Can Moths Hurt You in Your Sleep? (Are They Dangerous?)

So you turned off the lights and heard a moth flapping around your bedroom.

Now you can’t sleep because you’re worried that moths can hurt you while you’re sleeping. So, how about we find out?

Can moths hurt you in your sleep?

When you’re sleeping, moths can’t hurt you. Moths are absolutely safe. They don’t have any “dangerous” parts like teeth, mouths, claws, pincers, stingers, or anything else that could hurt a human.

But why are these and many other small, harmless insects scary to some people? I think it has something to do with the way the wings are always and randomly flapping.

But you know who else is moving around in an unpredictable way? Butterflies.

There are some people who are afraid of butterflies, but not as many are afraid of moths.

Most of the time, we see butterflies during the day in peaceful places like a field or meadow, where they land on flowers.

While we see moths in the evenings, at night when we’re coming home, or even when we turn off the lights in our homes.

Moths are fuzzy, which is another “awesome” thing about them. If you’re afraid of moths, the thought of one touching your skin or hair is probably too much to bear.

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But all over their bodies are millions of scales that make them look fuzzy.

There are many good things about the fuzzy parts. They make it hard for bats, which eat moths, to get a clear picture of them with their sonar.

This makes it harder for bats to catch moths. And the scales help keep the body warm, just like a bird’s feathers do.

Do Moths Die In The Light?

Moths can’t be around light because it hurts them. They are drawn to light just like a moth to a flame.

But what happens when they get to the source of light? Well, it’s definitely not a happy ending.

Most of the time, moths hit the lamp and fall to the ground, where birds or frogs eat them or people step on them.

If they stay on the lamp or get stuck inside for too long, they will get too hot and die.

How Long Do Moths Live?

If you thought the answer would be “a few hours,” I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Even though their life spans vary a lot from species to species, the common brown house moth will live two to four months as a moth and eleven to thirteen months from egg to grave.

The yucca moth is one of the moths that doesn’t live very long. After it changes, it will usually only live for about two days.

Is It Bad To Have A Moth In Your Room?

So, how bad is it to have these flyers in your room or home in general? It might go very wrong. If moths get into your kitchen, they can do a lot of damage to your clothes, furniture, and food.

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If they touch your skin, they could also cause you to have an allergic reaction.

Moths can be annoying, but most of the time you can get rid of them with things that are more or less natural.

Will Moths Attack You?

Moths don’t have teeth or claws, so they can’t attack people. But could they fly into you on purpose to hurt you? Moths are shy and quiet bugs that stay out of your way and try not to bother you.

If one flies into you, it was probably by accident or because you were in the way of their flight to the lamp.

Can Moths Live In Your Bed?

Moths probably won’t live in your mattress, but their young might. If you see a moth in your bedroom, look in the closet. That cloth moth didn’t lay eggs anywhere, not even on your mattress.

How do you get a moth out of your room?

If there is only one month, try to catch it in a glass or plastic container and let it go outside.

This is much better and cleaner than slamming a moth all over your wall. Moth stains can be hard to get rid of.

If you see more than one month in your room or home, you might have an infestation. Find their food source if they are in the kitchen.

And if they are in your bedroom, you might want to wash all your clothes to kill the larvae.

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