Easy Way To Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

Easy Way To Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

All through the year, dust and grime build up on window frames, rendering them dirty and hindering natural light from entering your home. 

Here’s how you can clean the outside windows that you aren’t able to reach to ensure streak-free and spotless windows are located in high spots.

If you’re not a skilled windows cleaner, or you’ve been unsuccessful in cleaning windows for years you know how difficult it is to wash windows without leaving any residue. 

In the same way, cleaning exterior windows can be an exercise by itself and require an incline as well as physical strength and the ability to balance.

To avoid risking the safety of your family and friends take a look at methods to clean inaccessible windows with ease.

We’ll take a look at some basic ways to make your window glass have the desired shine. We’ll also look at ways to clean windows with high-rises from the inside without causing harm to yourself. 

In addition, we’ll offer valuable suggestions, tricks, and recipes that you can make at home to clean outside windows or inside windows as well as other surfaces within the home.

Commonly Used Methods to Clean Outside Windows

Clean windows create an enlightened, brighter home however, cleaning them is extremely difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming if you do not clean your windows properly. 

Utilize these well-known and effective strategies to stop your windows from appearing less clean from the outside than they did before you began cleaning them.

Telescopic Squeegee

In general, people are advised against cleaning windows that are not accessible due to safety concerns. 

If you do choose to clean your windows, without getting help from a professional then you should use a Telescopic Squeegee. This can be a helpful tool that window cleaners recommend.

If you’re a skilled window cleaner as well as a general DIY’er, then you might be thinking about making use of cleaning products that are superior to ordinary cleaning rags or newspapers. 

You may want to learn “What are the most effective tools professional window cleaners use?

If you’ve been thinking about these kinds of questions, and many others related to the tools professional cleaners use in order to wash windows clean, this is just one of the tools they employ.

The benefit of having one of these squeegees is the fact that they can be extended, which allows you to get those high windows without difficulty from the surface. 

Thus instead of needing to move your ladder, you are able to slide the squeegee from one part of your house across the room to reach another.

A telescopic squeegee must be part of your apartment’s window cleaning kit, particularly when you are located five floors up.

If you opt to purchase some of these windows cleaning options it is important to learn how to use them If you aren’t aware of how they work it won’t be of much help to you.

Magnetic Window Cleaners

Magnetic Window Cleaner

If you’re looking to clean the windows on your upper floors without ladders, then cleaning them with magnet window cleaners could be a feasible option for you.

Magnetized window cleaners are yet another efficient solution that assists in removing hard-to-clean dirt and grime without the need to seek assistance from outside.

The gliders and magnetic cleaners can be used to clean both the exterior and interior windows without ladders at the same time.

The handy gadget consists of two squeegee wipers joined with a strong magnet. It could require a few attempts to master the glide action however, once you master it you’ll be able to get free of streaks when cleaning your windows.

For smooth operation and a professional appearance, you must apply the window with a cleaner on both sides of the windows.

Removing Sliding Windows

Removing Sliding Windows

This technique is only effective only if the windows are removable. If your windows have removable panes and can be cleaned, this is one of the most effective ways to clean windows since it eliminates dirt from those difficult-to-access crevices that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

In the majority of cases sliding windows are made to be removed to wash them. it’s an easy process to complete in just three steps.

  • Lock the window, then slowly open it It must be done or else you’ll be unable to remove it from its mounting in this manner. If the window won’t move and remains stationary, don’t push it. there might be something that is blocking the way.
  • Examine for any screws since your windows that slide are securely fastened in place . loosen them using the help of a screwdriver in the scenario.
  • Lift the panel from its the way using both hands. Be sure to take care when handling it to avoid damaging the glass. When the glass is extremely heavy, you can ask for assistance.
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Cleaning windows this way is a great method of cleaning windows outdoors However, you must be careful when you remove the window. It is not advisable to drop the window and break it while making yourself a victim.

If you are unable to remove the windows, we’ve given alternative methods for cleaning windows with screens that are in place, as well as cleaning windows that aren’t removed, that work as well.

Using A Ladder

Using A Ladder

Extension ladders are among the most effective method to clean windows that are outside of high-rises. If you’re healthy, confident working at heights, and have a decent base of mass, then this way of cleaning windows might work for you.

Be sure the ground is level before securing your ladder as you don’t want the ladder to slide off because of uneven grounding.

To complete this job you’ll require a professional ladder that you can purchase at any Home Depot store or on the internet.

Using A Mop

Using A Mop

How can you get windows clean without spending a fortune on costly products? Mops are great in cleaning out of reach areas since it offers the benefit of height.

Mops are commonly employed to wash flooring, however, they’re efficient for cleaning windows. 

Clean your windows as you would clean your floors by mixing a soapy solution to wash away dirt and dirt. After that, apply the appliance you have at hand on your window and massage it vigorously.

Attach A Window Cleaning Detergent To Your Hose

An inventive method to clean your windows on the second floor, without climbing a dangerous ladder, is to install a sprayer containing an appropriate cleaning solution that you prefer. 

Be aware, however, the water from your hose can strike your windows a hard way and leave hard water stains that need chemical removal.

Tips, Tricks, and Advice to Clean Filthy Windows

However, cleaning windows isn’t quite as simple as simply washing them down using water or spraying them with cleaning products from the kitchen. 

It requires a lot of effort and experience and that’s the reason why people make use of window cleaning products.

However, it is not common for people to purchase high-tech devices, like telescopic squeegees which they use only at least once or twice per year.

Use these simple window cleaning techniques to ensure that your glass remains clean and clear the first time.

Remove Anything That Could Get In Your Way

Furniture curtains, drapes, and loose wiring – get rid of all other items that could hinder your work.

Clear Away Dust, Cobwebs, or Water Before You Start Cleaning

Are you interested in knowing how to wash your windows? First, you must start taking away any dirt-laden particles prior to cleaning your windows using water. If you don’t do this, you’ll create an unclean, muddy mess, and then have dirtier windows in the future.

Vacuum or sweep cobwebs, dust, and other debris out of the corners and crevices that are on the window’s sill. Make use of a broom with long handles for exterior windows that are beyond reach.

Choose An Effective Cleaner

We’ll go over the cleaning products to use more in-depth in the future. But, there are many cleaning products for windows that are suitable for outside use. pick.

You can purchase chemicals from the local grocery store or make your own by using ammonia, vinegar, and some other household products.

Some prefer to use branded cleaners, and believe that they can be the most effective window cleaner since they’re explicitly advertised as “streak-free.”

That said homemade recipes, like vinegar glass cleaner mixed with water, are favored by those who prefer chemical-free products.

Spray Generously

For windows that are very dirty, You may have to spray the windows with plenty of cleaners to be effective.

If you don’t apply enough chances are that your windows will get stained and covered in dirt.

Clean using a top-down technique

No matter how well you employ the most effective window cleaners or the best products that are available your windows will stay dirty if you don’t take care to clean them properly.

One of the most common mistakes individuals make is cleaning windows that are dirty beginning at the bottom. 

Cleaning from the top to the bottom is more effective since the cleaning solution will spill across areas that have not been cleaned. Washing windows that way will be certain to speed up the process.

Change The Direction

Do you remember spending an entire day cleaning your windows then realizing that they’re stained with watermarks and look a bit shabby?

One method to avoid this frustration is to apply different strokes beginning with circular motions and moving your rag vertically and horizontally over the glass.

Pick The Right Rags

Microfiber cloths are the most efficient solution to stop window streaks from developing.

They’re also very absorbent, washable, and will not leave marks. If you don’t have microfiber cloths An old T-shirt can be an option that’s equally absorbent and doesn’t leave behind the dreaded lint residue.

Don’t use paper towels for drying glass. While they are absorbent for cleaning up spills, however, they do a poor job cleaning glass. 

They’re made up of paper fibers, which leave dust and flint on the windows. It could be the reason your windows are streaky after cleaning them.

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Remove All Streaks And Watermarks Before Your Windows Dry

All the hard work you put into it is in vain if you leave behind soapy suds, or fail to get rid of excess moisture since the streaks that remain are an eyesore.

What is the trick to cleaning the outside of your windows in your home without leaving marks? A few people use squeegees in order to clean soap residue but you need to regularly clean the blade to avoid the dirt from splattering across your freshly cleaned windows.

In the case of drying and getting rid of moisture from the windows of your home, it is best to make use of microfibers or chamois because they do not leave the residue of dust.

Choose The Right Weather

Are you interested in learning another trick to have streak-free windows? The answer might be a surprise: don’t clean windows during sunny and bright days.

Contrary to what many people believe the sun’s rays could quickly dry out cleaning solutions before you’ve had the chance to wash them. The days with cloudy skies and little possibility of rain are perfect conditions to wash windows.

If you’re in need of immediately cleaning out your windows, however, the weather isn’t for you, start by cleaning areas of the home that are shaded.

Don’t “Cut Corners”

When cleaning windows the devil lies in the details. the results of clean windows can be ruined by the sight of unbudgeted dirt that has accumulated around the windows’ corners.

How do you get rid of these corners of windows? Although the job might be tedious, it’s worth cleaning the inside of the casement window and those difficult corners using cotton swabs. They’re just the right size to get rid of tiny dirt particles.

The Old Newspaper Trick

Shredded Newspaper is a useful tool for washing windows. It’s an established technique that’s been in use for a lot of time now and has been proven to be effective.

If you’re in search of methods to clean your windows that are affordable efficient, reliable, and keep your glass panels streak-free when implemented properly Newspapers do more than offer reading material.

The reason that black and white newspapers are so popular is due to the fact that it’s effective abrasive which removes hard-wearing remnants. By rubbing your windows with it, you will result in sparkling windows.

If you intend to use scrunched-up pieces of newspaper to wash outside windows make sure that your arms are stretched out and not other parts of your body. Be careful while doing so, safety first.

What Are The Best Glass Cleaners?

As we’ve already mentioned there are many kinds of cleaning products that provide the best methods to clean windows both inside and outside. But, the type you choose will depend on the type of cleaning you prefer to employ chemicals.

Should I Clean Windows With Vinegar?

Cleansing windows using vinegar is amazingly effective, which is particularly beneficial for grimy windows. It is also able to remove dirt and grease.

If you’re looking to go green, vinegar is a natural solution that is effective. Using drinking vinegar instead of a chemical solution will not require an urgent trip to the emergency room in case your pet or child becomes too close.

And, not only that, you won’t be spending money buying vinegar at the store when you already have some inside your cupboard. Even if you don’t vinegar will cost you less than a detergent or a specialized chemical.

But, there are two drawbacks when making use of vinegar. For one, even though people claim that vinegar is antibacterial, however, it does not eliminate the germs that are found on your windows. 

Additionally, vinegar is able to remove dust, but it is not effective for cleaning surfaces that are sticky.

Basic Homemade Formulas For A Professional-like Window Cleaning Solution

Create the most effective outdoor window cleaner by mixing several ingredients. You’ll discover that certain liquids don’t work as well or are too harsh to be used as a stand-alone. 

For instance, rubbing alcohol does a great job cleaning but is a strong odor that you don’t want to waft throughout your house.

Mix these three ingredients:

  • One cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 1 Tablespoon vinegar
  • Warm water

The combination of these three ingredients makes an ideal blend that’s comparable to the top brands in the commercial market, calling it a “DIY Windex” or whatever you want to call it. 

The concoction can not only be used to clean glass, but it can also clean other materials, such as chrome and ceramics for instance.

Another homemade window cleaner is to substitute the rubbing alcohol with dawn detergent making a dawn window cleaner made of vinegar.

How To Wash Windows With Cornstarch

How To Wash Windows With Cornstarch

You might be surprised to know that you can make use of cornstarch for cleaning glass. Food items contain small particles that are naturally rough.

Another method to keep windows clean and have streak-free windows is to include cornstarch in the vinegar solution for window cleaner.

Use this recipe

  • 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar distilled
  • 1 tablespoon corn starch

Are Soap And Water Considered A Streak-Free Window Cleaner?

Do the traditional methods, like making use of soapy water? Absolutely. Create a homemade window cleaner using Dawn soap mixed with warm water.

Be sure to not add excessive amounts of detergent in the soapy solution as you don’t want to make too many suds that will leave ugly marks when they’re not completely removed.

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Ammonia: Another Best Window Washing Solution (That’s Also Low-Costing)

If you’re okay with chemical use, ammonia is a great way to scrub your windows clear. Ammonia, common in most homes is a powerful bleach that gets rid of dirt and stains from many surfaces including glass.

The majority of window cleaners that are sold in stores and home remedies contain tiny quantities of this useful chemical.

Making a DIY window cleaner using ammonia is easy to make; just mix half one cup of ammonia, warm water, and the use of a liquid detergent, such as Jet Dry, and rubbing alcohol. And there you are, homemade window cleaner using Jet Dry and ammonia as the main ingredients.

A helpful tip While vinegar and ammonia are effective in isolation however they cancel each other out when mixed because they are both alkaline and the latter is acidic.

Be sure to follow these things when you prepare your liquid:

  • In the event that the bottle was previously used, make sure to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. The residue left behind will negatively impact the chemical reaction between new ingredients.
  • Make sure to label your bottles.
  • Keep away from reach of children.

Cleaning Windows Without Streaks Using Branded Products


Windex exterior window cleaner has been named the top window cleaner over the past few years. Contrary to many other natural options, Windex not only removes dirt, grit, and stains but also removes harmful bacteria.

It’s also gentle on all surfaces, including glass, which means you don’t need to worry about scratching your windows.

It is not just regarded as the top window cleaner that will not streak your windows however, Windex window cleaner is also is a low-cost product to purchase.

Are you able to use a squeegee along with Windex? Yes, these cleaning tools simplify the process by taking away water, dirt, and cleaning solutions from your windows.

The Blue Rain Window Cleaning Method

One common complaint among homeowners is that after they have cleaned their windows, they are splattered by drops of water, particularly after heavy rain.

How can you get streak-free windows in the outside longer? Washing windows with dawn soap and then covering them with RainX. This method, known as “The Blue Rain Cleaning Hack” will keep your windows sparkling and streak-free for up six months.

You can apply RainX on your windows at home However, is it possible to use it on windows for your home? 

The product is typically designed for the windshields of vehicles to protect drivers’ vision from getting blocked by falling snow and rain. 

However, it is also used to shield windows in homes. However, you shouldn’t utilize RainX for cleaning your windows but to shield the glass from elements.

Glass Plus Glass Cleaner

Are you in search of an easy-to-cleaner that isn’t harsh? The ammonia-free Glass Plus Cleaner is ideal for light cleaning. So, if you wash your windows regularly This product is designed suitable for you.

This product shouldn’t be used to clean your windows for your annual session, however, as you’ll likely require stronger products to get rid of more scum.

Easy Glide Glass Cleaner

This formula for professional cleaning cleans exterior windows by eliminating the most stubborn dirt and eliminating any trace of foam, streaks, or film which makes your windows appear dirty than ever before.

In addition to being efficient, it is also skin-friendly as well as biodegradable, non-toxic, and lasts for a long time – one teaspoon makes up to 25 gallons.

Easy Glide Glass Cleaner is accessible online and is available at Home Depot stores across the country.

Recap: Cleaning Out-Of-Reach Windows Methods, Cleaning Solutions, Tips, And More

We’ve explained how windows outside can be cleaned with various tools to help make the job easier and less risky. We’ve examined:

  • Standard techniques employed by everyday people and professional have been described for magnetic window wipers, and much more.
  • Sometimes, detaching window screens isn’t the simplest method to clean windows that have screens but it can be the most effective one. However, be sure to remove them carefully and get an additional set of hands, if needed.
  • Make sure you use professional ladders ensure that they’re in good working order and that you’ve got excellent balance and aren’t aware. A ladder that is unstable and being afraid of heights can lead to catastrophe.
  • Glass that is streaky or smudges with dirt after a long day of cleaning windows can be very frustrating. There are ways to lessen their appearance by vacuuming before washing, and using the proper equipment, like microfiber cloths to take in the excess water.
  • The way you clean is just crucial as is the product you choose to use. Clean your windows from top to bottom and make circular motions and also move your the rag horizontally and vertically through the glass.
  • There are a variety of cleaning products that you can choose from that range from store-bought products to homemade.
  • Many homeowners opt for DIY solutions due to the fact that they use less chemicals, for example, cleaning windows using vinegar or window cleaning solutions using jet dry.
  • If you prefer the commercial cleaning products, Windex can be found in the top of your list and extremely effective in keeping your windows clean and streak-free for a longer period of time. But, other organic products are available on the internet if you prefer greener options.
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