How Much will Wood Chipper Rental Cost?

Recently, we had a pine tree removed from our home. I was curious about the cost of renting a woodchipper to help me remove the tree. Let me share my findings with you.

Renting one for a day will average cost you between $69 and $125. For a more detailed breakdown of my findings, you can continue reading.

A wood chipper is a great tool to clean out your yard, especially if it’s full of wooden debris. Most people prefer to rent a woodchipper over buying the entire equipment, as it is more affordable.

A wood chipper can be rented from many equipment rental companies across the United States. Prices vary depending on where the equipment is rented. This article will show you how to rent a woodchipper and give you an estimate of the cost.

Here are some things to consider before renting a wood chipper

Engine Displacement This refers to how powerful the wood chipper you rent is. The larger the engine’s cylinder, the more powerful it would be. Cubic centimeters are the measurement of the space within a wood chipper. The larger the engine, the stronger and more powerful the machine will be.

Reduction Rate This ratio determines how many chips will be made. A 10:1 ratio is the best for wood chippers. This means that for every ten yards of backyard waste, there will be one container of chipping.

Self-Feeding wood chippers – Wood chippers are available in two types: manual and automatic. Manual wood chippers will require you to push the wood into the chipper to reduce it to smaller pieces. To save time, rent a wood chipper that can self-feed to cut down on your effort.

Thumb Size If you are going to be cleaning wood debris that is very thick consider renting equipment with a larger throat.

Size Larger wood chippers will require extra licensing to transport them. This can increase your costs. A smaller wood chipper, however, can be towable with a small vehicle, and would not require an additional license.

Power Source You also need to think about the power source that will be used to power the equipment. There are three options for power sources in the current: gas, diesel, and electric. Gas chippers are easier to use because they don’t require you to plug them in.

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The diesel wood chippers can also be run on gas. There is no need for you to plug it in. While electric wood chippers need to be plugged into a power source, they are quieter when used. It’s also slightly less expensive than diesel and gas-powered wood chippers.

Trackable or Towable – When working on uneven terrains, it’s better to use a trackable woodchipper. If you want to be mobile and work, the towable option is better.

Drums or Discs Wood chippers can have either a drum or disc mechanism. If you want to save energy, a disc mechanism will be more appropriate for you. A wood chipper equipped with a disc mechanism is better for clearing out vines and string from your yard. This will allow you to cut materials faster and make your job much easier.

Wood Chipper Construction The most durable wood chippers are made of heavy construction material. This is something to consider when renting a woodchipper. Because of its durability, you will be able to use it for a longer time.

Do you want to rent or purchase the equipment?

While some people prefer to rent a woodchipper, others prefer to purchase their equipment for regular use. Renting the equipment is the best choice if you plan to use it for a single day.

If you have to clean large areas that take several days, renting the equipment will be more cost-effective than purchasing it. If you decide to rent the equipment, there are a few things you should consider. These are issues you won’t need to deal with if you have a woodchipper.

A wood chipper is more convenient than renting. There are many steps to renting a woodchipper. You need to find a rental company. Next, you will need to drive to the location to have the equipment towed to your location.

There are many sizes and shapes of wood chippers, so it is possible to find one hundreds of miles away. You can take the equipment out of your garage to start work in your garden if you already own it.

A wood chipper rental company may have a different layout than what is displayed online. Be aware of the rental deposit required to rent a chipper. The deposit is higher for equipment that costs more.

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The equipment will look brand new when you visit the rental website for wood chippers. You will be shocked to see how the equipment can look worn, rusty, or damaged when you get closer.

You may have to use an old rusty chipper if you live in a small town with one rental company. If you have a variety of rental companies, you might find one or two that take better care of your equipment. To make sure that you are using the right rental company, read their reviews.

People who rent wood chippers rather than buying a new model face another problem: time constraints. The equipment must be returned by 5 pm. Some companies will charge double if the deadline is not met. These inconveniences would not occur if you have a woodchipper. However, you will need to pay for it which can be thousands of dollars.

Where can I rent a wood chipper?

You can rent a woodchipper from a variety of places:

  • Rental equipment available in the local area
  • Home Depot
  • Sunbelt Rentals
  • United Rentals

Wood chipper rental costs vary by state. The prices for renting a woodchipper from Home Depot may vary slightly by region.

The average price for renting a woodchipper from Home Depot in the Midwest is $67. This would cover four hours of work. You will need to pay $96 if you want to rent the wood chipper for one day. You can also rent the wood chipper out for a whole day or for a week at $384, and for a month at $1152.

All Midwest rental wood chippers come with a trailer. This makes it easier to transport. You can also have delivery options, but this will cost you $69 plus additional taxes for one way. This option is only for those who plan to rent the wood chipper for an entire day.

A wood chipper rental from Home Depot in Norristown would cost $69 for four hours and $99 for a full day. You will need to pay $396 if you want to rent it for a whole week.

If you rent the equipment for a month, the cost is around $1,188. Delivery would cost $69 per person plus additional taxes. This option is only available for those who rent the equipment for one day.

Texas Home Depot has a different pricing structure. The wood chipper can be rented at $68 if it is needed for less than four hours. You will need to pay $97 if you want to rent it for one day.

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Renting it for a week would be a different price. It could easily run you $388. It would cost $1,164 to rent for one month. You can have the equipment delivered to your home for $69 plus taxes. It also includes a trailer.

The prices for Home Depots on the West Coast are slightly different than in other areas. Renting the equipment for four hours would cost $69, $98 for a day, $392 for a week, and $1,176 for a month.

The only difference between the West Coast and other regions is the $150 deposit fee that Home Depots would charge. You must pay for it. If you don’t, you won’t be allowed to take your wood chipper home.

You will need to spend more money if you want a woodchipper for smaller businesses. A six-inch wood chipper rental at a small Ohio shop would cost $130 for a four-hour rental. The two-inch options are not available.

You can also get it for 8 hours ($165), 740 ($740), or 1 month ($1,850). You will need to pay $85, depending on the distance, if you want to transport the equipment.

There are other locations in the United States where wood chippers can also be rented. In Naples, Florida it costs $325 per day for a six-inch chipper.

A wood chipper rental for a full day in Plymouth, Massachusetts would cost $270. Renting a 2-inch wood chipper in Arizona for $160 per day is a reasonable price, while a 6-inch chipper can be rented at $420.

Why rent a wood chipper?

A wood chipper is an excellent tool for adding mulch to your yard. Mulch is easy to transport. 

Mulch has many benefits for your yard: moisture, walkways, and cutting down on weeds.

Final Words

Even though I was glad that we didn’t use the wood chipper to attempt to break down a pine tree of 24 inches in diameter, it is possible to use wood chippers to cut smaller branches and brush for your garden. 

It’s much easier than having to haul it off and wait for it to dry before you burn it in your yard.

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