How Much Does a Lion Cost?

Do you want to own a lion?

The affection for big cats increased when I watched The Lion King- the adorable father-son pair.

If you’re holding onto your love of lions is becoming difficult for you and you’d like the most comprehensive guide to help you, this article is the one you’ll need. I’ll cover all the aspects that you must consider prior to having the big cats for your pet.

Let’s get started by looking up how much the cost of a lion is?

The cost for an adult male lion begins at $5,000 and increases to $15,000. However, the prices of a lion depend on the breed. 

The most sought-after species, white lions could cost as high as $140,000. The cubs of lions are a bit cheaper and their price is between $1,600 to $15,000.

It is important to note that this is the first cost, not including the cost of insurance and also the cost of breeding lions.

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Can You Buy A Lion?

Why shouldn’t it be? It doesn’t matter who you are or what your profession is, if have a decent bank account and have experience dealing with exotic cats, specifically lions, then you could own one.

Gather your friends; you’re not purchasing a normal cat. Instead, you’ll have your very own Jungle King. 

Before embarking on the adventure that comes with owning a lion you need to know the affection and care they require.

Is It Illegal to Own a Lion in the US?

However deeply in your love Simba or Mufasa. If you live in the US the situation may be confusing. The US is a very strict country in regards to having wild animals as pets.

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Why? The US state believes that any activity that puts the lives of citizens in danger must be banned. 

To be precise of this, the US has prohibited the purchase of strange pets across the 21 states. The sad thing is that lions also fall into that same group.

Hang on! It’s not over yet! There are still chances of owning a lion pet if you reside in one of the states listed below:

  • Alabama
  • Nevada
  • South California
  • Wisconsin
  • North California
  • Montana
  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania

I’m pretty moved to see the flexibility that is offered by government officials of the UK to citizens to buy exotic pets. It seems like they’re also big cats. Who is to say?

All you have to do is get an official license through the State, present it to officials, and then you can get your Lion. When you’ve obtained a license you are not restricted to owning one lion, but all the large cats, including puma, tiger and cheetah, and jaguar.

Be aware that If you attempt to appear smarter by acquiring the lion’s paws without an appropriate permit, the result is severe. 

Additionally, the area in which you keep the lion needs to be kept private and in your own name.

Where Can You buy A Lion?

The purchase of exotic wild cats isn’t as simple as purchasing domestic dogs or cats. Since lions are costly and extremely difficult to keep and maintain, the amount of sellers is restricted.

Explore the marketplaces of states that permit the possession of exotic cats. Present your certificate to the rescue, and you can get one.

If you’d prefer to enjoy the luxury of your couch, rather than rushing for help, browse the online marketplace.

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In comparison to the physical market, The online market offers more options. You can purchase Lions of any age. 

All you have to show is your license and other required documents and everything else is the responsibility of their owners. The online vendor will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Do Lions Make Good Pets?

You’ve seen some of the videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook where lions are licking their own bodies, cuddling their cubs, and forming the perfect bond. In truth after watching the clips I was thinking oh, I have to buy a lion now!

To the point, do lions make excellent pets? More specifically, will they ever be domesticated?

It is important to accept the fact that the lion is a wild animal, the reigning king of the jungle. Our unwavering love, affection, and support through hook or crook, can stifle the wild side.

If you have a lion in your home from an early age, it will be able to consider you a member of his pack. 

However, to do this you must teach them in the cub years. If you don’t take care of him or cause him to feel fearful about you, he’ll be aggressive, regardless of whether you’re his owner.

So instead of being inspired after watching reels and making the decision to get a lion first understand their character and then learn to form an enduring bond with them.

How Much Do Lions Cost?

If you’re clear that it is legal for you to have a lion? And the best place to purchase one, let’s provide some light on the price of the lion?

The prices of lions begin at $5,000 and can go up depending on the breed’s rarity. Remember, this is the first one-time price you pay for lions when you purchase them. Additional costs are separate.

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There are times when you require insurance, along with your license. Insurance is a requirement of the state to ensure the safety of its citizens. The annual charges for insurance range from $200 to $300.

How Much Does a Baby Lion Cost?

If you’re determined to have an animal as a pet and create a long-lasting connection with him, then having a baby Lion is the right moment to think about. In this stage, you are able to train in the way you like and have him controlled.

The prices of newborn lions are between $1,600 and $15,000. Again, your choice of a breed can affect the prices. The most commonly chosen lion breeds are:

  • Masai lion
  • Asiatic Lion
  • Katanga lion
  • Abyssinian lion
  • African Lions of Africa
  • White Lion

How Much Does a White Lion Cost?

White Lion

The last but certainly not least white Lions. This furry white body has been awe-inspiring to everyone from first sight, even me!

As of the date the guide was written at the time of writing this guide, the white lion is the rarest and most expensive animal on earth. The first time we saw white lions took place in 1938, in South Africa.

Experts believe that the color may be caused by a gene mutation within the parents’ bodies. Whatever the reason it is true that they are among the most stunning living things.

Regarding the price, make your bank account because you will have to pay a large amount. You will need to pay $280,000 to purchase a pair of white lions since they are not a fan of living in solitude.

Final Words

That being said I’m hoping this article will answer all your questions regarding the possibility of keeping the lion as a pet. 

I’m not sure what to say however, one thing is certain your experience will be worth the money you spend.

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