Do Lawn Seed Blankets Work?

As a person who is into lawn care and loves mowing the lawn, I hate it when grass patches are drained and turn discolored. But that’s exactly where lawn seed blankets will help.

Seed blankets for lawns which are also known as grass seed germination blankets as well as erosion control mats, perform well in stopping grass from growing in clumps, which gives an even lawn. 

They also assist with soil erosion and provide alternatives to scattering seeds of grass directly on the soil.

Let’s explore the topic of grass seed blankets in greater depth, and learn how and why you should use these in your garden…

Do Grass Seed Germination Blankets Actually Work?

Germination blankets for grass seeds (also called lawn seed blankets or mats for erosion control) are a viable alternative to scattering seeds of grass directly on the ground.

They work well because they are easy to apply, stop lawns from falling into clumps, and will provide you with a beautiful and uniform lawn. They’re also recommended if you have problems with erosion of the soil on your lawn.

When you spread grass seeds it’s almost impossible to ensure that you don’t get areas of baldness and clumps. If a patch that is too dense seeds germinates and spreads, they’ll begin to strangle one another. 

The lawn seed blanket provides a more even method of planting, with seeds well-spread.

The blanket helps keep the seeds securely to ensure that they don’t get lost in the rainfall, consumed by birds, or sucked up by dogs. The blanket also stops the soil from being eroded or washed away, hence its alternative title “soil erosion mat/blanket”. 

Alongside preventing rain from affecting seedlings, it ensures the proper amount of water for the grass to germinate.

Another (big) benefit is that it is difficult for weeds to establish around the grass. The weeds are attracted by the tilled soil and the regular watering of grass seeds require, and Germination blankets can stop the weeds from taking advantage of these conditions.

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It is evident that there are lots of benefits to having a lawn seeding blanket. The primary disadvantage is the price (a simple packet of seeds is very inexpensive) and also the fact that there is a smaller selection of varieties of seeds.

Some lawn blankets are not with seeds already planted. There are also “bare” blankets that simply protect the seeds planted and create an environment that is conducive to development and germination. 

This is a great option if you’re looking to cover one or two spots or you’re looking for some particular type of grass you’d like to plant.

If you choose to use a non-seeded lawn cover, then you’ll have to ensure that you seed seeds with care and in an even way by hand into the soil that has been fertilized by a proper fertilizer.

Can a Seed Blanket Be Used On An Existing Lawn? (Or Just For New Grass?)

Seed blankets can be utilized on lawns that are already in use. If you’ve got areas that are bald or lacking in your lawn that you would like to cover the grass, a grass seed cover can assist in ensuring that the seeds you plant efficiently.

The first step is giving your lawn a good mowing. After that, you could cut off a ready-to-seeded germinating blanket, or plant seeds in the soil and cover them with pieces of non-seeded blanket. 

The second option is preferred if you have a specialized type of grass and don’t wish to mix two types. The blanket pieces should be held in place using biodegradable stakes.

How Do I Use a Seed Germination Blanket On My Lawn?

It’s a breeze to put a germination blanket for seeds on your lawn and this is one reason that more gardeners have begun making use of these.

There are two options depending on whether you decide to use the blanket already impregnated with seed, or opt to plant seeds and cover your lawn.

If you decide to go with the first (which is what most people mean when they speak regarding grass seed blankets) it’s more simple. 

Sometimes referred to as “seed rolls”, they are seeded pre-sown and have fertilizers, and are typically biodegradable. This is an easy method of establishing a new lawn.

  1. Take a look at your lawn area to determine how much seed blanket you’ll need.
  2. The mats for seed are generally sold in rolls. The mat is rolled across the soil, making sure not to be able to miss any patches or cause ugly connections
  3. Secure the blanket using biodegradable stakes (more about where to purchase everything in a second)
  4. It is important to water it properly.
  5. Different brands offer different amounts of time between the day you lay the mat and the grass growing. Nortrax promises you’ll have an enviable, lush lawn in less than five weeks
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If you’ve got a sloped lawn or a banked space for grass, lawn blankets that are needed can be a fantastic option to ensure that the grass stays on the ground until your seeds have planted and spout gorgeous sprouts. 

The video from GrassDaddy shows how to utilize a germination blanket to cover an uneven and difficult section of ground.

What if you require to fix the lawn in a few areas? You can make use of the same mat that was seeded before but it could cause a patchy look even if it’s not the exact type of grass. Here’s a different way to seed your lawn with a non-seeded lawn blanket.

  1. Mow and rake grass
  2. Make the sparse or bald patches of lawn to be ready to plant seeds by the tilling the lawn and fertilizer
  3. Find the sparse or bald patches and cut blankets to match the patches.
  4. With seeds that are the exact grass species of your current lawn, sow seeds in the areas that are bare
  5. Over these, you can cover them with ready-cut blanket pieces
  6. Place them in the right place using biodegradable stakes
  7. It is important to water it properly.

It’s not necessary to have lawn blankets. If there is hay available, you could serve as a cover as the seeds germinate. But it’s not as reliable as a blanket and doesn’t offer similar protection from erosion.

When Do I Remove The Lawn Seed Blanket?

The best part is that the majority of lawn blankets are biodegradable so you don’t have to take them off in any way. 

The majority of the types of pre-seeded and unseeded lawn blankets have a green color, so they won’t make your lawn appear odd when the grass is still growing.

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Removing them can pose an issue since the seedlings could end up against the blanket. The best option is to take your time, then let it decay into the lawn once all grass has grown.

Where Can I Buy a Lawn Seed Blanket?

Lawn seed blankets are simple to purchase and they can be picked from stores such as Lowe’s or at your neighborhood garden store. Amazon also offers a large assortment of kinds of grass blankets.

Brands such as Amturf and Grotrax come with blankets that have seeds that are ready to be embedded. They are available in rolls that are easy to use which you just roll on your grass until you have the area you want completely covered.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly mat for seeds that don’t contain seeds, you can try Ecoseed’s erosion-control blanket, as well as Takefuns, which offers an ecological mat that is made from biodegradable papers. Other options include the classic burlap.

Be cautious when purchasing on the internet, because it’s often unclear if the lawn blanket contains seeds or not.

We’ve talked about “biodegradable stakes” a few times. What exactly are these as well as where to get these? Also, check your local stores for home goods and garden centers. 

Amazon sells stakes from brands such as Smart Spring. Keep in mind that this takes time to allow these robust stakes to fall apart (at a minimum of two years in certain cases) So if you are looking to get the stake off your lawn, choose standard stakes and pick them off once your grass has grown.

Final Words

If certain areas of your lawn have gotten sunk or you’d like to create an entirely new lawn that will grow in a uniform manner – then a lawn seeding blanket is exactly what you require.

They’re not only easy to apply and useful in preventing soil erosion however since they’re biodegradable, you also don’t need to take them out them. They’ll simply decay organically.

There are several areas of lawn in which the grass has been destroyed by ants’ nests, so I think this might be worthwhile to try in my backyard.

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