27 Tree Stump Ideas Put Your Fallen Trees to Good Use

If you live in areas that have fallen or cut trees, it is possible to transform tree trunks into decorative items for your garden. 

You can give your yard a rustic look by decorating the stumps with small items or shaping the wood into an impressive image.

This will increase your space’s uniqueness and appearance. We’ve compiled a list of 27 of our favorite tree stump ideas that will inspire you to do your own DIY projects.

Wait if you want to remove tree stumps from your garden. These tree stump removal ideas will help. These tree stump ideas will show you how many different things you can make from them.

Wedding-Style Tree Stump Ideas

1. Tree Stumps with Candles in Glass Jars

This beautiful wedding decoration in a dimly lit forest is our first tree stump idea. The perfect setting for your special night is the natural look of tree stumps combined with the soft glow of candles in glass jars and delicate white lacing.

2. Candlelit Tree Stumps Decorated With “Love”

We hope that you understood the pun in our subtitle before we go on.

This garden decor creates a feeling of the country that is unmatched. You can’t get more romantic than this with the melted and bottled candles and rustic stacked stumps of trees, white flowering shrubs, and glamorous Hollywood-style lit-up letters spelling “Love”, which is a good thing.

3. Elegant Rural Table Decor

Although this garden decor can’t be made from an entire tree stump, it is possible to cut off several small bases for table decorations from one stump. 

This centerpiece has a natural feel to it, thanks to the stick wreath made with leaves and acorns. 

The candlelit metal lamp with a burlap bag holding delicate flowers and the burlap pouch that holds them both give it an old-fashioned, homegrown vibe.

Christmas Tree Stump Decorations

4. Beautiful Holiday Table Piece

This Christmas table decoration features a tree stump base, faux berries, pine needles, and dried orange peels.

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It exudes a homey, cozy holiday vibe. It is a lovely table decoration that will warm your guests’ hearts on cold nights.

5. Christmas Tree Stump Mat

Although the tree stump dinner mat may not be a mat per se, it makes an interesting and festive addition to any dinner table. 

As you eat and talk, your guests will enjoy the Holly wreath, pine scent, and subtle sprinkles of fake snow. This decoration will make your party a huge hit!

6. Simple holiday centerpiece

The centerpiece for the holiday tree trunk centerpiece is easy enough to blend in with other decorations but still effective enough to bring together a room. 

As they rest upon the wood stump’s winter appearance, the simple red candle and a few pine ornaments add a little color to the room. 

This table decoration piece is complete with the shimmery wire wrapped in the shape of a Poinsettia.

Tree Stump Tables

7. Tree Stump Table and Tree Stump Chairs

The stumps of large trees were used to make the table and chairs in the garden. The table stump was designed to be wider and have more legroom. To create backs and seats, the chair stumps were simply cut at an angle and smoothened.

This project would be a great DIY project for the creative-minded. It blends perfectly with the natural surroundings outside the home. Excellent addition to the table is a colorful planter.

8. Perfectly Cylindrical Table & Chair Tree Stump Set

This is the most straightforward project if you are a DIY craftsman and the simplest. The cylindrical set of tree stump seats and huge stump tables add a campfire atmosphere to any yard they are in. 

When you have trees, why would you need expensive garden furniture?

9. Beautiful Tree Stump Table with Stools

This set is similar to the tree stump stool and table set shown in the previous example. It’s simple and cylindrical. 

The difference is in the bright and vibrant colors on the top of the tree stumps. You can paint a portion (or all) of the tree stump tables or stools to add color to your yard.

These would be a great outdoor coffee table, especially for those crisp mornings.

10. Tic-Tac-Toe Tree Stump Table

This tic-tac-toe table is a great way to make use of your stump. Although it won’t save you much, this would save you some money and keep your stump from becoming a burden.

Tree Stump Sculptures

11. Carved Tree Stump Facial

This gigantic face embedded in the tree stump will bring the foresty Scandinavian stories about giants in trees to your yard. 

This carving is almost seamless, making this tree stump that was once an eyesore look like a mythical being.

12. Tree Stump Bird

There’s no need to use the stump grinder. 

This rough cutout is cute and charming. It would look great painted in real colors.

13. Toadstool Carving

This oversized toadstool sculpture adds a touch of fairytale magic to your yard. This carving is ideal for a fairy garden, with or without paint.

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However, it’s up to you to create the desired outcome.

14. Wooden Heart

This tree heart is a beautiful expression of love. This carving will add warmth and affection to your backyard.

It can be done easily with a chainsaw (if you don’t have a dull chainsaw, it is).

15. Swirled Tree Stump

You can create a sea of unattractive tree stumps with variously sized or shaped swirls to make one of the most striking DIY pieces of tree stump art.

16. Tiny House

Tiny wooden houses, exaggerated wood birds, and toadstools from an old stump bring a fairytale feel to backyards. 

The wooden house is carved with a window, door, roof, chimney crown, and roof. It almost seems like a tiny fairy could enter your backyard at any time.

You can make a fairy house by placing a small flower pot next to your door.

17. Tree Owl

All of us remember the stories of the wise, old owl from Winnie The Puh or Big Mama. This mother owl, who has a lot of love to give, was a beloved character in the film The Fox and the Hound. 

This carved wooden owl captures the caring, wise feeling that owls can bring to life.

18. Christmas Tree Stump

For as long as we can remember, Christmas tree cutting has been an annual holiday tradition. 

You can make clever use of the stump if you have ever cut down Christmas trees from a tree farm or grown them yourself.

Tree Stump Pathways

19. Single Stump Walkway

This single stump walkway can be used to create narrow paths through the garden. 

This little walkway would be ideal for keeping your feet clean as you move around the property. Tree stump walkways are more affordable than stone walkways.

20. Stone-Appearance Wooden Walking Way

The walkway is made up of hundreds of tree stumps and creates the illusion of a stone-covered garden path. 

This is an unusual way to save money, but it doesn’t compromise the look of the walkway.

21. Above-Ground Stepping Stone Tree Stumps

These stumps, unlike other wooden garden walkways, are high above the ground and quite large. They also look similar to rock steps stones you often find in gardens. 

This is a cheaper option than purchasing flat stepping stone rocks and gives the area a more rustic look.

Tree Stump Planters and Landscaping

22. Potted Plants in Natural Display

You don’t have to do all the work involved in hollowing out a stump from a tree. 

Instead, place your potted plants on the stump for a natural display.

23. Weathered Cacti Stump Garden

Cacti and succulent gardens can be made from weathered stumps with naturally hollow crevices. 

This idea is great for desert landscaping, and it would be easy to maintain.

These succulent and cacti are great to add to your weathered planter:

  • Golden Barrel Cactus
  • Bunny Ears Cactus
  • Moon Cactus
  • Star Cactus
  • Common Houseleek
  • Ghost Plant
  • Stonecrop
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24. Tree Stump Flower Bed

A tree stump in your yard can be a problem. It can take away from your garden and give your property a dull appearance. 

Plant colorful flowers around your tree stumps to enhance their beauty and avoid the hassle of having them removed. Instead of being an eyesore, your garden bed will be a foresty paradise.

25. Viney Tree Stump Planter

Plant creeping plants inside your tree stump to create a lush appearance. The creeping Jenny, Ivy, and other Vine will gradually take over the stump, gently settling to the ground. 

This will make your garden look fuller and lusher, and it is also a great way for you to feel the voids in your garden.

26. Make a pot stand

You don’t have to make a pot stand, but you can save time by making a stump planter. 

You can varnish or paint the tree stump pot stand to improve its natural appearance and protect it from wood rot.

27. Make a Tree Stump planter

You can make a tree stump planter for your garden. You can find the step-by-step tutorial. 

There are other ways to reuse tree stumps

These are some other ideas for tree stump use if none of these 25 options appeal to you.

  • Your tree stumps can be used as firewood. Nothing is better than a warm fire and marshmallows roasting under the stars in winter. You can save the logs to be used later if you don’t wish to decorate the tree stumps. Keep your logs dry so they don’t get wet.
  • Make holes in the stump of the tree and place lights inside. This is an unusual way to use your tree stump to lighten a dark area of your yard at night.
  • For birdhouses, use tall tree stumps. To make space for bird nests, screw birdhouses on the stumps of trees or the hollow ends of stumps.
  • Make your tree stump a birdbath. You can make a birdbath by placing a bird bathing bowl on top of an already-edited tree stump. You could also hollow out the stump and place the bird’s bathing dish inside to make a stronger birdbath. 
  • Make your tree stumps into cookware and utensils. A fun DIY project is carving a cutting board, bowls, or spoons from your tree stumps. It is both challenging but also useful. If you’re interested in trying it, here’s a step-by-step guide for wooden spoon making.

Final Words

You can reuse otherwise unusable stumps from your tree garden in many different ways. There are many ways to use a fallen or cut tree stump.

You can create seating areas, artistic works, and holiday decor. We hope you found these tree stump ideas helpful and that they inspire you to transform your yard.

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