How To Hang String Lights Without Trees

Do you want to know how to hang string lights in your backyard? We have done several projects using lights without trees.

String lights add a sense of warmth and comfort to your outdoor space. We will show you seven different ways to choose the best one for you.

1 Hanging Lights for 4X4 Posts

You can hang them by attaching posts to where you want the light to be. We had a deck that ran from the sliding glass door to the house. We knew that we could use the house for part of the lights.

To lighten the decking, we only needed two posts at each end.

You will need tools and supplies

  • 4×4 pressure treatment 16 feet Lowes supplied ours
  • Use C hooks to attach the lights to the posts
  • These are the lights we use to hang your lights.
  • Hang the lights from a ladder
  • Shovel or post hole digger

If you’re looking for outdoor Christmas light ideas, we’ve got them covered.

Determine if your house is being used for part of the project or if the lights will be strung using the only posts. If your house is not involved, you will need to use 3, 4, or more light posts to light the area you are stringing lights.

It is important to determine where the posts should be placed in your outdoor space. This will ensure that the light fixtures look good and are aligned around the area you’re hanging them.

We used the house but had to cover a lot of ground so we used 3 4×4 posts.

Start digging the hole for your first post using the post hole diggers and the shovel. We got the 16-foot pressure-treated posts because you will need approximately 3 feet to dig in the ground.

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Do the same for the remaining holes. It should be at a good distance to the first hole. Make sure the area is rectangular or square for the lights.

Once you have installed the posts, you will be able to use your ladder to reach the top of the post and screw in the C hooks.

You can now start running lights.

You should test your lights first. After running them, we discovered that one of the parts was not working.

Next, plan how you will run the lights. An outdoor-safe extension cord can be used if you don’t have power.

Light clips are needed to secure stringed lights to exterior walls. They are most commonly seen around holidays.

For extra strength, wrap the wire around the hooks several times when stringing lights. To secure the lights, you can use cable ties. Zip ties are also used by some people. Zip ties can become frayed and weak over time.

Outdoor-rated lights may have small holes in the lines to make it easier.

If you don’t intend to attach them to your house, you will need to determine the area you would like to be lighted. You can then place the 4x4s at the most convenient spot. This is a great inexpensive landscaping idea that you can create on weekends.

2 Use Metal Pole and PVC

The next method uses similar methods, but metal poles are used so it isn’t as intrusive. We also created a short video to go along with the written instructions.

You will need tools and supplies

  • Vinyl coated pole 10.5 feet 1 3/8 inch diameter. This pole was purchased from Lowes
  • These endcaps
  • 1 10 foot PVC pipe 2 inches in diameter
  • Hooks to attach the lights to the posts
  • Hang the lights you love
  • Hang the lights from a ladder
  • Use a mini sledgehammer to smash the PVC into ground

PVC can be cut to 2 feet in length and angled on one side.

It’s easier to hit it into the ground because of its angle. You will need to pull the item out after it has been pressed into the ground. To create suction, hold your hand above the PVC top. While you remove the dirt, it will remain in the pipe. Repeat this several times until the pipe is as deep as possible. You can now insert the pole into the PVC tube and it is ready for the next step.

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Do this a couple of times to get the pipe as deep as you want it to go.

Now you can put the pole into the PVC pipe and it’s ready for the next step.

Note Putting PVC pipe in the ground works great regardless of whether you have a roof or not. To “hide” the PVC pipe, we used a ground-level deck to press the PVC into the ground. If you have a higher deck, you can use C clamps to secure the PVC pipe against the deck. The pole can then be attached that way.

Three poles were chosen to cover the deck area we needed. All poles are approximately 13-15 feet in length.

After all the poles were in place, it was time for the lights to be strung.

Before hanging lights, make sure they work. Or you will have to redo the job.

Ask me how I can help you

We laid them out around the deck to ensure that we had enough string lights. The house was used as the light ends. We started at one end and then hung the light from the other end.

We used a ladder for the endcap to be attached to the pole. Then, we added metal hooks to the hole and the lights to the S-hook. Endcap and metal hook

You can adjust the brightness of the lights to suit your needs.

After connecting the lights to all of the poles, you can finish it at your house. We were pretty pleased with the length. One more string of lights will be added to the exterior of our house.

This does a wonderful job of lining the deck and will provide beautiful lighting for our evenings out there.

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We also observed that backyard birds love to perch on strings because they are larger.

Here are some other ideas for hanging your lights without a tree

There are many ways to turn on the lights, and we have only shown two of them. This article will show you some other options to get your lights on by the end of the evening.

3 Lighting along the Fence

String lights can be strung along your fence. String lights add depth and intimacy to your backyard. This is a great way to show off your backyard. Make sure that you have power for outdoor string lights.

4 Deck Lighting

We loved the lighting on the deck as it was our last house. We had to set up multiple levels, so we bought rope lighting with mounting clips. One afternoon, we were able to string lights.

5 Pergola, Gazebo, or Covered patio String Lights

You can hang lights inside or around pergolas or gazebos. We recently built a covered patio and will soon show you how to turn string lights on it in a video on our YouTube channel.

6 String Lights for Umbrellas

String lights can be added to an umbrella that doesn’t have a pergola. You can then keep the umbrella open at night so that the lighting is visible.

You can also opt for umbrellas with integrated lighting if you prefer. Lowe’s has a great cantilever umbrella that features integrated led lights.

7 Ways to String Backyard Lighting with Planters

It was a difficult decision to use our planters on the deck for string lights. We opted against it because the lights are much brighter.

We didn’t want to add too much weight to the planters. You can usually put concrete in the base of your planters, then add soil and plants to it. This will make the planters sturdy enough for you. Our rope lighting designs for the backyard are great for ideas.

We hope this article helped you with how to string lights in your backyard.

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