Can Lions & Tigers Get Along? Who Would Win in a Fight?

A comparison between lions and tigers has been debated for years. 

Which one is stronger? 

Which would be the winner in a battle either a tiger or Lion? and many more.

When we imagine tigers and lions we think of the big cats who have a lot in common. That’s true. 

However, the animals differ in many ways. However, can they live together? 

Do tigers and lions be friends?

The answer is not. Tigers and lions don’t have a relationship. Primarily they do not live in the same territory. 

Even the two species were to live in the same area the tigers and lions wouldn’t have a good relationship.

 Wild animals particularly predatory species tend to be rivals. It’s also difficult to believe that these large cats can coexist in the wild, since the lions are social creatures, while Tigers are more of solitary animals.

Do Tigers & Lions Live Together?

Through time, these huge cats were able to coexist within the Eurasian region. 

Asiatic Lions, as well as Bengal Tigers, were the two kinds of animals that reside and battle in the same areas on the open.

But, there aren’t records from the time however, there is a belief that the animals had huge rivals.

You might be wondering what the reason is? 

They’re part of the same family, so why cannot they coexist peacefully? 

It’s because their predatory nature doesn’t allow for peaceful coexistence.

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In the beginning, both lions, as well as Tigers, hunt big herbivores. They also are both in competition for food. 

Additionally, both are aggressive and territorial. That is why they are likely to result in numerous violent clashes.

But, at present, there is no area on earth where tigers and lions are able to live in the same region other than in captive environments.

Can Lions & Tigers Get Along in Captivity?

In the world of living in captivity, it is possible to appear completely different. Tigers and lions have been successfully paired and kept in various Zoos all over the world.

Big cats kept in captivity are usually recognized for their willingness to adopt different species and take care of them as if they’re their own babies.

The main difference we see in captivity, in comparison to the wild was that the animals were raised with each other. 

Being cubs together makes diverse species befriend more easily. They had a good understanding of each other since their early times, and due to this, they are able to form a strong bond.

Baloo Bear, Leo The Lion, and Shere Khan are the three who came as a unit after being rescued from a drug dealer who kept the trio within his home. They were only months old and sustained a number of injuries before the police discovered them.

They (as they are referred to) after being saved were determined to remain together and show a special bond between themselves.

After they were brought to the sanctuary of Noah’s Ark, the BLT was initially kept in separate enclosures. 

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The sanctuary’s founder considered it better they kept the animals in separate areas. Because they’re all predators, they might injure each other.

However, the animals began crying whenever they were not together. The sanctuary’s staff took the decision to keep all three together, and they now are a family. An unusual, but joyful family.

This is a truly incredible story with a happy end. There were several instances in which captive lions and tigers engaged in fierce battles. We’ll get back to this later.

Are Lions & Tigers From The Same Family?

Even though they’re from the same family – Felidae The two species of Tigers and lions are not the same species.

However, if we go further back, we find that lions and tigers share a close relative. Most likely, only one ancestor. 

This is why big cats are able to interbreed creating hybrid species known as “liger” and “tigon”. But, children from cross-breeding lions and tigers usually end up with incorrect genetics.

Despite sharing several genetic characteristics, however, the big cats have distinct behavior and lives, as we have already mentioned.

In terms of appearance, they are evident. Tigers are famous for the black stripes that cover their bodies, whereas lions don’t have stripes. Male lions sport manes but tigers don’t have manes.

Physical traits are also noteworthy. Tigers tend to be heavier and have more powerful hind legs than Lions. 

A male tiger could be as heavy as 700 pounds. On the other hand, a lion is able to be weighed as much as 450 pounds.

Lions are famous for their inability to move. They are usually dependent on lionesses who are the majority often hunting. Therefore their survival in wild is much easier than the tigers.

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Tigers are lonely, and are hunted, fought, and struggle for survival on their own. Therefore, this type of life lived in solitude may have influenced the tiger’s higher speed, agility, and power.

In general the case, tigers have a higher dominance than Lions. Although their DNA may cross with lions, tigers’ genes are more prevalent.

Do Tigers & Lions Fight?

Although they are able to live in captivity, both tigers and lions are known for their brutal encounters. 

Most often, tigers are the winners in these battles. Most of the time these are also the ones that initiate the battle.

One of the most recent incidents was in Turkey when a tigress entered the enclosure of a lion, killing his cousin. 

The tiger passed through the opening in the cage and cut open the lion by its neck artery, who later bleed to death.

There are instances where lions have formed a group and inflicted fatal injuries to tigers.

Final Words

In the end, lions and Tigers are very similar however, they’re very different. In the past, they were able to share the same environment. 

Because of their fierce predatory instincts, Tigers and lions did not have a good relationship with each other in any manner.

When they are in captivity, on the other hand, they tend to be a good pair in the case of being maintained together from the beginning of their lives.

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