11 Great Horizontal Fence Ideas

Do you want a horizontal fence for your backyard?

We love horizontal fences right now. We’ve built a few horizontal fences between our homes and for friends.

We’ll be showing you some beautiful horizontal fence ideas you can add to your yard in this article.

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What is a Horizontal Fence?

The typical vertical wooden fence structure is what most people are familiar with. These are the posts that are placed 6-8 feet apart. Either attach vertical wood panels to the posts, or you can add each board separately.

Your posts are still set with horizontal fencing. However, your wood boards are 1X3, 1X4, and 1X6 wide boards. These boards have smooth surfaces, whereas the vertical boards are often rough cut. They are still fuzzy or rough and have not been replaced.

Other materials can be used, such as corrugated steel for the fence or vinyl. However, most people use different types of wood for their fence structures.

Horizontal fences are more expensive. These fences are often chosen by people who want a particular look, and not to get the best price.

1. Horizontal Wood Fence – Varying Width

These horizontal fences of different widths are my favorite. These fences are eye-catching and add variety to your backyard.

This fence is more difficult to construct because there are many widths. It’s also not the most affordable fence to build. You might also need to hire a contractor because it is more difficult to make the correct pattern.

2. Metal Accent Horizontal Wood Fence

Metal accents were used on the last two fences that we made. This mixed media fence is very attractive to us. The metal fencing can be more affordable than the wooden boards.

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3. Dark Horizontal Wood Fence

You can create a modern look in your backyard by using darker woods as your horizontal fence.

If you don’t like the look of dark woods, you might consider painting pine cheaper with black or deep browns.

4. Horizontal Stepped Wood Fence

If you have a sloped property or a graded yard, stepped horizontal fences work well. It is easy to make a staggered fence by having each stagger equal in height and width, and then stepping down with your fence structure.

5. Barn Door Gate Horizontal Fence

A barn door gate can add some flair to your horizontal fence. This structure is perfect for those who are looking to make the fence themselves.

Perhaps you have plants or a structure nearby the gate. The barn door is a good choice in this case. They lock easily and stay closed when you want them to.

6. Horizontal Louvered Fence

You’ve seen how blinds can be switched so that you can see out but others can see in. This is what I love most about horizontal louvered fencing.

The boards are placed so that you can see through them if necessary, but not so that other people can see into your yard.

7. Shadow Box Horizontal Fence

The shadow box fence, regardless of whether it is a horizontal or vertical fence, is considered to be the “good neighbor” fence. Because the boards and posts look great from either or of the fence.

The shadow box has boards on either side, which allows for airflow. This creates an angle that allows people to see a portion of your backyard through the fence. However, with horizontal fencing, they are able to see much less than those using vertical shadow boxes.

8. Container Garden Horizontal Fence

Horizontal fences are great for adding containers to the slats, making it easy to grow herbs or other container gardens.

This is also a great way to give your yard a new look each season.

It is important not to add too many containers to a single fence area as the weight will pull against the fence.

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If you only have a few, it won’t cause any damage to the fence structure. Too many could cause leaning.

9. Horizontal Corrugated Metal Fence

This horizontal fence is made mostly of metal, with a few wood posts and frames. To create the perfect backyard fence, you can choose from a variety of corrugated metal forms.

You will notice warmer areas during the summer when you add metal. This is what we noticed with our partial metal fence. Be aware if you have any plants nearby.

10. Horizontal Fence with Shelving

A horizontal fence with shelves is a great inexpensive way to add cute backyard yard art. This elevates the idea of a container garden to a whole new level. You can add shelving to your fence and create backyard lighting solutions.

11. Vinyl fence horizontal

Vinyl is similar to corrugated metal but has a unique look and feel. Wood is the most popular choice due to its affordability and availability.

Vinyl fences will be more expensive but last longer than any other wood. They are also easy to maintain, as they don’t require any special maintenance or stains.

Vinyl will most likely get that green, mildew appearance.

How a Horizontal Wood Fence Can Impact the Landscape and Decor Around It

A white picket fence was once a dream for many, but times have changed and so has the design of the fence. These horizontal fence designs are the picket fences of today. 

Each one is unique in its own way, but they all complement the landscape in an elegant and modern way that makes them irresistible.

Horizontal boards can be used to make fences and property seem longer or larger. This strategy can be used to emphasize the openness of your garden, yard, or outdoor space. It is also simple and linear.

A horizontal fence offers the added benefit of greater privacy than other types. Horizontal boards are often placed close together with little space between them. This is a great feature for outdoor lounge areas.

A horizontal wood fence, or similar panels and designs, also has the characteristic of having a modern edge or other styles. This is a result of the simplicity and linear design of the fence boards.

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You have many options for how to use the horizontal fence’s features in your favor. This means that the surrounding environment, such as the architecture and materials used, can influence the design and structure. This is where a combination of stone and wood defines the fence.

It is quite common to support a horizontal wooden fence with concrete or stone pillars. This combination is great for modern and contemporary designs. It can also be linked with other elements, such as a garden walkway or house facade, and a deck.

The horizontal fence complements and contrasts with the rocky slope that runs beneath it in this case. We like the contrast between the wood’s warmth and sharp stones, as well as the colors and textures.

It’s possible to combine horizontal fence lines and details on the house’s facade in some cases. This will create a relationship that is coherent and correlates these elements.

Horizontal wood fencing is more modern than a traditional picket fence. This is due to the unique design and simplicity of the lines. Horizontal fences are also more natural-looking and can be connected to nature better.

If the property is on a slope, a horizontal board fence can be a great option. However, the fence must be terraced. The fence can be used to highlight the unique topography.

This fence offers privacy at its best. The fence is made up of horizontal boards of wood with no space between them. It is a fence that completely separates the yard and neighboring properties without appearing dramatic or imposing.

The fence in this instance is very tall, making it difficult to tell if the house is small with strange proportions or the fence. This is a very inspiring design for modern homes.

It doesn’t need to be viewed as an intimidating barrier. You can see it as a natural, seamless feature. There are many strategies that you could use to make this fence more appealing. To make it less striking visually, match it to the ground or the vegetation around it.

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