What to Do with a Dead Squirrel in My Backyard?

Dead Squirrel in My Backyard

No matter if you’re a lover of squirrels or think of squirrels to be garden pests, getting up to discover dead squirrels in your backyard isn’t something that everyone is happy to find. 

If you’re facing the same issue you may be thinking about what you should do about dead squirrels in your backyard. Should you dispose of it or contact animal services or even try to dispose of it on your own?

One of the most crucial things you can do when you find dead animals is not to touch them with your fingertips. Wear protective gloves and place the dead squirrel in a secured plastic bag. Then, wash the area in which you found the dead squirrel to avoid the spread of the disease.

A dead animal found in your yard can be, and usually can be a gruesome experience. Although disposing of dead squirrels is a fairly easy procedure, there are a couple of things to be on the lookout for and some strategies to help keep your family and yourself secure throughout the process.

In the following sections, we’ll cover all of this and much more make sure to check it out.

How Do Squirrels Usually Die?

Squirrels are fascinating creatures that are part of the same family as mice and rats. That means they are rodents. Based on the species their life spans vary dramatically. 

According to research which compared aging rates among various types of squirrels may actually live up to 24 years, more than dogs or cats might. As predators, squirrels do not typically live that long in the wild.

If you discover one in adulthood, it seldom is due to natural causes such as “old age.” Those living in the wild who are in a position to live past the age of one year of age can make it to the sixth birthday. The more fortunate ones may live 12 years old by avoiding predators with ease.

Why Would A Squirrel Suddenly Die?

If the squirrel can last for that long, how can it end up dying in your yard? There are a variety of reasons the squirrel might suddenly pass away. 

One possibility is that it could be the result of a meal taken by the hawk that was able to drop it onto the ground for a reason.

Rat poison could also be the cause. You or your neighbor could be facing rat or mice issues and have decided to spray poison. This is a harmless squirrel that was rummaging around the area and ended in eating the poison.

It is also possible that a squirrel slipped up on an opportunity to land and ended down on the ground before a dog or cat. They could easily turn into a toy for them, causing injury to them during the process. 

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Another reason that causes sudden death in squirrels is the trauma caused by falling. The squirrel is a master at climbing, so how can it be able to fall and then die is the question you may ask? We’ll discuss this later in the section.

Can Squirrels Fall Out Of Trees And Die?

Squirrels could be killed when they fall out of trees but it is contingent on the location they fell and the height at which they fell. If the squirrel is knocked down from in the air, it will fall far enough to cause death.

There is a chance that you think squirrels are extremely agile since you can see their scurrying about. They are also adept at jumping across trees. 

But, they also, make mistakes and fail to land, and cause falls. As a result, the squirrel could get injured. Based on the height it fell from, death could occur.

However, they may also endure a fall as they’re able to quickly respond and alter their position so that they can be able to land more effectively. 

According to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History fatal falls are not common. It is possible that they get their fabulous tails to be grateful for.

What Do You Do If You Find A Dead Squirrel?

Now that you’ve found dead squirrels, what do you do? In this article, we’ll go over some tips about what to do if you discover the squirrel in your backyard.

Why Is There A Dead Squirrel In My Yard?

It is common for homeowners to be shocked by the discovery of a dead animal in their backyard. Because of the reasons listed above, squirrels may get into your yard. 

There are instances when you’ll find dead squirrels which appear normal and healthy, and you’ll wonder why it was killed.

Poison could be the cause but sickness is also likely, but you can determine if the squirrel has been sick by observing them be slim or have lost the fur. 

If you wake up or come home to find a dead squirrel on your property There are a variety of options to handle it, and we’ll discuss the options in the next section.

What Do You Do With A Dead Squirrel In Your Yard?

Before we discuss the various ways of dealing with dead squirrels the foremost thing that you must keep in mind is do not to touch a dead squirrel with bare hands. 

As we mentioned earlier, it is best to stay clear of touching the dead squirrel as you don’t know what happen to them. They might be suffering from the disease and die from it, and touching them could mean that you transfer the disease to your pet or possibly get it yourself.

Be sure to keep your pets away from the dead squirrels. It is possible that they will be tempting to your dogs or cats however, the squirrels may be poisoned. 

But, you shouldn’t wish to put yourself at risk of injuries to your pet by letting them touch the squirrel or play with it through their mouths.

Here are a few methods to get rid of dead squirrels out of your yard, which has been attempted by a variety of homeowners:

  • Scooping it up and throwing it into the garbage
  • Burying it
  • Contacting the sanitation service
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Scooping And Throwing the Squirrel In The Trash

With your hands covered in gloves use a shovel to scoop the dead squirrel, then dispose of it in the plastic bag wearing your gloves. Be sure to use an extended-hand shovel.

Place the bag inside another bag and tie it up to seal it. After that, you can dispose of it in the trash can outside. Don’t forget to clean your hands thoroughly following the wash.

Burying It

If you prefer an approach that is more natural to scoop up the squirrel up, then bury it in your yard, and let the decomposers finish their work. 

Create a shallow burial for the animal. For certain people, praying a few words and offering a proper goodbye is something they believe they have to do. 

If you feel this is something that appeals to you do it.

Calling Animal Pick-up Services

You may be wondering who is responsible for picking up dead squirrels? It’s important to know that the animal control department isn’t responsible for the removal of dead squirrels on your property. 

At the very least, the Los Angeles Animal Services clarified it, was it is the Bureau of Sanitation will take the responsibility of removing dead animals.

Depending on where you reside If you live in a different area, contact the local animal shelter and ask them to remove and dispose of a dead squirrel that is in your backyard

If not, you could contact the sanitation department and they’ll take care of the job for you at no cost. Another option is to contact a professional wildlife removal service.

Can I Throw Away A Dead Squirrel?

As one of the suggested ways to get rid of dead squirrels is throwing it away, then it’s fine to dispose of the carcass. Be sure to try to close the plastic bag when you put the squirrel inside.

Is It Illegal To Put A Dead Squirrel In The Garbage?

It is among the most frequent questions homeowners are known to inquire about. In the end, it’s unprofessional to let the garbage collector take care of dead animals. But, it’s not illegal to dump dead squirrels into the garbage.

In contrast, it is recommended to dispose of a tiny dead animal into the garbage provided you dispose of them in bags made for heavy-duty Bags that are specifically designed for this reason.

Squirrels Inside Your Home

The smell of dead animals is a cause for worry if it occurs within the home, and not outside in your yard. 

Yes, squirrels could even end up inside your house, particularly inside the attic. This is where they normally get shelter from winter and make a nest or begin an entire family.

If this occurs, your home could be in danger if you do not act quickly. Since they’re rodents, they’re able to chew through wires and wooden boards and create an awful mess in your attic. 

If one or more of them are killed within the attic, the place will begin to smell bad.

How Long Does The Smell Of A Dead Squirrel Last?

It could take up to up to two weeks for squirrels to fully decompose. That means that you’ll need to be enduring two weeks of terrible smell if you don’t eliminate the carcass. 

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If a squirrel was killed in the attic’s walls and you’re not sure, you’ll have to call professionals to remove the walls and take away the carcass.

It is true that hiring professionals to help take care of the removal could cost a lot This is the reason why some homeowners aren’t inclined to make this choice. 

Instead, they let the process of decomposition begin and then wait until it is dissolving by itself.

How Do You Get Rid Of Dead Squirrel Smell?

The most effective way to eliminate the smell of dead squirrels is to try your best to find the body that has died and then remove it, either with or without the assistance of experts. 

If finding the body and obtaining professional help will not be feasible for you then it’s the right time to look into deodorizers.

Below are some ideas to help you deal with that smell from dead animals inside your house:

  • Vinegar – Fill several cups of vinegar and place them in strategically placed places within your attic. The vinegar is able to absorb the smell.
  • Coffee grounds – If you’re someone who loves coffee, don’t throw them away. They could be used to make an deodorizer too.
  • Baking soda has been tested and proven as a fantastic odor-removing agent. Make an baking soda solution with water and then spray it all over the affected region. It is necessary to spray it at least once a day to increase efficacy.
  • Commercial deodorizers are of course it is possible to buying one that is designed to serve as both an odor remover as well as a scent pouch. The best part is that they’re reusable.

What Happens If You Touch A Dead Squirrel?

Squirrels are cute, however, they are carriers of many illnesses, only a handful of them can be considered harmful for humans, it is important to be wary of touching dead squirrels, particularly when you find they were on your property.

Tularemia is a type of disease that can be contracted from touching dead or sick squirrels. 

Sometimes, it is referred to as “rabbit fever,” this disease is usually found in animals of small sizes, such as squirrels as well as other rodent species.

This bacteria F. Tularensis can remain in dead animals for several weeks and may cause human infections in a variety of ways. 

If you handle dead animals, the bacteria could enter your body through tiny cuts or abrasions that are made on the skin. This is why wearing gloves when handling dead animals is crucial.

Final Words

If you find a dead squirrel on your property it’s normal, it’s certainly not an enjoyable thing to have to deal with. 

There are a variety of methods to eliminate the dead squirrel. The most popular method is to pick it up, bag it, and then place it in the garbage.

Whatever method you decide to employ on dead animals regardless of whether you discovered dead chipmunk or squirrel, or rodent, make sure you adhere to sanitary practices like wearing gloves and thoroughly washing your hands after disposing of the animal.

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