13 Best Grow Lights For Indoor Plants & Seedlings

Do you want to bring some sunshine inside?

Perhaps it is time to plant your flower and veggie seedlings.

Maybe your houseplants are looking droopy during winter or just sulking in new homes.

You might just want to be able to taste fresh herbs all year.

Grow lights provide instant mock sunlight for plants that are looking to develop vigorously and healthy.

They are versatile and can be used for any stage of plant growth. They are cool to touch and energy-efficient.

They are also more affordable. You can quickly make a profit by starting your own seeds. This will result in fewer trips to the nursery.

They come in many different sizes and shapes.

We searched for reliable brands that were well-designed, simple to use, and offer effective coverage.

We have 13 top-rated grow lights for indoor plants or seedlings.

We have included a buyer’s guide to help you select the best setup for your indoor garden. It explains the features and tells you what to look out for when shopping.


The freestanding units usually have one to two tiers for plant trays and need to be placed in a location that can accommodate them. You can choose from either fluorescent or LED bulbs. Some units have casters that allow you to move them around.

These units are not modular and come in fixed sizes.

1. Glow ‘n’ Garden Cart

Burpee’s Glow ‘n’ Grow Garden Cart is a single-tiered system made from powder-coated aluminum. It has four large casters that make it easy to move.

The canopy is low-profile and provides complete coverage for the four 22-inch LED tubes.

The canopy fixture can be adjusted easily with the suspension chains located on the overhead crossbar. It has a variable lamp to-tray height of 20 inches. This height should be sufficient to start seeds and small pots of herbs.

The cart features a single shelf that can hold up to four standard-size plant containers without being too full.

The garden cart is sturdy and easy to set up. It measures approximately 49 inches by 23 inches by 28.5 inches (H).


  • Freestanding with casters
  • The light deck can be adjusted to 20 inches above the tray
  • Four LED tubes included
  • 49 x 23x 28.5 inches
  • Four standard-size seed trays can be accommodated


  • Casters allow for easy maneuverability
  • For seedlings or herbs, the maximum lamp height is 20 inches


  • You can’t expand if there isn’t enough growing space
  • The seed trays are not included

This is a great choice for people who need to be able to move the unit around for seasonal storage and use. If you are thinking of expanding your indoor garden, consider one of the modular options below.

2. Burpee 2-Tier Garden Cart

Burpee’s two-tier aluminum frame garden cart with two tiers doubles the area available for seedlings and plants. However, it has a compact footprint measuring only 27 by 12 inches by 40 inches.

Two 24-inch T12 wide-spectrum fluorescent lamps (750 lumens each), are housed in the two lamp fixtures.

Each fixture also has an electrical socket at one end, making it ideal for heating mats.

Each tier includes a 22-by-11 inch watertight plant tray made from BPA-free plastic. The canopy fixtures allow for a 16-inch clearance between the lamp and the tray by being adjusted on the uprights using a hand knob clamp.


  • Freestanding, two-tier
  • Light decks that can be adjusted to 16 inches above the tray
  • Two T12 Fluorescent tubes per lamp fixture
  • 27 x 12x 40 inches
  • Watertight plant tray 22 x 11 inches


  • A small footprint won’t take up much space
  • Heat mats can be used with ease using convenient electrical sockets


  • There are no casters so it can be hard to move about
  • T12 fluorescent tubes have a lower output than T5 bulbs and are older technology.

This compact and effective option is smart and space-saving. It’s also a great choice if you use heat mats to help with seed germination.

3. Hydrofarm Jump Start Grow Stand

Hydrofarm’s Jump Start Grow Stand is a strong, powder-coated aluminum frame that provides full coverage for small plants, seedlings, and greens. The frame snaps together quickly with strong connectors, so no tools are required.

The stand includes a high-output, 6400KT5 fluorescent lamp with 2,000 lumens (24 inches), in a reflective, hooded fixture. It is simple to adjust the fixture’s height using a toggle clamp and pulley system. This provides effective coverage for the plants below.

The switch has an in-line ON/OFF switch. It is available in two sizes: 26 x 18 x 24 inches and 50 x 18 X 31 inches.

It does not have casters. The bottom tray, which is not included, rests on the ground instead of being raised. It may not provide the horizontal coverage you need because it only has one bulb.


  • Frame freestanding with suspended light
  • Adjustable light to approximately 20 inches
  • One high-output T5 fluorescent tube equipped with a reflective hood
  • There are two sizes available: 26 x18 x 24 inches or 50 x18 x 31 inches


  • Small footprint
  • Perfect for growing microgreens or starting seeds


  • A single fluorescent tube won’t cover the entire horizontal area.
  • Light can’t reach the lower leaves of mature plants if it is positioned at maximum height.
  • No tray

This model is a great choice for lighting indoor plants or starting seeds. It’s compact and easy to store. This model is ideal for beginners in indoor gardening.

Stackable Modular Units

Stacking or modular units, also known as stacking, are similar to freestanding models but allow you to expand your indoor garden space over time.

4. Low Bamboo Stacking Garden

Gardener’s Supply Company offers stackable bamboo racks which are great for growing herbs, houseplants, or succulents.

Two full spectra, 6400K LED lamps (3.960 lumens) are included in the bamboo garden system. A clear acrylic cover covers the reflector lamp fixtures.

The lamps are placed 12 inches above the tray. These lamps cannot be adjusted, so make sure to choose the right plants.

The base holds a galvanized steel tray. It measures 38x19x18.5 inches.

Furniture-quality bamboo frames can hold up to 50 lbs and are attractive enough to be placed in a permanent place in your home. The manufacturer also sources the materials from sustainable sources.

For added portability, you can purchase a roll base separately from Amazon. You can stack multiple units together if your garden grows.


  • A freestanding, stackable bamboo frame that can support 50 lbs.
  • Maximum fixed lamp height 12 inches higher than the tray
  • Two high-output 6400K LED tubes
  • 38 x 19x 18.5 inches
  • Galvanized steel tray


  • Your home will be attractive with a stylish design
  • Stackability allows you to expand your indoor garden by adding racks
  • LED bulbs offer good horizontal coverage and can be recessed to reduce glare


  • The lamp height cannot be adjusted

This model is perfect for growing herbs in your kitchen, without compromising your decor.

5. Stack-n-Grow Base Unit Garden Starter Kit

For vertical growth, the modular Stack-n Grow system is a good choice. For extensive seed propagation, start with the base unit and then add two additional units to increase its footprint.

The base is made from recycled polypropylene and measures 31 by 15.5 by 21.5 inches. It can hold up to 110 lbs.

For maximum coverage, two full-spectrum, 36-inch T5 fluorescent bulbs (6400K), (3,730 lumens), provide optimal illumination. High-tech reflectors shine directly onto the plants, allowing for more vigorous growth and less glare.

It is simple to assemble and can be taken apart for storage when not in use.


  • A modular, freestanding system of lightweight polypropylene that is strong and light.
  • Light adjustable up to 20 inches from the bottom tray
  • Two T5 fluorescent bulbs measuring 36 inches with reflectors
  • 31 x 15.5x 21 inches


  • It is easy to assemble with no tools and to disassemble to store away when not in use
  • You can stack two additional units on top to expand your garden.


  • To prevent the stacking of more than one unit, it may be necessary to anchor it against a wall.
  • You will not receive drip trays. If you stack more than one unit, water could leak onto the lights below.

This is an excellent choice for beginners and allows you to expand as needed.

Check out the Stack-n-Grow Base Unit, prices at Gardener’s Supply Company.

6. SunLite 3-Tier Garden

Vertical gardening is a smart way to grow your indoor garden, especially for those who live in small spaces or in urban areas.

Sunlite’s portable three-tier stand allows you to double your plant and seedling capacity. It has large wheels for easy mobility.

The aluminum frame is strong and lightweight, but it is also powder coated for strength. Each tier houses an adjustable light fixture.

Two full spectra, 6500K LED (4,400 lumens), four-foot fixtures hold the tubes. They can be adjusted with a locking toggle and a chain.

The adjustable clearance between lamps and trays is 14.75 inches. Overall measurements are 51 x 14.75 x 68.5 inches.


  • Three-tier freestanding frame
  • Adjustable lights up to 14 inches from the trays
  • Each tier has two full-spectrum 6500K led tubes
  • 51 x 14.75x 68.5 inches
  • Aluminum frame powder coated with shelf trays made of plastic
  • Casters included


  • Large capacity for growth
  • Casters make it easy to move the item around
  • Different stages of plant growth require different levels of light.


  • For seedlings in the outer parts of tray trays, it is possible that the position of two LED tubes could mean that horizontal light coverage may be compromised.
  • The tray’s bottom tier doesn’t have a support bar, so it can’t hold larger potted plants.

This unit, made in Vermont, is a reliable option for indoor plant production on a larger scale – without taking up too much counter space.

Countertop Models

These models are smaller in size and can be used on countertops or tabletops.

7. SunBlaster Indoor Grow Garden

Sunblaster’s indoor gardening kit is compact and self-watering, making it ideal for use on a countertop.

The recycled polypropylene base is heavy duty and can hold four quarts. A wicking capillary pad provides constant self-watering for up to 14-21 days.

The mat is supported on an elevated platform above the water. Four heavy-duty plant trays are placed above the water. Seedlings can be left alone with gentle bottom-watering. Two full-spectrum, 24-inch T5 fluorescent tubes (6400K T5) with nanotech reflectors (3,730 lumens), are housed in the canopy. Built-in ballasts allow for maximum power output.

The canopy can be adjusted easily on strong verticals using thumbscrew collars and has a variable distance of 18 inches above the stand. This model measures 26 inches by 15.5 inches by 18 inches.


  • Countertop single-tier aluminum frame
  • Adjustable lights up to 18 inches from the stand
  • Two fluorescent tubes T5 equipped with nanotech reflectors
  • 26 x 15.5×18 inches
  • For 14-21 days, self-watering


  • A convenient automatic watering system provides constant irrigation for your plants
  • Your seedlings will have plenty of space to grow because the light is adjustable up to 18 inches above the plants.


  • If your garden grows, there is no room for expansion

This is the one I use at home. I love its efficiency and compactness.

We are currently in our second season together. I have no problems with it – it is perfect for plant-and-forget convenience. You can simply refill the water reservoir and adjust the canopy once a week. For convenience, I also added a standard timer, which can be purchased via Amazon.

8. SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Nanodome

SunBlaster Mini Nanodome provides a controlled, complete environment in a breadbox-sized container. It is ideal for microgreens growing or tabletop seed germination.

It comes with a 10-by-20-inch heavy-duty planting tray and a 10-inch clear vented dome, which creates a mini-garden.

A full-spectrum, 18-inch fluorescent lamp (6400K T5 with high output), (3,730 lumens), and strip reflector mounts on the dome top. The 6-foot power cord features an in-line switch and an on/off button.


  • Plastic tray with mini greenhouse cover in clear plastic
  • One high-output T5 fluorescent tube equipped with a nanotech reflector
  • 10 x 20×10 inches


  • It is a compact, lightweight starter system that takes up little space
  • It is easy to transport and store, even when not in use.
  • It is simple to remove the cover for watering or harvesting your greens


  • Plastic domes feel a little fragile so you won’t be able to expand your garden vertically by stacking them on top of each other
  • You will need to line the tray with a liner because of the large drainage holes at the bottom.

This compact system is sturdy and convenient for growing microgreens, herbs, and seedlings in small spaces.

True Leaf Market has the latest prices and customer reviews.

9. AeroGarden Harvest Elite Hydroponic Grow System

AeroGarden’s Harvest Elite hydroponic system is compact and easy to use. It includes everything you need for quick cultivation and harvest of six popular kitchen herbs.

The canopy contains small, blue, and red LED bulbs (1.500 lumens, total output 5500K) that provide optimal spectrum coverage for your plants.

The timer allows you to set the times when you want lights to turn on and off. There is also a “vacation” setting that you can use when you travel. You can see the digital control panel reminds you when it is time to add water and plant food.

The package includes seed pods for basil, Thai basil, and mint as well as a year’s supply of liquid plant food. It measures 10.75 by 7.75 by 10.5 inches overall and has a 12-inch clearance between the canopy and the base.


  • Countertop unit in stainless steel
  • 5500K LED light canopy adjustable up to 12 inches from the base
  • Fully automatic, set-and-forget timer with lights to remind you of watering and feeding
  • 10.75 x 7.75 x 10.5 inches
  • Ships with seeds and one year’s worth of liquid plant food


  • Here’s everything you need to know about hydroponic herb gardening
  • Your plants will thrive when you’re on the road with a fully adjustable on/off timer, and a handy “vacation mode”.
  • This sleek, compact unit will look great in your kitchen, and it won’t take up too much space.


  • This unit is not suitable for planting seeds in the soil.
  • Taller herbs can’t be cleared by a light bar

This is a great option for anyone who wants to grow fresh herbs year-round.

Lights only

You can purchase lights-only models if you are a handyman and enjoy mounting fixtures.

10. Hydrofarm Designer-Grow System

The Hydrofarm Designer low-profile lamp fixture is made of durable, powder-coated steel with a hammered finishing. It also comes with multiple hanging options that can be used in a variety of different locations.

The interior of the fixture has a mirrored aluminum finish. Two energy-efficient, high output 6400KT5 fluorescent bulbs (4,000 lumens each) provide complete spectrum coverage.

Additional convenience is provided by the front-mounted toggle switch and 10-foot grounded power cable.

It measures 24 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches. It can be hung vertically, horizontally, or flush mounted. You can also daisy-chain these units together to create custom configurations.


  • Housing made of powder-coated steel with a reflective interior
  • Two high-output T5 fluorescent tubes
  • 24 x 75 x 2.5 inches


  • It is easy to hang and can be used in many locations.
  • Electric cord length:
  • You can connect more than one unit to increase your indoor garden.
  • Bright, full-spectrum light


  • There is no built-in timer

This unit is a great choice if you are looking for a high-quality, versatile grow light to start seeds indoors or grow herbs indoors.

11. Feit Electric Adjustable Spectrum Lamp

Feit Electric’s adjustable color spectrum option makes it easy to choose the right type of light.

There are three color options available so you can quickly select the one that best suits your plant’s growth stage. Blue for seedlings or vegetation, red for flowering, and full-spectrum white for all development stages.

The 6400K LED strips are full-bright (1,300 lumens) and have no heat output. They are also integrated directly into the fixture, so you don’t need to change bulbs. The appropriate color can be selected by flipping the toggle switch that is color-coded.

The tough, polycarbonate housing is smooth-edged so it doesn’t rust and dent. It measures 24x5x1.75 inches. The included 6-inch wire harness can be used to hang it or flush mount it. The power cord measures 5 feet in length.

As your indoor garden grows, you can connect up to four units together.


  • Housing made of lightweight, robust polycarbonate
  • Two full spectra LED strip lights in LED 6400K
  • 24 x 5.75 x 1.75 inches


  • Easy to hang, lightweight wire harness included
  • Different stages of growth can have a different color spectrum.
  • Cool operation doesn’t damage delicate seedlings
  • Flexible growing space is possible by linking up to four units
  • No bulbs to replace in the integrated unit


  • Bright lights can produce a lot of glare

This is the best option for experienced growers who want to personalize their color palette.

Lamps for the Home

Grow lights are great for seed germination, seedling growth, and even indoor plants. For houseplants and succulents that struggle with low light conditions, freestanding lamps are a great option.

These units are available in desktop, clamping, and floor versions.

12. Floor Lamp with Agrobrite

The Agrobrite floor lamp is freestanding and ideal for houseplant cultivation.

It has a wide base that provides strong, balanced support. The flexible gooseneck allows for large or growing plants to be accommodated without taking up too much space.

The lamp is equipped with a full spectrum 5400K LED lamp (1.500 lumens), which mimics natural sunlight to keep your plants strong and healthy. The flicker-free glow makes it great for reading.

The gooseneck can be adjusted from 48 to 61 inches. It also comes with a 6-foot power cord and an inline toggle switch.


  • Floor lamp freestanding with weighted base
  • Flexible gooseneck with 5400K replaceable LED bulb
  • Adjustable height from 48 to 61 inches


  • Does double duty as a reading light
  • It takes up very little space in your home
  • Flexible installation with a six-foot power cord


  • It is not suitable for seedlings, as it rises quite high from the ground.

This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a grow light that doubles as a reading light.

13. Relassy Full Spectrum, Dual-Head Gooseneck Plant Lamp

Relay’s dual-head gooseneck lamp is perfect for desktop or countertop use. This lamp is suitable for all stages and uses 5400K LEDs.

The flexible goosenecks are 18 inches long and made from rugged aeronautical aluminum.

They can be adjusted to any position and hold the bulb’s fixtures in place. The dual-setting switch lets you use the lamps separately or together.

The C-clamp attaches securely to any counter, table, or desk edge up to 3 inches thick. Bulbs can be easily replaced. You will need to secure it.

To protect your eyes from the bright light emitted from these bulbs, the manufacturer suggests wearing sunglasses. This limit the unit’s versatility, since it can’t be used as a desk lamp.


  • Two flexible aluminum goosenecks 18 inches in length with replaceable LED bulbs
  • Securely attach the unit with robust C-clamp technology
  • A dual switch allows you to use lights separately or together


  • Flexible goosenecks allow you to direct light exactly where you need it.
  • Cool lights won’t harm seedlings and are safe for the environment.


  • It can be hard to use a clamp
  • Installation is complicated by the power cord
  • The lamps’ light can cause damage to your eyes.
  • The bulbs are cool but the housings of light fixtures can heat up after a while

If you are looking for a light source that is small and efficient, this unit will work well.

How to choose the best grow light for your indoor garden

Grow lights are a cost-effective and convenient way to provide artificial sunlight for your houseplants, indoor herb gardens, or seedlings.

Although the lights and all-inclusive sets are simple to use, there is a wide range of lamps available.

Each product has its strengths and weaknesses, from fluorescent tubes to LED strips. A basic understanding of the features will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Let’s get into the details.

Why Grow Lights?

To grow in a healthy way, plants must be able to harness and convert sunlight’s energy. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants get the energy they need to grow vigorously.

Grow lights are an artificial source of luminous energy that provides the various frequencies of the spectrum of color needed by plants throughout their entire development, from seedlings to fruit sets.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

All frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum are emitted by the sun, including visible light, violet, indigo, and blue.

These frequencies are what plants require for normal development.

  • Blue– Blue is the initial color that plants absorb and is vital at the vegetative stage.
  • Purple– Although purple is not an effective energy source for photosynthesis, it helps in the vegetative stage.
  • Green– While primarily reflected, small amounts of green are retained and can be used to convert energy.
  • Yellow– Yellow is the most effective color for photosynthesis.
  • Red– For blooms to develop, red is required in the mature flowering stage. It is best to combine blue with red. In the vegetative stage, red should not be used alone.
  • White-White is a combination of all visible colors and can be used for all stages of a plant’s growth.

For seedlings and leafy vegetables, you will need to use higher-specified bulbs in the blue spectrum.

However, if you want your plants to bloom and bear fruit, then you will need low-spectrum red colors.

You can also make it easy. To satisfy all stages of your cultivation, you can use a white, full-spectrum bulb.

Different types of bulbs

Indoor growing has been made possible by a variety of special electric bulbs. These are the most popular:

  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • High-pressure sodium vapor (HPS).
  • Light-emitting diodes (LED)
  • Metal-halide (MH)

The most common and easiest to obtain for the average home gardener who wants to plant a few seed trays, are fluorescents and LEDs.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact CFLs are a great choice for small spaces and can be used in any regular, incandescent bulb fixture.

However, because of their small size, light distribution from one CFL is very limited and usually covers a small area.

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes are available in different lengths. They provide better coverage than CFLs and can be used to cover several standard seedling trays.

These tubes fit in a standard fluorescent fixture. However, they are not compatible with regular household ones.

High-Pressure Sodium Vapor

High-pressure sodium-vapor lamps are used to provide light in the red and yellow spectrums. They are usually only used in the flowering stage in order to encourage bloom set.

These bulbs are used by large-scale growers to replace the metal halide bulb after plants have reached their vegetative stage. These bulbs are not used by most home growers.

Light Emitting Diode

LEDs are available in small strips or bulbs and have the best long-term economics. LEDs are more luminescent than fluorescents and use half the electricity. They also produce less heat, last five times as long, and can last five times as long.

The typical LED bulb for your home is not designed to be used on plants. You can choose from a combination, full-spectrum, or isolated spectrum bulb that suits your needs.

Metal Halide

Metal halide bulbs emit cool, blue-green colors and are best suited for larger operations that can run at full power.

Although initial prices are comparable to LEDs, MHs are much more expensive and can be used indoors only.

The Kelvin Scale

The Kelvin scale is a range of 1,000 to 10,000 and represents a color’s temperature. The Kelvin value indicates how close a lamp’s shade is to natural sunlight. The capital letter K indicates the Kelvin degree.

Ratings below 3500K are more likely to have a warm color, with an amber tint. Ratings higher than this get you closer to a pure or cool white color.

A rating of 6500K is ideal for leafy vegetative growth. However, to produce flowers and fruits, plants need to be exposed to warm hues for approximately 3000K.

Lumens vs. Watts

Wattage is used to indicate a bulb’s brightness. A 100-watt bulb, for example, would produce one-and-a-half times as much luminosity than a 40-watt bulb.

Without enough sunlight, plants can become sluggish and lose their ability to grow.

However, wattage has become a poor indicator of brightness with the introduction of energy-efficient bulbs. Wattage is simply the power required to make a lamp bright. It can now be indicated using lumens.

An LED with 1,600 lumens is an example of an energy-efficient LED. It has the same brightness as a 100-watt bulb but consumes only 22 watts. A comparable bright CFL bulb will consume around 26 watts.

The basic principle is that the brighter the light, the higher the lumen count. A minimum of 2,000 lumens per square foot is sufficient for seedlings. Flowering crops may require up to 10,000 lumens per sq foot.

Consider a Kit or Light Stand

Be prepared to do some creative rigging if you are buying light bulbs and not a stand or kit.

To accommodate growing plants, lamps must be adjusted in height. It is best to allow between two and five inches for the lamp and the top of the leafy growth.

Some bulbs come with an integrated deflector that directs energy to the plants. Others don’t. You may need to buy a fixture to direct the rays where you need them.

It is much simpler to buy a kit or light stand.

Most kits and stands include adjustable lamp fixtures that can be adjusted to allow for plants’ growth. Sometimes, they also include useful accessories.


These accessories can make your indoor garden a success.

  • Capillary Mat – A capillary mat gives seedlings steady, gentle watering at the bottom so they are not disturbed by strong water flow.
  • Reservoir base is required to use a capillary floor mat. The mat is placed on the shelf and the water is added to it. The mat absorbs the water and then wicks moisture to the bottom of the trays.
  • The timer is a timer that allows plants to get optimal sunlight exposure without the need to turn them on or off manually.
  • Modular and stacking – These allow you to add vertical tiers without having to have a larger footprint.

Tips to Grow Strong Seedlings

These tips will help you get the most out of your indoor garden.

1. Start seedlings indoors with simple plants that are easy and quick to germinate.

For beginners, basil, coleus, and cucumbers are good options.

2. For starting seeds, use a high-quality, sterilized soil. This is essential to avoid fungal and bacterial infections in tender sprouts.

Gardener’s Supply offers horticultural-grade coconut coir that can be ordered via Amazon. This is great for seedling production and germination.

3. Even for cool-weather crops such as lettuce and spinach, most seeds require warm soil temperatures to germinate.

Temperatures of 70-75 degrees F for several hours each day should be sufficient to maintain soil temperature.

An ordinary kitchen thermometer will work fine for checking the soil temperature. You can also purchase a horticultural thermometer, such as, available through Amazon.

Maintain soil temperatures within the recommended range on the seed packet. If necessary, heat mats can be used in unheated garages or cool cellars. This 9×19.5-inch mat by Hydrofarm, available via Amazon, fits standard seed trays.

4. Also, keep the lamps within 2 to 5 inches of the seedlings. As plants grow in size, raise the fixture.

5. You should also monitor the air circulation. Tender shoots can be affected by heat stress if your setup produces temperatures above 80 degrees F. If necessary, you can use a fan to move the air gently.

6. Use a gentle hand to water the soil. Water the soil well before planting to ensure that delicate seeds don’t get damaged by strong water flows. Use a spray bottle to keep the soil moist, or let trays soak up the water from the bottom.

7. When seedlings are fully grown, use a small knife to separate any clumps. Then, place the tray in a container until you are ready for transplant.

Let There Be Light!

Indoor gardening is easier when you have to grow lights. They allow you to grow plants in any season and in any climate.

You can start seedlings, grow herbs, and greens, or pamper your plants with lamps that mimic natural sunlight. There are models to suit almost any setting.

It’s easy to use and affordable, and you’ll love seeing your plants thrive under their nurturing glow.

Drop us a line in the comments below if you have any questions or would like to recommend a model. If you are ready to get started gardening, check out our tips on how to start annuals indoors using seeds.

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