27 Best Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

In our home, the outdoor toys are constantly making their way out of the storage container and into the yard. They will be set until I fall on them.

If your child’s toys are similar to mine, they fill my garage, yard, and even my house! I thought it was high time to tidy up one-for-all so I set off in search of the top outdoor toy storage options. 

There are many great and easy options available and I was looking to get to compile them into a simple list. 

If you’re tired of finding toys everywhere you go, it’s time to think about making a change! 

Explore these useful ideas for storage for your outdoor toys to help you with your next endeavor.

My favorites are bins that hang over the fencing, a garage that can be used for toys to ride on amazing pool toys storage Pegboard storage for your garage wall, and some clever ways to keep the sandbox tidy.

Now I need to figure out the most suitable solution for our family.

27. DIY Pegboard Storage

It’s an extremely flexible storage system that can be used in a variety of ways. 

You can personalize your pegboards with any color you want, and also organize your outdoor toys according to your preferences! check it out

26. Fence Toy Storage

This is a great solution to keep outdoor toys in order and organized. Connect bright and vibrant hanging hooks on your fencing and then hang baskets made of plastic from them. 

Be sure to hang them located at a level that your children are able to reach otherwise, you’ll end up cleaning the mess yourself.

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25. DIY Nerf Gun Storage

If your children have an abundance of Nerf guns that must be kept in order check out this article written by Inspiration Created Simple. 

She created a pegboard organizer that is fantastic! Learn how to do it you can use it here.

24. Toy Storage

Happy Hooligans shares several tips and suggestions for Sandbox toys, as well as for organizing. 

It’s a fun and useful post that will encourage you to locate an efficient storage solution. Go through it.

23. Outdoor Toy Tubs

I Heart Organizing found an excellent method to organize skates and truck toys, pool toys, and much more. 

She made use of tubs and labeled the tubs and then conveniently arranged them on shelves inside the garage. It’s gorgeous! Check it out for yourself.

22. DIY Sandbox Organizer

Shanty 2 Chic offers a guide on how to build a sandbox that has a shelf to organize those annoying toys in the sandbox. 

Kids will be thrilled and you’ll love how everything is put in one location. Create the website yours.

21. Outdoor Toy Organization

Andrea Dekker shares how she made sure that all their outdoor toys and equipment were put in order one-for-all. 

Everything is organized and in order. How did she do it?

20. Bike Storage Shack

ICreativeD has come up with a way to design a truly original bicycle storage shed

The door is made of sliders and opens to allow you to get to all of your belongings quickly. 

It’s a great size for those who don’t have much space. Find it here.

19. Outdoor Toy Organizing

The Organized Mama will show you how to transform zip ties and milk crates into a great solution to organize toys. 

It’s excellent because you are able to know exactly where everything is. Watch how she did it.

18. DIY Backyard Bike Storage

If you’re trying to arrange all your children’s bikes and other rideable toys, it is essential to check out the instructional video from Refresh Living. 

It’s true that building a roof for it was easy! You must see this.

17. Outdoor Toy Organization

I Heart Organizing did an excellent job in managing their toys for outdoor use. 

They did not use many materials and they made significant improvements. It’s fresh and clean. Have a look.

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16. Backyard Toy Pantry

Apartment Therapy shares how you can make your own backyard kitchen toy pantry. 

It also puts chalkboards to give you more fun. This is a brilliant idea. Take a look.

15. Sand Toy Solutions

This episode of Wonderfilled Life shows us how to organize your kid’s toys organized using their organization solution. 

The vibrant colors make this space enjoyable and fun while also being practical. Have a look.

14. Toy Storage Shed

We’re Parents transformed their toy shed DIY into a project for the family. There’s even a roof over it and can be used to store lots of toys for the outdoors. 

They also discovered that they could find many applications for it in the near future also. Find out what they did.

13. Toy Storage Bin

DIY Done Right offers the full story of how they created a huge toy storage bin that could accommodate all kinds of toys. 

The result was incredible! Take a look.

12. Toy Storage Solutions

Take Them Outside got tired of seeing abandoned and unloved toys in her backyard. 

She came up with an idea for how to store toys, as well as the rotation of them. Find her innovative ideas here.

11. DIY Outdoor Toy Storage

Leslie of Plays To Parties provides five tips for getting her outdoor games organized and properly stored. 

She offers some excellent tips and suggestions regarding outdoor storage. Find her thoughts here.

10. Organizing Toys

I’m an Organizing Junkie had a desire to create find a simple solution to her kids’ toys, to allow the child to be able to put everything in their proper place after using them. 

The outdoor storage box was a great success! Take a look.

9. DIY Toy Storage

Family Handyman shares a fantastic guide on how to create your own toy storage system that works for you! 

It’s nice and neat. Check out what they accomplished.

8. DIY Outdoor Toy Storage

This House Now A Home got tired of the messy exterior filled with toys and other stuff for kids. 

Then, they realized that it was time to organize and they came up with the perfect solution: this original idea for storage for toys. Find out how they accomplished it.

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7. DIY Storage Bench

The Handyman’s Daughter gives instructions for creating an attractive and spacious bench to store all your outdoor toys as well as other items. 

The storage container looks great and can accommodate lots of things inside. Learn how they created it.

6. DIY Pegboard Organizer

The Creativity Exchange explains how they included a beautiful pegboard in order to make the garage a more neat and tidy space for outside toys and other kid toys. 

Everything is organized and neatly placed. Take a look.

5. Ball Storage

100 Tips to Do will show you how they created a fantastic storage system that holds all their volleyballs, soccer balls, and basketballs. 

The rack is quick to build and requires just a few items. Go here and learn how they achieved it!

4. DIY Rolling Storage

Shanty 2 Chic provides printable plans as well as a video tutorial for you to build your personal rolling cart.

This storage cart is amazing, and it can store a lot of things in it. Everybody needs an item like this. Check it out.

3. Organizing Outdoor Toys

Mandi of Life Your Way shares several tips on how to become organized with your kids’ outdoor toys. 

It’s incredible how the difference it makes when everything is organized. Find some ideas here.

2. Outside Toy Organizer

Domestic Charm decided it was the right time to get organized and put away her children’s toys. 

She used labels from vinyl and buckets, and then was a mad woman! It’s clean and well-organized right now. Find out how she accomplished it.

1. Toy Car Parking Garage

Sara from Mom Endeavours didn’t have storage space for all her kids’ outdoor toy collection, which is why she created an amazing parking garage that could keep those outdoor toys. 

It was a huge success and was actually quite simple to construct. You can try it out for yourself!

Final Words

I hope you came across an idea that you can use for your next project to organize. 

What would you say your children will enjoy the most? 

Whatever you pick, enjoy organizing!

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