limited-time offers (which is never restricted) or offer you products that you didn’t think of or require.

It appears to be an accepted way of doing business for lawn-care professionals. It’s something you should be aware.

TruGreen Lawn Care Plan Price

TruGreen’s lawn care service provides essential control of weeds, fertilization as well as insect control services. There are three options that are available for purchase.

All plans come with Healthy Lawn Analysis and Healthy lawn guarantee from their lawn care specialist who they refer to as “Truexpert(sm) Accredited Specialists.”

PlanServicesFirst ApplicationAnnual Cost*
TruHealth Lawn Care PlanBasic lawn care program. Includes Fertilization and Weed Control.$29.95$569
TruComplete Lawn Care Plan8 lawn care visits per year. This includes fertilization, weed and grub management plus 1 Aeration and Overseeding$29.95$755
TrueSignature Lawn Care Plan8 lawn care visits per year, plus 1 Aeration and overseed plus 7 and service visits$29.95$875
Tree and Shrub ServiceFertilization of tree and shrub roots, and the prevention of disease and pests$49.95$710
Mosquito Control and PreventionServices for mosquito defense spray your backyard and around your property$39.95 (minimum for 4 years of applications)$465
TruShield Tick and Flea ControlThe treatment of common access points like first-story windows doors, windows, and close to the foundation.$80.95

* ( Estimates based on 5,000 sq yards of lawn)

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If you’re looking to compare these plans, here’s a list of points to take into consideration.

  • The price above is based on a 5,000 square-foot lawn. There are no minimum requirements to be eligible for the price quote. If your yard is more than five thousand square. feet, you will have that you will pay more lawn care service.
  • The price quoted is for the initial application and only for new customers. This is an offer to introduce to draw new customers. Be prepared for your renewal rates to be higher but don’t believe that it’s just $29.95 for the entire season.
  • Automatic renewal of your annual contract. You must notify prior to cancellation of services, otherwise you automatically enroll for the following year.
  • If you decide to sign up for a service, you are required to either pay each year (considerable upfront costs) or enroll in automated payment using cards from your credit or debit card. This kind of arrangement isn’t the most secure because customers may be overcharged.

TruGreen Price Estimate For 22,000 Square Feet

In 2020 in 2020, the This Old House blog has published estimates for a half-acre (approximately two thousand square feet) lawn.

The quote was for the lawn of the unnamed Southern State, was as like this:

TruGreen Lawn Plan / Additional ServiceAnnual fee
TruComplete Plan + overseeding$1,200
TruSignature Plan + overseeding$1,500

We’ve found many complaints in which customers were charged for services even though they had requested that it be canceled or the service was not satisfactory.

If you are forced to make a choice you want to pay in advance, avoid signing to easy-pay if the credit/debit card you use is listed on their database. 

You have to control the time and place where you pay your money. This is the same for other lawn-care service providers.

How Much Does TruGreen Aeration Cost?

The TruGreen Aeration can cost anywhere from 200 to $400, based on the fertilization method and lawn’s size. 

It is common to require only a minimum of two or one annual aerations however, sometimes you do not need to do any aeration at all.

If you’ve got a small size yard, it is possible to make the aeration by yourself. We’ve looked at the top aeration tools which you can purchase with certainty.

If you have a large yard You also have the option of renting Aeration equipment at Home Depot or Lowes. The cost of rental can range in the amount of $39-$79 per day.

How often does TruGreen come?

TruGreen’s plans for the year include 8-9 lawn visits. They schedule fertilizer applications or pre-emergent and targeted applications for weed control every 4 to 6 weeks.

It is possible to have more visits if you’ve opted to add an extra package for example Tree and Shrubs services or pest or mosquito control.

They can combine their services into an application like fertilizing and applying pest management treatments or spread out according to the situation.

Because it is a service that is outside your home, you don’t need to be in your home to assist you. 

It is important to ensure that your gates are locked and keep your pets out of the way to allow them to gain access to your yard.

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TruGreen Price Negotiation What is their flexibility?

TruGreen’s costs are based on the products they provide. Similar to any other company they are looking to increase their profits by offering additional services, and by locking you into an agreement.

The initial offer appears fair, however, there is always a fine print to be aware of. It is important to be aware of the services you need and aware of prices offered by competitors within your region.

Don’t believe the price quote that you receive is set in stone, as there’s a strong incentive for the business to acquire your business. They’ll lower their prices if they are aware that they can make an income from your business.

If you’re trying to negotiate the price, don’t place the entire focus to reduce the price. Sometimes, they will reduce the cost, but they will also decrease the frequency or the number of services offered for the price.

Always bargain the price before asking them to sign your contract’s details in writing prior to signing it or providing the credit card details.

However, when selecting a lawn care company be sure to negotiate and know about the cost of the competitors.

Are TruGreen Worth the Cost?

TruGreen provides services throughout all 50 states. Additionally, on the website of their company, customers are able to purchase products and services. Its primary focus is on lawn care for commercial and residential clients.

They also provide value-added services including pest control as well as maintenance of trees and shrubs. There’s no doubt that their initial price is low and more affordable than the majority of local lawn-care vendors.

If you’re in the market for small yards is it worth it to make use of them to maintain your lawn. The cost is slightly more for a single lawn-care service than when you purchase the annual plan. However, it’s still cheaper than the other companies.

When you consider the costs of labor and materials they are priced competitively and make a great choice for lawn maintenance that is hands-free.

There’s always an option to DIY lawn care. The only cost direct is purchasing the materials and equipment, however, you’ll need to dedicate time and effort to maintain the lawn.

If you are looking for an active approach to managing your lawn, then DIY is an alternative. It can help you save the cost of hiring a landscaping professional.

If you’re confident in managing the lawn you have, it’s more affordable to contract a professional to take care of it. You could also consider TruGreen’s limited-service plan. If you’re not happy then their return policy lets you stop any remaining treatments.

What Alternatives do TruGreen have?

It is always possible to do-it-yourself (DIY) lawn care or contract local lawn care companies operated by a small company to maintain your lawn. If you are looking for TruGreen alternatives, there are numerous choices.

Here are some examples of alternative options:

TruGreen is Superior to local lawn-care service

The local lawn care service is usually operated by a single person who might be more inclined to deliver services to your requirements. 

They’re better equipped to deal with local lawn care requirements and will give you the highest quality results.

Many national brands have defined operating procedures and the kinds of materials they employ. 

They are therefore more affordable however, they may not yield the most effective results for your yard.

Employing a local lawn care firm means that you will support your local community and local companies.

TruGreen vs. Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor offers services that directly rival TruGreen. The prices are also competitive However, they don’t have as extensive a presence as TruGreen. 

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You must check their website to determine whether they have a presence in your local area.

If Lawn Doctor services are offered in your region, you can evaluate their services against TruGreen and negotiate the cost of maintaining your lawn.

TruGreen vs. SavATree

SavATree offers services in tree care and lawn care for commercial and residential customers. 

Their service area includes all of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-West regions of the United States.

They’ve been offering services since 1985. They are now more focused on using eco-friendly lawn treatment.

SavATree is the best in lawn diseases treatment and control. We noticed that they have more experience in prevention-based maintenance.

SavATree lawn care is a result of experts who evaluate the grass on your lawn and determine the best season-long treatment.

They have skilled employees. are equipped with powerful tools and automated equipment that enable them to tackle any task in the most cost-effective effective, efficient, and accountable way.

TruGreen is vs. NaturaLawn of America

NaturaLawn of America provides personalized solutions for your lawn’s requirements. This offers you the best choice to select the best plan for your lawn’s needs instead of a one-size-fits for all TruGreen method of planning.

NaturaLawn provides services to commercial and residential clients. They also provide information to customers on how to care for their gardens in a way that is safe for them.

It has been offering services across North America since 1987. They are proud of using all-natural, natural, and organic lawn fertilizers.

TruGreen vs. WeedMan

Weedman is a good alternative to TruGreen. It’s a Canadian company that is expanding slowly in America.

Weedman provides services that include lawn maintenance fertilization, pests, and insect control.

Their prices are affordable However, their customer isn’t as strong as TruGreen. 

Weedman however, has various payment plans that are flexible and make them worth the effort to compete with TruGreen in terms of cost and customer service.

What Do Customers Have to Say About TruGreen?

The all-encompassing array of services that the firm provides sounds great.

In actuality, TruGreen may not be as smooth as it appears on the TruGreen website. There is a lot of current as well as former customers of TruGreen who left mixed feedback regarding their experience.

When you take a look at the most trusted business review sites like YelpTrustpilot as well as Consumer Affairs You’ll find the fact that some customers went off content. But, there were some who were positive about TruGreen.

The majority of complaints TruGreen clients had been due to the lack of communication during times when they were having issues in the process.

The issue also stemmed due to the fact that this service is automatically renewed every year. 

This means that you’re required to pay for the service (even when you decide not to keep paying) until you’ve confirmed prior to the time that you’re not keen on the services.

A few customers also faced issues in determining that other services were added to their bills in error. This is understandable considering what TruGreen actually costs customers.

Positive reviews typically focused on the work of exceptional employees. They were the TruExperts who did the extra mile and were willing to provide extra guidance and tips to their customers.

A few customers were happy with the efficacy of certain pest control solutions such as TruCare Mosquito Defense. TruCare Mosquito Defense service.

Final Words

TruGreen is rated 1.3 (out of five) on ConsumerAffairs at the time of publishing this review Based on 364 user reviews that were submitted. 

It’s not a large sample of unhappy customers since the majority of satisfied customers rarely write reviews.

We did like the fact that their customer service team addressed unhappy customer reviews that were negative and promised to fix the problem.

This is an excellent indication. It indicates that TruGreen values its brand image and is prepared to resolve problems with the retention of customers. They also offer a healthy lawn guarantee.

In order to determine whether TruGreen is an infringement, we wouldn’t consider it an infringement. 

It offers reasonably-priced services which are comparable to other alternatives. If you’re unhappy The company will be happy to fix the issue.

The only complaint we could find is that they should be more proactive in their efforts to solve billing issues for customers.

Most commonly, they would charge customers who had canceled their subscriptions or added new services without customer consent.

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