How to Grow Weigela Bush & Care Guide

You’ll be able to grow a shrub prized for use as a specimen or border when you discover how to grow Weigela.

During the spring and summer, this old-fashioned beauty blooms freely and intermittently. Weigela is a low-maintenance plant, and its care is simple.

Planting and watering a growing weigela in the appropriate spot will take care of this hardy shrub. Where should you plant Weigela, as a result of this?

How to Grow Weigela

If you’re planning to plant a shrub, be sure you know how big it will get when it matures.

Pruning for size is ineffective because roots need room to grow.

Planting a 2-gallon (8-liter) container of Weigela Florida requires at least that much space because of its height and spread.

Weigela is best grown in full light for the best display of springtime blossoms.

Weigela can also be grown in partial shade, however, flowering will be less frequent.

Select an area with well-draining, moist soil for planting Weigela.

Planting Weigela in mixed borders with other shrubs that provide seasonal interest is the best way to get the most out of the plant.

Weigela Care

Pruning is an important part of weigela maintenance. Pruning mature bushes in late winter can boost their vigor and bloom the following year by removing older internal branches.

After the spring bloom, you can perform some light shaping pruning on your Weigela.

It is important to fertilize Weigela plants once a year as part of Weigela care.

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In late winter, feeding your plants with well-balanced plant food might help them blossom more often in the spring.

Several Weigela species have dwarf cultivars. Smaller plants require less pruning and less space for development, making them easier to care for.

Dwarf versions of Weigela can be grown in containers and provide a splash of color in a full-sun region.

There is no difference in care between dwarf and ordinary Weigelas. Weigela maintenance includes frequent watering for both ground and container-grown specimens.

Long-lasting blossoms can be achieved by planting Weigela in your garden.

Weigela Varieties

The traditional weigela bush was grown only for the purpose of harvesting its abundant flowers, which serve as a magnet for hummingbirds.

But new varieties also offer a variety of fascinating options for foliage. They are as follows:

  • W. Variegata: A small-scale varietal, it features variegated leaves.
  • W. Alexandra: Also known as “wine and roses,” this varietal of the weigela bush features Fuschia flowers with deep, burgundy-purple foliage.
  • W. MonRigney: Typically referred to as the “golden jackpot” bush, this varietal features deep pink flowers and vibrant lime-colored foliage that can sometimes skew golden.

Pruning Weigela

Most gardeners prefer the natural shape weigela shrubs take, therefore trimming isn’t always required.

Just after the shrub has finished flowering is a good time to prune. Why? Because the flowers are attached to old wood, thus if you wait too long to prune, you may miss out on next year’s blooms because you are removing flower buds from old wood.

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