Is it Legal to Own a Flamingo? How Much They Cost?

It is not possible to have a flamingo as your pet. It is not legal to possess the flamingo in your own name as an individual unless you have government approval. 

Flamingos are protected by the Migratory Bird Act. These are animals that roam freely, and it is illegal to possess a flamingo even if you do not have an exclusive license.

Can You Own a Flamingo?

It is not legal to own a flamingo to keep as an animal. A flamingo kept at the house isn’t legal, and to possess a flamingo, you must have an appropriate license.

Another reason that it’s not the best idea to own a flamingo when you’re not familiar with it is that flamingos require special care and attention.

Professionally trained flamingo keepers are aware that flamingos are extremely social animals, and it is not advisable to hold just one. In the world of flamingos, the more, the more.

It is therefore recommended to have at minimum 10 birds that have a wide space where they can nest and take a bite of the sun. Flamingos are tropical animals and thrive in warm climates.

They are a frequent attraction at Zoos all over the world and require special shelters. Particularly in areas where the climate is warmer than their native habitat.

Like the majority of wild animals, it’s illegal to possess an or a flamingo. In general, the general rule is that the majority of wild animals are not legal to keep as pets.

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Certain species are simple to maintain and aren’t endangered, so they can be kept as pets. Most often, they can be purchased from a pet shop or through an authorized breeder.

Do not attempt to catch wild animals by yourself. It’s dangerous and even illegal. Let the professionals handle it.

Do Flamingos Make Good Pets?

Flamingos are wild animals and it is not something pretty to have in your backyard. They’re not intended to be pet animals, and it’s not legal to keep the animals without a valid license.

Having this in mind, with proper care and the right living conditions, flamingos are able to live well in captivity.

The life span of flamingos’ captivity is nearly twice that of the wild. While in captivity they could attain the age of 50. Wild animals can live between 25 and 30 years old.

How to Take Care of a Flamingo?

We already pointed out that flamingos need special care, but let’s dig dip deeper into how to take care of a flamingo.

The famous pink hue of the feathers of flamingos is not a natural color. This means that flamingos don’t come pink and they get their distinctive looks from food.

Wild, they obtain their beautiful pink color due to the pigments found in the food sources they consume. 

They are primarily fed on insects, red algae, larvae, and shrimp. The majority of their food is high in beta carotene, a color that is then absorbed into their legs, faces, and feathers.

In captivity, the diet must include pellets with pigment as well as all the other ingredients they need to maintain their hue. 

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Flamingos consume food by pumping water, and also catch food by using their beaks. To facilitate this, zoos and animal parks that have the flamingos must replicate similar activities and also provide them with small ponds as well as water areas to feed.

In areas where the winter is colder than their natural habitat, flamingos require special housing. Luckily, they are resilient birds and with proper handling and care, they are enriching Zoos in all parts of the world. Even countries with harsh winters, like Canada.

How Much Does a Flamingo Cost?

They are social creatures, and they can only be purchased in groups. 

If you are able to obtain a valid license and are allowed to keep flamingos in your home, you should not have less than 10. They need a family for their health and well-being.

The cost will be based on the species as well as the number of animals you’d like to purchase. It is also contingent on the location of the animal. 

Prices can vary between hundreds and several thousand dollars.

Are Flamingos Friendly to Humans?

Flamingos are usually calm and not aggressive animals. In many Zoos, they can be seen walking around in areas where they can be in contact with human beings.

Even though they sport an impressive beak as well as sharp claws they’re generally gentle with humans. However, this doesn’t mean they’d like to be petted or stroked by Zoo guests.

It is important to remember the fact that these are animals of nature and must be treated accordingly. However, flamingos are intolerant of other birds, most particularly when they are in groups.

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Final Words

It isn’t legal to possess a flamingo without having a valid license. 

They are protected under law, and it’s illegal to keep them as pets. 

Flamingos require special diets to keep their pink coloring and require open spaces with water sources for their feeding. 

They are not pets and must treat as wild animals.

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