How To Find Gemstones In Your Backyard

Ever wondered where to locate crystals right in the backyard? You may be amazed by the sheer number of crystals located right in front of us.

There are numerous kinds of crystals and minerals however, the majority of people are familiar with quartz. 

In this blog, we’ll look at the best places to search for other minerals and rocks that are commonly found such as calcite, peridot Agate, and many more!

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Supplies You Will Need to Find Crystals

Before you start to dig in for the perfect spot in your backyard, there are certain tools that will aid in your digging. You can find mini digging sets for children, beginners, or more advanced diggers. 

It is not necessary to look for the appropriate equipment, it’s already built for you. You can also go to the DIY option and build your own kit using the gardening tools that you have at hand, as well as some other things to store your newly discovered crystals.

Bring Along the Right Shovels for Crystal Digging

The first thing you must own is the shovel. The soil type in your backyard and the much space you wish to cover will determine what kind of shovel you employ. A basic hand-held shovel or trowel that has either a round cut edge or sharp cutting edge, will be able to break up topsoil.

If you’re working with hard or soft topsoil, a Round digger is an ideal option. The rounded edge can easily dig into the soil using minimal effort. A round digger shovel may be equipped with a handle that is long enough to utilize while standing, or an oblong hand shovel both will be able to break through the dirt, with the same result.

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Additional Tools to Use When Digging

Looking for crystals and becoming a gem hunter is enjoyable. But you’ll need more than shovels to dig around in your backyard. Begin using gardening gloves make sure you put on comfortable clothes as you’ll be kneeling.

Other products include:

  • Garden Spade – is a large and flattened blade, which is different from the hand-scoop that is rounded.
  • Pickaxe is a tool with a T-shape typically used to pry
  • Sifter is used to remove larger particles from dirt
  • Bucket is an open-top container mostly of plastic or metal

Utilizing more than a shovel, these extra tools can be useful when working with less compacted soil. The pickaxe is excellent for breaking up soil that is hard to break as well as chipping off rocks or compact soil. Equipment like the sifter could be used in conjunction with mining pans to filter through dirt with ease. The pan that is under the sifter could collect any small pebbles that may be crystals.

Where to Look

After you’ve got the tools you need, it’s time to find a location within your backyard for a search for gems. Limestone deposits are an excellent option to begin when you’re near because a variety of gems can be found within these zones. Alternately, you could start digging in a rocky spot in your backyard.

If you’ve got water like a river, a creek, or even an oceanside in the vicinity of your home they are also good places to find gemstones. If you’re trying to locate gemstones within the backyard of your home, it largely is dependent on luck as well as the region within which you live. If your geography is off then you could be in a bind. Always look for the areas mentioned above that probably contain stones.

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Searching Near Rocks or Water for Crystals

If your backyard is connected to a river, and you reside in an area that is home to crystals, make use of your sifter and pan to sort through pebbles. 

Utilizing the same method as you would sift through dirt, grab the sifter along with a pan and locate an area filled with pebbles or rocks to filter. Make sure to carry an ax in case you have to cut away the hardened stones.

Avoid Power Lines When Digging

To ensure your safety For safety reasons, make sure the area you are planning to dig is free of water or electrical lines. Check if and where the lines listed below are located within your backyard

  • Cable
  • Electric
  • Sewer
  • Water

It is advised to stay clear of these areas so that you don’t break any of the cables. Cable lines could be closer to the surface however, other lines are usually placed deeper into the ground.

Types of Crystals You May Find

The term “rock crystal” refers to a stone crystal is referred to as a crystallized mineral with a transparent surface with only minor imperfections. There are a variety of crystals to be found depending on the place you are looking. While searching, crystals could be found in rocks or discovered by themselves.

Different kinds of crystals are available throughout the globe. When digging around your yard be sure to study the area first to determine the most common crystals in your particular area.

QuartzYellow, white, pink, purple
AmethystRich purple shade
AgateGray, white, black yellow, brown pink, red, lilac
TopazBlue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink,
OpalGray, white, gray-black, brown
PeridotVariations of yellow-green, green, and blue-green
ObsidianSometimes, brown or green.
GarnetDark red
TourmalineBlack, bluish-black, deep brown
MalachiteGreen, dark green
TurquoiseGreen, blue, or a mix of both

While the most commonly found crystal in the United States would be the quartz crystal, specific regions are famous for quartz crystals, such as Arkansas and Brazil. The USA as well as Brazil. For quartz crystals that are popular, like crystals you can find them in different states or regions is extremely likely.

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Crystals form when liquids cool, and certain molecules begin to solidify or crystallize. States such as North Carolina or Arkansas are well-known as places to look for crystals.

If you reside in these regions or in a similar location the chances of finding crystal rocks are much higher. The general rule is that any area where the soil was excavated or cultivated is also a great option This is why your backyard may be the ideal place to search for crystals.

Cleaning and Storing Your Crystals

With your fiber cloth ensure that you clean the crystals prior to placing them into your container. A bucket that is standard in size will work to store the crystals as you look. Make sure the container is durable and doesn’t matter if you’re using aluminum or plastic container, it’s the same thing as a metal bucket.

To fully examine the kind of crystal you possess Clean it off using a damp cloth and then use an article or Internet to determine the type of crystal you have. There are numerous guides that cover the issue, as well as studies via the Internet to sort your crystals. 

You can also take a step further and keep a notebook of the various crystals you’ve collected in your backyard. When your crystal is clean of dirt, it is possible to display them in a display case along with your other treasures. 

They can also be displayed in your home and you’ll be able to tell the tale of finding crystals at the bottom of your garden. While searching for crystals you could also encounter Worms!

Don’t be worried about discovering worms in your backyard. It will happen and they’re actually quite beneficial, especially when composting. 

Another thing you could encounter is the discovery of diamonds! Get to digging, you’ll be never sure what you will discover! 

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