How To Make a Dance Floor Out of Plywood

Do you ever dream of dancing with the stars and “Dancing with the Stars”? Maybe you’d like to host a backyard wedding. You can make a dancefloor out of plywood by learning how!

People were dancing long before there had been a written language. It is no surprise that dancing has become a part of our society. 

A dance floor will get everyone tapping their toes, no matter if it’s for a backyard marriage or party with friends.

You have many choices when it comes to choosing the right dance floor for your party. With your budget, preparation time, and purpose in mind, we’ll look at four options:

  • You can make your own dance floor from wood, or you can use recycled pallets.
  • Use what you have: Dirt or cement, or deck
  • Buy
  • Rent

All of these options will get you moving in no time for your first dance. Learn how to make a dancefloor out of plywood and other materials. ).

Option 1: DIY dance floor

These simple steps will make it easy to set up a dance floor. All you need is a trip to the hardware shop. You can finish this floor in one weekend with the help of your neighbors and friends.

You can also make the base from recycled pallets or a plywood floor. This option will allow you to dance the cha-cha slide while saving money!

Step 1: Decide the size of the floor you need

It is a good rule of thumb to ensure that 30%-40% of your guests are dancing at all times. Each couple will require approximately 9 ft. of space to dance or 4.5 ft. for each dancer.

A party with 100 people will have 40 dancers at once. To get 180 square feet, you need to plan for 40 dancers x 4.5 sq. ft.

This is how to make a plywood dance floor. We will use plywood that is 4 x 8.

Find the right size for your party by using the area calculator. We will make a 12’x16′ dance floor using plywood. This is enough space for 100 people. If you decide to use a different size, make sure to adjust the numbers.

Step 2: Choose the location

Once you’ve determined the dimensions of your dance floor, you need to choose a location. Choose an area that is high and large enough to accommodate the dimensions of your dance floor. You should consider how many guests will dance simultaneously.

Step 3: Gather materials

You should find all the supplies you need at your local hardware store.


  • 6 sheets of plywood 1/2-inch
  • 30 x 8-foot 2’x3″ base.
  • Box of screws
  • Nails
  • Use a drill or a screwdriver
  • Floor top finish (Tiles or dance mat, paint, or tile)
  • 6 Mending plates
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Divide 18 of the 8-foot planks into 2x3s and cut them into two 45″ sections. These planks should be kept at least 8 feet in length.

Step 4: Create the base

Two eight-foot, horizontally laid 2 x 3, 8-foot longboards can be used to create the base. To make a ladder look, screw six 45-inch pieces between the boards.

Step 5: Continue until you have six bases

Each base will support one-half-inch plywood, which will be the top floor.

Step 6: Screw or nail the 1/2″ plywood sheets to the tops of each base.

Screw or nail the plywood to the base. Each support should have two nails or screws. Your floor will be strong if you have four along its length.

Now you should have six pieces of dance floor ready to be assembled. This video will show you how the bases were constructed.

Step 7: Layout the sections for the dance floor and complete a finish.

Once your dance floor has been completed, you can lay it out in area of 12’x16′. Before you move the bases, draw the layout on a piece of paper. It should be a complete rectangle.

There are many ways to finish your dance floor. You can seal it and make it weatherproof if you prefer the wood look.

Weatherproofing is an optional option, but it can be a great way to protect your floors from the elements.

Remember that dancing is the main purpose of your dance floor. Avoid slippage, as guests may slide more than Cha-Cha. You can finish the dance floor by choosing one of these options:

  • Paint: This is the most affordable option for creating a unique look. Paint can be customized with your initials or glow-in-the-dark paint. You can also create works of art. Look at how this floor looked like a checkerboard.
  • Vinyl Sheet: Use vinyl flooring sheets to make your dance floor look professional. Simply roll it on top of the floor. See the look. The floor must be secured by binding the plywood to it or nailing the ends.
  • You can use peel and stick tiles to ensure that the pieces are easy to remove after you’re done.
  • Vinyl dance mat: This is the most expensive option but it’s a great choice if it will be used regularly. When not in use, the mat can be rolled on top of the wood floor.

Step 8: Get on the dance floor

Now you are ready to move a leg! Make sure your dance floor is exactly where you want it to be. Mending plates can be used to hold each piece of the dance floor together. Place the mending plate on the dance floor outside where each piece joins.

You will need six mending plates for the 12×16 foot floor.

No matter how many people do the Nae or watch, if you whip enough to hold it together, no one will be left behind!

Step 9: Go out and have a good time!

You have put in a lot of work and are now able to enjoy your next big party or wedding right at home!

Alternative to Option 1: Recycled wood pallets

You like the look and sound of option 1, but you want to be kinder to your wallet. You can build a dance floor with recycled wood pallets.

You can often find pallets free of charge by checking your local listings. You can use wood pallets to make the base. No need for 2’x3 You may need to trim plywood depending on how many pallets you have. It’s well worth it for the price!

After replacing your pallets with bases, continue the steps in option 1.

Recycled pallets can help you save about $60 on materials

Option 2: Make the Most of What You Have!

Don’t let the instructions to build your own dance floor scare you! You might already have all the ingredients for a perfect dance party in your backyard.

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You can add a country feel to your party by adding line dancing or swing dancing to it.

You can easily convert a deck or cement area (such as a patio, basketball court, etc.) into a perfect dance floor.

Dirt or Gravel

Step 1: Choose a level area in the yard

You should ensure that the area you select is free from divots and holes. You want the yard to be fairly flat. If the yard slopes are not flat, level it first.

Step 2: Define the Boundary

You don’t want to confuse your guests by not defining a clear line for the dance floor. You can use simple techniques to define the boundary that fits your theme.

You can use hay bales, pumpkins, or flower planters to fill the corners. The lighting can serve two purposes: it can define the boundary and illuminate the dance floor.

Step 3: Dust Control

If they have to inhale dust while dancing, nobody will dance for very long. These simple tips will help you keep the dust down.

  • Before the party, spray the dirt lightly. Do not water too much or you might end up mud wrestling rather than dancing.
  • Dust Down Pro is a dust control product. If you plan ahead, it is safe and non-toxic.
  • Laying down small amounts of gravel, such as pea gravel, or thin layer sand is a good idea. You only need a thin layer, otherwise, your dancers will sink in their steps.
  • A thin layer of straw can be added to maintain the country vibe. This can be lightly sprayed a day ahead of the party to increase dust fighting abilities.

Deck or cement

Consider using a large deck, or cement patio if you have one. You can make your guest forget about its past use by using a few tricks.

  • The perfect mood lighting is essential. The right lighting can transform any area, bringing new life to it.
  • Level an uneven deck. To level, the area, use 4×8 plywood before you lay down the flooring.
  • Flooring is a good option. Install a dance floor over your patio or deck. You can look professional in installing a dance floor by adding vinyl sheets or laminate flooring to the cement or deck. Use a non-slip material!

Option 3: Buy one

Consider purchasing a dance floor if none of the above options appeal to you. Although you’ll spend more, you’ll have a dance floor that you can use again and again. With enough practice, maybe you’ll even make it on the next “So You Think You Can Dance!”

Many products are available in tiles of one square foot. It makes it easy to store the tiles. You can easily take the tiles apart and store them in a garage or closet.

The majority of manufactured dance floors can be placed on a solid, hard surface. Concrete slabs or decks are ideal for this purpose.

No deck or concrete? It’s no problem.

Some dance floors can be used on uneven ground. Before assembling your dance floor on dirt, grass, or other uneven ground, you might consider using a tarp or plywood.

Step 1: Explore your options and choose what you like best

Many sets are easy to put together and require no tools. There are options to choose how many tiles you want in each set. You should ensure that you purchase enough sets for the dance floor.

To cover an area of 182 sq. ft., you’d need to buy 3.5 sets IncStores 12’x12” Practice Dance Tiles (52) For 100 people, it will take approximately 3.5 sets of IncStores 12” x 12” Practice Dance Tiles (52) to cover the area (182 sq.

You can buy three sets of 52 tiles or one set of 32 tiles.

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You will need to purchase a separate border ramp if you wish to use it.

Step 2: Ship to your House with the Purchase and Shipping

You should order your dance floor well in advance of the big event. Once your dance floor arrives, you will need to plan for shipping and installation.

Step 3: Install the dance floor in your backyard

To avoid damage by the elements, it is best to have your dance floor installed the day before or the day after your party. It will be much easier to connect tiles to a hard surface.

Step 4: Disassemble, then store

When you buy your dance floor, make sure to plan for storage. This will allow you to be prepared for your next dance party!

Option 4: Rent a Dance Floor

A rental company can help you create a dance floor that is high-quality and will allow you to show off your moves from “Dancing with the Stars”. They’ll often take care of the set-up and tear it down so you can focus on your dance moves!

A large enough dance floor for 100 people can be quite expensive depending on where you are and what you need.

Step 1: Find local rental companies

Always get estimates from several companies when renting a dancefloor. Ask the right questions so you can compare apples to apples.

  • Are they able to provide the underlayment for the tent or grass floors?
  • What is their cancellation policy
  • Are they able to deconstruct and install?
  • Are they expected to deliver?
  • What time can they expect payment?
  • Are they able to cancel in the case of inclement weather

Step 2: Select the Floor

Some floors are more suitable for outdoor use than others. Composite laminate floors are the most resistant to scratches and don’t require a tent. Vinyl floors can be used outdoors, but some companies might require that a tent be placed over them.

Discuss with your salesperson the location you want for your backyard dance floor. There are many options, from sleek black vinyl to parquet flooring.

Step 3: Dance on the dance floor with less headache

You don’t need any tools and in no time you can have a professional dance floor! Renting a floor may be worth the effort and time saved.

Final touches to your backyard dance floor

Make sure you add the finishing touches to your dance floor. This will set the mood for your party and make it the envy of all your neighbors. Consider lighting the dance floor if your party is after-hours. Your guests shouldn’t worry about their left feet slipping, but they should be careful!

Lighting Options

  • This post contains photos of landscape lighting options that can be used to create an elegant party.
  • String lights create a wonderful ambient light.
  • Projector lights are great for parties and events.
  • Party lights and disco are great additions. It will make you feel like the club is in your backyard.
  • RGB floodlights come in many colors and can be mounted on the ground, ceiling, or wall.

Hire a DJ

You don’t have to be Uncle Dan, but you should plan for a professional DJ! This will allow you to get out and dance, not just listen to the music.

Final Words

You will learn how to build a dance floor in your backyard using plywood.

What was it that convinced you most? You could have chosen to go low-cost and decided that your handyman skills or backyard assets were enough. Did you choose to rent or buy your dance floor instead?

There are many ways to make a backyard dance floor. Put on your blue suede shoes, and get out there dancing!

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