How to Grow Mondo Grass in Your Backyard

Known as monkey grass, Mondo grass is a type of grass.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, low-maintenance plant, this is the one.

Because of their adaptability, these plants can thrive in a wide range of soil and lighting conditions.

Mondo grass is a low-maintenance, slow-growing grass that is easily propagated by division.

The time it takes to understand how to grow mondo grass is well worth it for the gardener who wants to have a beautiful and useful landscaping plant.

Mondo Grass Information

Although Mondo grass is tolerant of practically anything, including deer, it fails if it doesn’t receive enough water.

What kind of grass is mondo? A clumping habit and strappy leaves are the only distinguishing characteristics of this non-grass.

In the summer, lavender or white blossoms bloom, which eventually mature into glossy black fruits.

In locations where water is abundant, growing mondo grass is simple because the plant can handle neglect.

Unless you wish to see the plant’s seasonal beauty, or it’s time to divide it, you can put it out of your mind after it’s established.

You may imagine mondo grass by picturing tussocks of grass scaled down to fairyland proportions.

Depending on the cultivar, these little plants only reach a height of 6 to 10 inches (15-25 cm).

As a scientific term, Ophiopogon japonicus refers to the plant’s natural habitat in Asia.

The Latin words for “snake” and “beard,” which relate to the blooms’ prickly petals, inspired the name’s components.

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I like it since it doesn’t need to be mowed in shady to somewhat sunny areas.

Stolons, or underground roots, spread Mondo grass, forming dense colonies over time.

They have glossy green or variegated leaves that are about a half-inch broad (1 cm).

How to Grow Mondo Grass

In order to get the best results from Mondo grass, proper site selection and bed preparation are required.

In direct sunlight, plants are pale green; in the shade, they are a darker green.

As long as the soil is well-draining and free of competing weeds, either site will work.

Depending on how soon you want the area to fill in, you can divide clumps into parts, each with numerous stolons, and plant them 4 to 12 inches (10-31 cm) apart. 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm.) apart is the ideal spacing for dwarf mondo plants.

Cover the roots and stolons with loose dirt, but keep the crown of the plant exposed.

During the first few weeks of growth, keep the soil slightly damp.

Mondo Grass Care

As a lawn, you don’t need to do anything to maintain mondo grass. Keep the area well-watered during the dry season by removing any weeds that emerge.

Trimming up ragged leaves after a winter storm is a simple way to improve your yard’s appearance.

Growing clumps as stand-alone plants necessitate dividing them every three years.

Mondo grass has a low nutritional need. A diluted grass feed administered once a year in the spring is all that’s required.

Any material about mondo grass should include information about pests and diseases that may affect it.

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Scale, snails, and slugs may provide an issue.

When the weather is moist and warm, fungi thrive. It is highly improbable that any of these will cause significant harm.

A wide range of flower hues and sizes are available throughout a large number of varieties.

If you’re looking for a fantastic contrast to both green and brilliantly colored plants, the black-leaved mondo can be just the ticket.

How to Care for Mondo Grass

Mondo grass care tends to be quite easy to grow, whether you are using mondo grass as an edging plant, in rock gardens, or for general landscaping.

  •  Keep the soil moist. Outdoor mondo grass needs moist soil in its first growing season, which helps it establish a root system. From that point onward, mondo grass is known for being an easy-care plant. Water approximately once per week in the absence of natural rainfall.
  •  Prune mondo grass annually. Trim back dead foliage in the early spring to allow for new growth and add mulch for water retention if needed.
  •  Avoid stepping on mondo grass. Mondo grass can handle a moderate amount of foot traffic, but take care that the plant does not get trampled.
  •  Keep indoor plants regularly watered. Mondo grass can also make intriguing houseplants thanks to its long blades and radiant flower colors. Indoor mondo grass typically receives less sunlight and thus needs less water in most cases, but keep the soil regularly watered to prevent it from drying out.

Propagation and Repotting

It is possible to divide Mondo grass into clumps to develop new specimens of the plant.

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As a low-growing plant with shallow roots, it does not necessitate frequent repotting.

Instead of repotting, you can simply divide the current plant, allowing the potted specimen to fill in the container with extra space. Repot it with fresh soil if necessary.


The most common species is the most suitable for the majority of situations. If you’re short on space, there’s a dwarf version.

While the regular type can grow a bit higher, it is still dwarfed by liriope and other beautiful grasses and plants.

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