How Can I Lock My Outside Water Faucet?

The water you drink isn’t stolen by thieves from your faucet outside, are they? In some cases they do. What can you do to secure them? (The faucets, not the people or maybe it should be both! ).

It’s cheap and easy to secure your outdoor water faucet with a lock for the faucet that can be found at hardware stores. The locks are equipped with keypads or keys, which makes them simple to switch on and off. 

Additionally, you can put in a flow meter to track water theft or turn off the primary outdoor tap valve.

Let’s take a look at the reasons you’d need to shut off your outside faucet and the best way to do it and also look at other alternatives to deter thieves from taking the water you use…

Why would I want to Secure my Outdoor Faucet? (Water Theft Issues)

It might sound like a flimsy idea it’s not, but theft of water is something that happens. If you have an easy-to-access outside faucet, and you live in an area with a lot of activity it’s likely that someone could “borrow” your water. Because water isn’t free, this might not be the best option.

We’re not trying to blame anyone here however we’ve heard stories of landscaping companies as well as pest control and city workers attempting to get water. 

It could happen accidentally and, of course, the people who are affected require access to a water source; however, it’s expensive for you in the event that you provide the water for all of the landscape of the neighborhood.

The theft of water is not a crime however, while most thieves take it from fire hydrants often they’ll take drinking water off a residence faucet if it’s simple to access. Vacation homes are easy targets since they are usually empty (as is your home when you’re away traveling).

There are also children… In the case of kids will know how attracted they are to everything that has to do with water. have to do with water. The lock on your outdoor faucet could help you avoid a lot of hassle. It’s important to remember that schools will always have faucet locks!

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How Do I Lock My Outdoor Faucet?

It’s a simple and quick procedure to install the lock on an outdoor faucet, which is why it’s worth it. It is important to ensure that you purchase the correct size, but hopefully, you have a standard faucet. You can get the lock you need at Lowe’s as well as Home Depot.

Check out this short YouTube video that demonstrates the way a normal faucet lock appears when it’s in use. For installation, just follow the instructions on the package, and make sure that the part with the textured surface is still able to spin freely (which indicates that it isn’t cross-thread).

It is also possible to purchase something similar to this guard lock which stops the faucet from turning on. It is a simple way to ensure that your water is not getting taken away without your knowledge.

These are the basic faucet locks (also known as”spigot locks”). If you’re worried about theft of water it’s a good idea to consider something more robust. The faucet lock can be described as a sturdy steel cover that is fitted over the entire faucet and has a base that is fixed onto the wall.

The base is required to be drilled because it will be drilled into the walls of the home and the cover is placed over it. It is locked on the base. Check out this massive faucet guard made by Cambridge and it will surely be effective as a preventative.

If you like the concept of the idea of a secure cover for your faucet but don’t like the drilling part, consider an option like this made by Fozlock which is secured to itself via a padlock. It also has the benefit of being insulated, which can shield your faucet from the cold winter weather, too.

No matter which lock you select ensure that the faucet is shut off, and then closed at the valve prior to you installing the lock or testing it on your first attempt. It will ensure your feet remain dry.

How Can I Turn Off The Outdoor Faucet Lock To Be Locked Off?

Each lock comes with keys, while some also have padlocks. They’re easy to get rid of but they could require an easy spray of WD-40 every now and then. at.

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Do not keep the lock. Place it in a secure and easily accessible location, such as hanging it near the back door, so that you can reach it as you head out into the yard. If you have children be sure to hang the hook up high on the wall, far away from the reach. The majority of locks have an extra key or two it is always helpful to be aware of.

Do I need to put an A Flow Meter on my outdoor faucet to track water use or theft?

A water meter will inform you precisely the amount of water being utilized. Any sudden spike or change in usage may signal a leak of water or theft of water.

There are flow meters that monitor the amount of water used by each faucet; therefore, if you’re trying to find out if your outdoor spigot is misused either by thieves of water or other opportunistic landscapers, this gadget will provide you with more information. 

Once you’ve installed the new flow gauge, you’ll be able to observe your usage to determine whether there are any changes.

For the faucet in your backyard, you’ll require an accurate flow meter for cold water built to be used the outdoors and it may be suitably designed for the non-potable (non-drinkable) water usage. 

It is possible to get digital displays or choose one of the stunning dial designs. Here are some illustrations that show water flow meters for outside faucets.

We’re huge fans of flow and water meters on taking A Yard. They can also alert you to any potential issues they’re also a great method to keep an eye on your family’s consumption of water. 

If you keep track of the number of gallons you’re going through, it will also aid you in planning ways to reduce water usage and save cash.

Do all Outdoor faucets have shut-off Valves? (As an alternative)

Another option to install an enclosure or the flow meter in order to look for theft is to shut off your water by using the shut-off valve. Most outdoor faucets have shut-off valves in the house that cut off the supply of water to the outside pipe.

It’s good to be aware of where your shut-off valve is located in the event of leaks. If you live in an area that is susceptible to freezing temperatures it is possible to avoid frozen faucets by turning off the water supply to your outside during the winter months. We also turn off ours prior to going away on vacation.

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In more modern homes, the outside faucet shut-off valve is typically situated near the water main valve. In older homes, it could be separated from other valves, but close to the faucet. 

If you have an outside faucet, but there is no option to shut off the water supply, consider hiring a professional to provide a quote to install one.

In the case of the theft of your property, it is the most effective method to go about it. Thieves can’t take things that aren’t present. There’s a huge distinction between letting yourself drink water from a spigot outside and breaking into a home to turn on the water, therefore there’s no way for thieves to evade this deterrent.

What can this do for you? It’s not the initial cost of purchasing the lock (unless obviously you don’t have a valve, and decide to put one into it) Also, there’s no chance of losing the key.

Let’s be honest. If you’re in your garden watering the plants each day it can be a pain to turn the valve on and off at all times. They’re not intended for regular usage, and they’re rarely located in a place that is easy to reach. 

A simple tap lock (like that in the video clip on YouTube video) could be the most effective method to stop water theft.

Final Words

I’ve never had this happen to me however it’s been discovered that taking water from other people from their faucets on their outside is definitely a concern which is why it’s sensible to put in a faucet lock (especially because they’re cheap simple to set up as well as use).

If you’re worried about theft of water, you could install a flow meter in order to check the amount being ‘borrowed’, and use the more drastic method of shutting off the main faucet’s valve for outdoor use if you believe it’s necessary.

But, I believe a couple of dollars invested in an easy faucet lock will be the best choice in the beginning.

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