Can Sling Patio Chairs Be Repaired?

There’s nothing worse than getting those patio sling chairs out again and discovering the fabric slings have sagged loose and need to be replaced. What about that weekend barbecue you had planned?

Patio chair slings may be readily fixed using a screwdriver, a razor knife, and pliers. Phifertex® and Sunbrella® are the ideal textiles to use since they are robust, water-resistant, fade-resistant, and mold resistant. They are available in a range of colors and are simple to clean with soap and water.

We’ll go through how to repair sling patio chairs in greater depth in this post, as well as what fabrics to use and how to measure your chair for the new fabric.

What is the best sling chair fabric?

Do your sling chairs appear to be in need of some tender loving care? If the seats are ripped, damaged, soiled, or faded, the good news is that the fabric can be easily replaced without having to replace the entire chair. But what kind of stuff are you looking for?

During the summer, sling patio chairs are quite popular. They’re subject to UV, sunscreen grease, crumbs and stains from alfresco meals, and chlorine if you have a pool in your backyard.

Rain, wind, falling leaves, and even snow can be a problem in bad weather. Of course, there will always be a mess from bird excrement, other creatures, and dogs, as with any yard furniture.

So you’ll need a tough fabric that can withstand wetness, fading, and staining. The sling chair fabric is available from two prominent brands: Phifertex® and Sunbrella®.

Phifertex® features an appealing waffle shape and is infused with Microban, which inhibits mold and mildew growth. It is extremely long-lasting, fade-resistant, and simple to clean with soapy water.

Greenguard certification means Phifertex® textiles emit extremely low or insignificant quantities of volatile organic compounds.

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Sunbrella also resists fading and mold. It is also chlorine resistant, making it an excellent choice for poolside seats. Because acrylic is weaved in among the PVC fabric strands, it offers a softer look than Phifertex. This appears to be more luxurious, but it may not last as long.

Where can I get patio chair replacement slings?

So you’ve chosen to replace the slings on your patio chairs with some more sturdy ones. What’s the best way to go about it? You may create your own sling from one of the rigid materials we specified above, or you can make things easy and acquire a replacement sling.

Standard size replacement slings are available from a variety of internet retailers. Some websites allow you to browse by chair model, or you may measure your existing sling chair for a custom replacement. In a minute, we’ll look at the easiest technique to find the proper sling size.

Slings are available from American Slings, an internet business that sells a variety of chair parts, including slings. There are several fabrics and colors to choose from, and you can get up to four free samples to assist you to make your decision.

Slingfabs allows you to order up to five samples, and they offer a wonderful selection of prints. Slingmasters is a family-owned business that has been fixing yard furniture for almost 40 years.

There are a number of specialty sling vendors out there, and there’s a lot of fabric to choose from. If you want to utilize a local business, search or similar sites to discover if anybody in your region offers chair repair services.

What is the best way to measure a fabric patio sling chair?

If you’re ordering a replacement sling online, be sure you get the proper size.

Some websites allow you to order by model, but the majority require chair measurements. What is the most accurate method of sling chair measurement? Take out your tape measure and read the following:

  1. Always measure the sling while it’s still attached to the chair unless it’s already broken. This is because older slings can stretch and droop, but you can determine the right size by measuring them while they’re on the chair.
  2. Sling chairs typically feature a rail on either side with a hole through which the sling glides. Measure the distance between the top bolts on each rail. This will provide you with the top width measurement.
  3. Measure between the two sliding rails again at the bottom of the chair. This provides you with the breadth of the bottom. Never assume that the top and bottom of anything are the same…
  4. Next, measure the chair’s length by following the curves of the chair from the top rail to the bottom rail. This is the measurement of length.
  5. If your chair has distinct back and seat sections, measure each one separately as described above. You should have a total of six measurements (top width, bottom width, and length for each piece)
  6. Swivel chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, and loveseats all go through the same procedure.
  7. If you have an older chair with slings that fit between the top and bottom rods, you may need to contact the shop to explore your options.
  8. Keep your measurements as precise as possible (down to the nearest 14 inches). Make it obvious which measurement belongs to which (for example, XX”top width x XX”bottom width x XX” length).

How do you replace the slings on your patio chairs?

You may have enlisted the help of a local repairman to create and fit your new sling. Otherwise, you are in charge of the fitting step. How do you put your new sling on?

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If the chair contains cross head screws, you’ll need a flat head screwdriver, a razor knife, pliers, and maybe a Philips screwdriver.

  1. Side rail end caps should be removed (you may need a flat end screwdriver to help prise them off)
  2. Top to bottom cut through the middle of the previous sling cloth.
  3. Coax the two fabric pieces from the rails (you may need a lubricant like a soapy water spray to help)
  4. You might need pliers to get it out, so keep a set on hand. Pull upwards from the bottom.
  5. Take away the spreader bars (the horizontal bars)
  6. You now have a frame that is ready to receive your new sling. The new sling will have two insertable splines and a hem on either side. Feed the splines into the hems first.
  7. Working from the top, thread the new sling through the top of one of the side rails (you may need to wiggle it a little to get it moving). Pliers and a second person will both be useful, especially as you get closer to the chair’s bottom!
  8. Tip the chair onto its side (sling side up) and remove the rail with the new sling (perhaps it will detach easily…) after it’s all the way through.
  9. Reposition the chair and secure the sling on the opposite side’s rail. Both side rails now have the sling (although the first rail is still flapping about)
  10. Attach the first sliding rail to the chair’s side.
  11. To establish tension in the sling, gently pull the cloth while you tighten the side rail.
  12. Replacing the bars, trimming any extra spline, and replacing the end caps
  13. To celebrate, sit back in your new chair and enjoy a cool beer or a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
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Final Words

Your sling chair should last you for years, if not a decade if it’s properly cared for. The majority of frames are built of aluminum, both strong and light. If you look after the purpose-made materials we discussed previously, they should last 10 years.

If you want your outdoor furniture to endure, make sure it is properly winterized (cleaned, dried, covered, and stored indoors). Clean it on a regular basis to avoid unattractive stains and molds, and care for it as you would your interior suite.

The good news is that, as long as the frame is in excellent condition, you can give your patio chairs a wonderful refresh at any time by just replacing the sling.

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