How Much Weight Can Birds Carry?

If you’ve watched videos or read about Eagles flying down to snatch or attack large animals you’re aware of how terrifying this could be. 

The idea of a huge bird taking your pet or your child is something that makes you shiver. You’re likely to be wondering what is the maximum weight a bird can even carry?

The heaviest documented and verified weight that a bird can carry is 15 pounds. It’s a weight that’s being carried by the bald eagle to lift a mule-deer female of that weight. 

But, there are many experts who claim that birds cannot lift more than half their weight while flying unless conditions of the wind favor them.

What Bird Can Carry The Most Weight?

They are also the sole bird who carries the most weight. They can typically lift up to 5 – 6 pounds off the ground.

Eagles that carry the most weight capacity include the bald eagle the Philippine Eagle and the harpy, and the crowned eagle.

They can lift more than the land-based on their flight mode and the conditions of wind.

However, if the animal is too heavy, they could take it to a secure area where they break it into smaller pieces prior to eating it or taking them to the nest.

Because each eagle is unique in its features in flight and wing It’s worthwhile to study the birds and understand the amount they carry.

The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is the symbol of the nation of the United States, one can only imagine how formidable it is, how majestic and confident this bird truly is.

The bald eagle is distinguished in its darker brown plumage, as well as whitetail and head The bald eagle is characterized by its dark brown plumage and extremely developed and powerful claws for piercing and attacking the prey.

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The animal weighs anywhere between 6.6 to 13.9 pounds and has a length of 28-40 inches. It is frightening for its prey.

Speaking of Prey the bald eagles mostly feed on fish however, their diet is also comprised of mammals and birds.

There are instances in which bald eagles have been observed hunting down animals, and some were that weighed as much as 24 pounds.

In one incident the bald eagle was responsible for killing an adult, pregnant ewe that weighed more than 130 pounds.

But, they aren’t able to carry that much weight and have been shown capable of carrying up to 15 pounds which is the heaviest load that has been recorded and confirmed for any birds flying.

The bald eagle is able to carry this weight due to its wingspan, which ranges from 70 to 90 inches, and the speed at which it dives between 75 and 99 mph.

The Harpy Eagle

Even though the harpy Eagle weighs 13 to 20 pounds, it’s one of the world’s strongest predatory birds.

It’s distinguished by the black slate feathers on its top and white on its bottom.

It also has a distinct strong look that features a pale grey head and black band that runs across the top of its breast.

In terms of length, The harpy eagle’s body length is between 34 and 42 inches. Its wingspan of between 69 and 88 inches.

The harpy’s eagle’s legs and talons are among the most robust and longest of all birds of prey.

This unique physical attribute signifies that it isn’t settling for animals that are small. Instead, it is focused on mammals, such as sloths or monkeys.

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Thanks to its deadly claws the Harpy Eagle can take prey that is as large as its weight.

Males are generally recorded to carry around half of their weight or smaller prey.

A mature female harpy is able to grab like monkeys and sloths that weigh between 13 and 20 pounds off trees and continue to fly, without reaching.

The Crowned Eagle

The Crowned Eagle

The African crown is another huge bird of prey to be noted because of its capacity to carry weight.

While it’s not as massive as the eagles that fight but it’s considered to be the most powerful eagle in Africa due to the size of the prey it captures.

The adult female crowned eagle weighs around 7-10 pounds, and the male is much lighter with a weight of 5.5 – 9 pounds.

Its wingspan ranges from 60 and 71 inches, which is quite small for its enormous size.

It also has long legs with long talons, which are used to crush the skulls of the prey to get into their brains.

Similar to other eagles with its size The crowned eagle consumes:

  • Mammals like monkeys
  • Mongooses
  • Feral cats
  • Monitor lizards
  • Snakes
  • Rats

According to some reports, the crowned eagle could be more powerful than bodyweight in flight.

While these claims cannot be tested, they could be a possibility, as the remains of prey that are as heavy as 66 and 20 pounds have been discovered in the nest of the animal.

The crowned eagle usually kills on the ground before cutting down the carcass into pieces which it then carries back to its nest.

Most likely, it did similar to the large creatures found within its nest.

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Philippine Eagle

Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle, as its name suggests, is native to the Philippines.

It is among the largest birds on the planet when you consider its length and wingspan that range from 34-41 inches and 71-87 inches, respectively.

Despite its massive size of 8.9 and 17.6 pounds, The Philippine Eagle is surprisingly quick and agile. It eats a diet comprised of:

  • Monkeys
  • Deer
  • Lemurs flying
  • Big cloud rats

Although there isn’t specific evidence of the bird’s weight carrying capacity, prey species that are found inside its nest are within the 0.35 1 oz to 31-pound range.

Can a Bird Carry the Human Body?

It’s been a while since you’ve seen how many eagles carry and you’re thinking about whether they could lift an individual. The answer is that far away.

Birds aren’t able to carry an adult human since the average human weighs 136 pounds. That is nine times more than the number of weight 15lbs by a flying bird.

In the theory of things, it will require nine bald eagles to carry an adult human.

Although an eagle could lift a cat or dog since they weigh significantly less, they may have a difficult time lifting them off the ground.

This is due to the fact that the capacity of a bird’s load-carrying capacity depends on factors such as its speed of flight and the size of its wings.

The speed at which the bird is moving towards its prey the higher its lifting potential.

The weight that the bird is able to lift depends on the method of carrying the weight. 

Birds can lift more weight when it’s carrying the burden on their back, compared to if it holds the load with their fingers.

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