25 Gorgeous Pergola Covers Ideas

Covers for pergolas or pergolas are outdoor shade structure that is designed to provide shade and an area to chill out under the cover of your patio. 

They are usually the centerpiece of the garden, a fancy entrance, or covered walkway. 

The purpose of pergolas is to stop the sun from shining and not stop it from completely, which is the reason you’ll see that some pergola covers are just partial, and, in a sense, decorative.

A pergola is covered in a variety of styles and designs as there are different tastes and styles of design. 

It can be made up of straw, plants, fabric plastic tiles or wood, metal bamboo, or any other material that looks good on your pergola and provide some respite from the scorching sun. 

You could also transform your existing pergola by putting on a new cover. 

If you have a wooden pergola but the gaps between slats are too big and the pergola feels too bright, you can weave in roller shades or even grow the creeper.

Every cover material has pros and cons. Some are easy to put in and maintain, while others require expert assistance. 

Certain materials are extremely durable, while others need to be replaced every two seasons. All of these options come with a cost.

Design is all about the right taste, good sense, and lots of imagination. Covers for pergolas are a part and parcel of how pergolas ultimately look. 

They require the same care and a proper design. All it takes is what you require and what you enjoy.

Benefits Of Owning A Pergola

Before we’ve present our top pergola cover ideas we’ll take a look at the reason why building a pergola for your outdoor space could be a good investment and worth the cost:

  1. Pergolas are gorgeous structures. The primary benefit of having pergolas is that they provide additional visual appeal to your garden and can increase the value of your house, in the event that you decide to sell it. As we’ve learned throughout the article, you can find many ways to design your perfect pergola to fit the style of your house.
  2. These structures take up large amount of space. In the event that you’re blessed with a vast backyard that seems lacking, pergolas can be the perfect method of filling in empty space. They’re typically quite big structures and can catch the attention of guests and help make your backyard seem more spacious.
  3. They’re perfect for an outdoor lounge. If there’s no terrace or your deck doesn’t have a cover, a pergola can be an ideal outdoor lounge area. They’re attractive, offer shelter from the elements and are nice all around to relax under.
  4. They offer shade. If your backyard isn’t equipped with enough shade, pergolas can provide you with a spot to rest on during the summer’s hot days and get away from the sunlight. They also provide shade to potted plants and pets that like spending much of their time outdoors.
  5. Pergolas are perfect for vine plants. They are gorgeous and ideal for filling in gaps in your garden, however they need a structure to aid them in spreading out without causing any harm. A pergola is the ideal design for this as they’re tall and allow your vines to have the best exposure to the sun , and plenty of space for them to spread.
  6. Pergolas provide additional privacy. We’ve all experienced problems with nosy neighbors at one time or some other time. A pergola covered with curtains will provide that extra some privacy when neighbors are just too close for comfort particularly when you make your pergola a cover with plants or curtains.
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When it boils down to it when you’ve got the money the pergola covers is a backyard design idea you shouldn’t ignore.

Great Pergola Design Ideas for Covers

Here are a few of our most-loved pergola covers, hoping they can inspire you!

25. An A Touch Of Green

You’ll be amazed by the things a little bit of life in the garden can do, particularly right in front of your head! 

This easy and elegant combination that includes pergolas and climbers creates an incredibly rustic vibe and you’ll forget about all your worries in the blink of an eye!

Include the table for two and you’ll never need to leave the house ever again!

24. Go Big Or Go Home

It’s a pleasure to spend time with friends and family in the sun on a warm day. And nobody said you couldn’t have it under a pergola, with some plants!

These sturdy, solid roofs with their soaring pillars will quickly leave everyone amazed and having fun.

This design can be used to shade an space, especially when you’re someone who enjoys frequent company or just relaxing with your family and friends outdoors.

23. Flower Covering

Creeping plants look lovely However, these flowers are simply stunning! 

They look amazing on this wood and brick pergola.

22. Decorated Wood Covering

Another variation is the way the decorative timber can be cut and arranged. 

When you think of pergola covers it’s not straight, but it’s actually spiraling towards the sky! 

If you look up, you’ll be amazed to see something intriguing, right?

21. Polycarbonate Cover

Covers for pergolas made from polycarbonate are durable solid and will protect you from the most severe weather elements at the bay. 

It’s not too expensive however it may require an expert’s assistance in putting it up. 

Once you’ve set it up and are done, there’s nothing you’ll need to do to maintain it in top condition. 

All you need is a simple clean-up and you’re good to go!

20. Interlaced Fabric Covering

This pretty and stylish cover is so simple to build and put up! 

It provides shading to your outdoor area in a gorgeous and elegant way. 

The interlacing covers design is extremely stylish and pleasing to the eye. 

It can be used with almost every style of design from classical to modern.

It’s not a great winter option but it would require cleaning before the start of the year. 

While you wait you can enjoy the entire summer to soak in the beauty.

19. Creeper and Straw In Covering

Making use of natural materials for your designs is always beautiful and sustainable. 

This pergola cover design brings the feel of relaxation and vacation! 

It allows you to enjoy the sun and air but in a controlled and relaxing manner.

The cover is simple to make, and affordable also. It’s not likely to be a problem in the winter months, and it’ll be in your home for quite a time. 

It also requires minimal maintenance, mainly the watering and care of your creepers.

18. Branch wire, branch and Creeper over

There is no need for a solid structure made of wood or metal to plant a creeper. This DIY pergola is an affordable option for a budget-friendly pergola. 

The effect you will get from the vines that climb, but, it’s stunning and fairytale-like.

This is a seasonal solution It requires time to develop the creeper, and requires regular gardening. 

However, I must say that every one of these tasks can be enjoyable watching your plant grow as it expands day by day is pure joy.

This shade is beautiful and beautiful in all ways!

17. Curved Wood Covering

Making a pergola or any other curving form is much simpler than it appears. It can give your pergola a beautiful appearance with only some more effort.

Wood is always in need of an extra layer of protection, as it’s not weatherproof as well. 

The woodwork is stunning, and it is natural to desire to keep it in great condition for the longest time you can.

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16. Grapevine Covering

Coverings for plants on a traditional pergola are a wonderful idea to have shade and delicious fruits right at your doorstep! 

And before you even get those grapes aroma of the leaves as well as the blooms are delightfully refreshing.

A grapevine covering requires some prior planning. Gardening is a process and plants require time to develop. 

They also require constant attention. It’s a good idea to include this in the course of your garden routine. It’s a wonderful arrangement, and you won’t consider it to be a burden.

15. Wood Panels with Patterns

Wood is a lustrous material. its texture and colors add an incredible value to any structure that it’s put on.

It will look more appealing when it’s styled into geometric patterns. Each panel is designed to be mirrored to each other while the sunlight that shines through the pergola is truly amazing.

It’s not the best choice for protection against rain and sun, however, making it an ideal pergola roof for mild weather. Just gaze up and take in the sky and sun from the spot you’re in!

14. Fabric Sail Covering

The best aspect of shade sails is the huge lengths of fabric available and how it spreads across the pergola. 

It’s strong and light which means you can set it up yourself. It’s also an economical option.

The sailcloth keeps most of the sunlight’s harshness away However, some sun’s rays will enter so that you can enjoy the beach vibe. 

It’s possible that you’ll need to take it down it in the winter months, but it should not be a problem. 

It’s a great fit for all pergola designs, but it would look the best on a basic modern pergola.

13. Roller Shade Covering

The modern pergola appears its best when it has a shade roller. It is strong and simple to work with. 

The curving lines make a nice contrast with the straight lines of both the chairs and pergola. It’s always fun to have a play with the design elements. 

It can add interest to any outdoor space, and the end result is pleasing to the eyes.

The shade and shielding from rain and sun are very effective with this type of cover. 

It will require regular cleaning and after a few years, it might need to be replaced. It will still be a great asset to you.

12. Wood and metal covers

Metal stripes and wood make durable and weatherproof protection for your pergola made of metal. Its open design lets you take in the beauty of nature.

It’s not cheap to set up, and would likely require the assistance of a professional, however the sleek modern design, and solid structure are well worth the cost. 

Once it’s installed, it requires periodic cleaning to keep it in good condition and sparkling condition.

11. The Straw Cover

Weaved straw is considered to be one of the most beautiful and simple pergola covers. It’s light, airy, and natural, and has a gorgeous texture. 

It adds an exotic feel to the pergola and creates the whole area a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s not easy to set up and maintain, however, the cover isn’t a breeze to install and maintain, but if you reside in an area with a lot of dry air then it’s an easy task, and nearly maintenance-free. 

This cover would look great when you have your pergola near a pool or is covered in greenery. Tables and chairs made of woven straw will complement this design very well.

10. Vinyl Covering

It’s a very sturdy vinyl pergola covering and will protect you from the heat off of your outdoor space in a way that is efficient. 

It’s ideal if the climate in your area is extremely harsh or you’d prefer to install a cover at one time, and then put it away. 

It’s likely to require periodic cleaning obviously, but it’s not an issue generally, a quick shower will leave it sparkling and looking good as new.

It is available in a variety of shades and is cut to fit which makes it versatile is also a good thing. 

It’s modern-looking If you’ve got a traditional pergola, it might be a little bit of a stretch. It is most appealing with straight lines.

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9. Drop Cloth Cover

The backyard pergola is made of shade cloth to create its Beach cabana-style, so the shade cloth must go in the opposite direction. 

The breathable cloth covering the top and the sides is an ideal option. It’s not going to stop the sun from shining completely, but that’s the purpose of the summer sun, even if the beach is far from you.

The cover needs to be removed and stored in the winter months and you could also use the water-resistant fabric for the outdoor living area to be covered all year long.

8. Wood Covering

The pergola can be more than just a shaded place it also serves an actual role as a dining area or a space for entertainment. 

If that’s the situation, you shouldn’t allow the rain or other weather-related effects to disrupt your plans.

A solid cover can be necessary at times and there are a variety of choices to cover it. 

Wood is an excellent option in the event that you apply a protective coating and then from there it’s completely hassle-free and will look great for many years.

7. Creeping Berry Cover

There’s something beautiful and romantic about having fruit right over the top of your head or even beside your body, while you take the stroll. 

You can also enjoy shade obviously. I consider this to be one of the best and most delicious ways to block away the sun!

Additionally, it comes with the additional task of maintaining your garden and cleaning your pathways of leaves. If you’re interested in gardening, this would be an enjoyable experience.

6. Decorative Wood Pergola Cover

This is a canopy that gives shade however, it lets light reflect in fun patterns. These shadows alter over the course of the day when the sun’s position shifts. 

It’s not a lot of money to put in and, if you’re interested in tinkering around you can get the necessary materials and install it yourself.

You may want to add an extra layer of protection to the wood or purchase synthetic wood that is resistant to moisture and humidity. It’s not a good idea to alter the wood every year.

5. A Tiled Roof Protecting

This pergola was made for the winter. We can tell that it is a good place to sit from the fireplace and fireplace. It’s thus necessary to secure a cover over its top.

A roof made of tiles is as durable as it gets, it is a great pergola that is able to be used in the harshest conditions.

4. Sheet Wood Covering

If a better shade is required, the pergola cover should be more secure than this pergola. The thin wood sheets that are tightly fitted on top of the pergola will provide the greatest shade.

They also shield the pergola from frost or rain. This means that it can be used for more than just the mild seasons.

3. Plant Cover

Plants are attracted to climbing structures like this pergola, and it appears to benefit from each other. 

The pergola provides the plant with airy and bright support and the plant offers shade in a vibrant, lush way.

It’s always an enjoyable experience to stroll around under these beautiful pergolas.

2. Juxtaposed Wood Panels

It’s another contemporary pergola cover. 

It’s extremely attractive and, while sitting in its shade, you’ll frequently raise your head and allow your eyes to be captivated by the design.

1. Wooden Rib Panels

This contemporary home needs an open-plan pergola that is straight and can only be covered with strong material. 

Simple geometric shapes are the most efficient way to design.

The entire area is designed to be a spot for summer and therefore only a little shade is required.

Final Words

When you design your pergola design your pergola covers as well as the overall design of the pergola must reflect not only the additional sun but also your personal style and complement the overall look of your house and its surrounding. 

There are many pergola covers you can pick from however, after looking through our galleries, hopefully, you’ve discovered the one you love the most!

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