21 Best BBQ Games For Adults

What could be more enjoyable than having your guests and family at your home, cooking on the grill, and taking in the summer weather outside in the backyard? 

Incorporating some BBQ games for adults will not only spice the experience for your guests but also offers them some activities to enjoy while waiting for the BBQ to be finished. 

Selecting the most effective BBQ party games will depend on the needs of your guests So be aware of that while you go through our selection below.

Backyard Tossing Games

1. Cornhole

One of our top BBQ games for adults to play at parties, Cornhole, goes by various names according to the location you reside in or the people you speak to. No matter what you call it, it’s an old-fashioned BBQ party game that’s always a huge hit!

To play, you’ll only require a cornhole set and a couple of friends, and outdoor space. You can play one-on-one or divide all players into teams.

Every sandbag that passes through the hole will earn you 3 points, and each Sandbag that is placed on the platform will cost one point. The aim is to score the 21-point mark before your opponent(s) could make it, which could be quite challenging.

2. Horseshoes

Horseshoes don’t only belong to horses they can also be great for an enjoyable game in the backyard. The game of throwing is simple to learn, however, it can be a challenge to master.

To play horseshoes you require are 4 horseshoes as well as two stakes. Typically, you’ll put your stakes 40 feet apart however, you are able to set them up in any way, based on the dimensions that your yard.

You earn three points when you ring the horseshoe around the stake. You also earn 1 point if it falls within 6 inches of the stake. You play until one participant or team has reached the specified score, which is usually 20 points. You can however choose to set it at 20-30 or 50 points as preferred.

To lessen the bounce or sliding that horseshoes experience you could make a pit of sand for every stake. It is not necessary, but it is.

3. Washer Toss

This game is very similar to cornhole and horseshoes. Washer toss is a similar tossing sport where you aim at a particular area in the yard to earn points.

For playing, you’ll need to buy a washer toss set on Amazon. You can build the set yourself if you want to go that route also. It will require two pits for washing with a cup or hole at the center (along with some washers, naturally).

Like the games described previously, a washer that falls into the center cup earns 3 points and 1 point for every washer inside the box. In general, you play until you have up to 21 points.

4. Ladder Toss

There is a possibility that ladder toss actually dates back to cattlemen who lived in wild western areas. Cowboys would throw snakes on fences or branches in order to earn points, like playing the ladder toss game.

You might have heard of this game previously or perhaps under an alternative name like hillbilly golf or ladder ball, golf also known as ball rope. For playing, you’ll require an elevated ladder with three levels and three Bolas (assuming you don’t wish to be like those cowboys).

The top tier of the tiers is valued at three points. while the second tier is worth two points, while the bottom level is worth one point. Try to get the top spot, and aim to accumulate the most points you can in order to be victorious.

5. Lawn Darts

If you’re still not accustomed to lawn darts then you should play it at your next barbecue. The BBQ event game is for the adults like wall darts, but you’ll get to take in the fresh air of your backyard as you play.

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The name suggests that you’ll be shooting the darts on your lawn, not on an ordinary dartboard. It is possible to purchase sets that glow in the dark to play a great outdoor game that can be played at night.

For playing, you’ll need an assortment of targets and lawn darts. Set the targets in your yard, grab darts, and then aim! And don’t fret the darts you choose are backyard-friendly.

6. Kan Jam

If you’re looking for a simple-to-set-up BBQ party game that is suitable for adults Kan Jam will be perfect for you. It’s similar to playing frisbee but instead, you aim at a target.

Also called garbage can frisbee Kan Jam is a game that involves throwing discs toward the can in hopes of scoring precisely 21 points. Your partner is there in front of the can to assist you with hitting it.

If you strike the can, you’ll earn 1 point. Your companion is there to assist you, therefore when he/she throws the disc and it strikes the can, it’s valuable for 1 point. If your disc is perfectly placed in the slot in front it will instantly victory.

7. Pong Golf

Pong golf is a sport that combines beer pong with golf. No matter if you’re an avid golfer or just want to have a great BBQ event game that is suitable for all ages Pong golf is one that you should test.

Similar to beer pong, the objective is to put the ball into all your opponents’ cups. Instead of throwing them, players employ golf clubs to direct the balls toward the holes of their opponent.

The person who removes all the cups of the team’s opponents takes home the cup!

8. Bottle Bash

Bottle bash is a basic tossing game in which you throw a frisbee, and then try to knock the bottle off the pole.

For the game, you’ll require at least two or four players. One person starts by throwing the frisbee and the defense attempts at catching the ball as well as the bottle before they hit the ground.

 Two points are awarded in the event that the bottle is struck by the ground and you get 1 point if your frisbee strikes the ground.

As with many tossing games, the very first person or team that gets to 21 points wins.

9. Kubb

You may be surprised to learn that Kubb has been playing all the time, making it more old-fashioned than croquet and golf. In Kubb it is a game where you alternate throwing sticks at the opponent’s blocks. 

Although it appears simple enough, however, you are only allowed a number of sticks therefore you must play prudently. The excitement really kicks in as the last “king” block is standing and all you need is just one piece of wood to count.

Giant Games

10. Giant Yard Pong

Every person who’s ever been over aged 21 has had a taste of beer Pong. But, with backyard pong, you’re playing with huge cups, and you’re likely not to fill them up.

Each team is able to throw balls into six huge buckets. If the ball is able to land in the bucket, it’s removed. The team that can remove the buckets of the other team is the winner.

What’s great about playing giant yard pong is that you could play in your backyard! The balls and buckets are floating, so if you have the space it’s a fantastic alternative

11. Giant Jenga

What’s not to like about Jenga? It’s a thrilling game that requires a bit of planning and strength. A huge Jenga brings things to a different dimension (literally)!

To play the game of giant Jenga it is a matter of stacking rows of blocks to form the shape of a tower (alternating the order they are placed within the row). 

Each player will take turns taking a block away and hoping that it’s not one that causes the tower to fall down.

Any person who moves a block and causes the tower to collapse is liable for losing.

12. Giant Bowling

What’s more exciting than bowling in an ally bowling club? Big bowling right in the backyard! The most massive bowling sets usually consist of a large bowling ball as well as pins are blown up.

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Use the ball to knock through as many pins as you can, similar to standard bowling. This is great for people who think they’re not proficient in bowling. 

All of the bowls are large, so it’s difficult to miss several pins. Even those who are avid bowlers will enjoy this game.

13. Giant Yahtzee

If you’re looking for easy BBQ fun for your guests that involves strategy, then giant Yahtzee is a fun twist on the classic game. The fun part about the giant Yahtzee is the chance to play with dice in a massive bucket before throwing it into the yard. 

Although it’s still a low-energy game, it does add an extra bit of energy and excitement.

Yahtzee is a game that involves the half-strategies and chance. You roll the dice, and then try to make different combinations appear on your scoring sheet. 

If you roll 5 of one die in three rolls, you’re able to shout “YAHTZEE!” and get an additional 50 points. 

The person who has the most numbers at the finish is the winner.

Instead of Yahtzee, You could utilize the huge dice to play different dice games.

14. Giant Checkers

Giant checkers are great BBQ games for adult parties. Particularly for those who wish to play games that don’t require much movement as it’s more a strategy-based. 

Checkers is a classic board game that is a classic, but it’s more enjoyable when played playing on a large gaming board.

Similar to it was in the beginning, every team member or player begins with either red or black Checkers placed on the table. 

The aim is to move the board, without giving your opponent a chance to “jump” over your piece and remove it from the board.

With these giant checkers, you receive real-sized pieces of the game along with large blankets as your game’s board. 

You can begin your evening by playing checkers with the blanket, and then end the night by relaxing on it in the backyard while eating your barbecue.

Other BBQ Party Games For Adults

15. Kickball

When you’re interested in playing kickball it’s possible to find an ideal spot in your backyard that’s not far from the barbecue. It’s like baseball, however like the name implies it is played with a ball instead of hitting it with the bat. 

Although it’s a sport that children play at school It’s equally fun for adults to enjoy.

For the game, you’ll have to divide everyone into two teams. One team is on the field and the other team going up to bat. The pitcher rolls the ball over to the kicker, who kicks the ball and then runs through the field to the first base. 

The same rules as in baseball are applicable to the sport of kickball however, the only difference is kickball instead of using the baseball bat.

What’s wonderful with kickball is the fact that it doesn’t need to invest in a whole lot of equipment. All you require is a bunch of people and the ball and you’re good to play!

16. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball makes for a great game for the backyard that’s basically bowling and skeeball combined into one game. It’s a fantastic game to play with your acquaintances who might not be the most skilled in sports but want to have fun. 

As opposed to other games Bocce ball is simple to master and does not require any skills or strength.

The first step is to throw the ball that is the smallest, known as”the Pallino that is used to mark the spot. The first player is to take the initiative and throw their bocce ball as close to the Pallino as they can. 

The team or individual goes around and around until all the Bocce balls have been being thrown. Whoever is close to the Pallino is the winner and is considered to be the “in” team.

“In” team “in” team gets points for each ball that is nearer in proximity to the Pallino relative to other teams. The game continues until one player or team has scored 13 points or the number you decide are required to be victorious.

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17. Track Ball

Did you remember playing catch using a baseball and a mitt for catching? The trackball is similar, but you’re using a racket designed for trackball instead. 

It’s an easy game to play and is an enjoyable one in the event that you have a huge yard for throwing the ball around. 

Rackets like these can throw the ball a long distance in the air, therefore a certain distance is required to play the game.

There are no products available.

18. Croquet

Can it be any more timeless than playing croquet? Croquet is a sport that’s been played for a long time and might have even been played from the beginning of the 1300s.

Croquet is a different game that doesn’t require any particular capabilities or athletic abilities. To play, all you need is require a basic croquet set, croquet mallets, and a ball.

19. Spikeball

Spikeball is basically a blend of foursquare and volleyball. This game could be a little difficult and fierce, so bear this in mind when you make your barbecue game plan.

As with volleyball, the objective is to strike the ball across the net to the opposing team in a manner that makes it difficult for players to get it. 

Spikeball scoring can be difficult to master initially however after a few sessions and you’ll begin to get a grasp of it.

Points are awarded to:

  • The ball is hitting the ground
  • Directly hitting the ball into the rim.
  • The ball is rolled across the net, instead of bobbing.
  • If a player is able to hit the ball more than one time in one row.
  • A player who is throwing or catching the ball, but not hitting it with a clean stroke.
  • The ball is bouncing around and striking the ground.
  • If the server fails twice in one row.

20. Badminton

Badminton is another classic old-fashioned sport that has been played for hundreds of years. It is a very well-known sport throughout Asian countries, particularly China and India which are where many of the most talented players around the world come from.

Instead of using balls, you can play using the shuttlecock, also known as a shuttlecock. You can play one-on- either one or in a group of doubles. Each player is equipped with strings on their rackets, kind of similar to the tennis racket, but smaller.

Each time you kick the shuttlecock through the net and onto the court before your opponent has the chance to smash it into the court, you earn points.

This is our evaluation of the top rackets for badminton and, if would like to be serious we recommend you need the best shoes for badminton.

21. Battleship

Battleship is a game that takes cornhole and blends it with golf to make a great game that is different from every. It’s an easy game that is suitable for people of all skill levels.

The three holes are reminiscent of the course of green on every board. If you strike your ball into the “green,” you get three points. 

But, there’s an opening within “water” and a “sandpit,” and should you fall in one of these holes, you lose one point. If your ball is hit by the board, but it hits none of the holes, you are awarded one point.

Every kit includes the target, a hitting mat, golf balls that are foam as well as a dry-erase scoring board.

Final Words

Backyard games are a great way to provide a bit of excitement and fun as you cook your food. If you’ve read this list, you’ve discovered a game to play on your next BBQ. 

Take a look at these BBQ games for adults at a party to try and then enjoy your time with your family and friends as you try to beat them, naturally.

Perhaps you played a game you’ve played before but did not remember, or maybe you’ve discovered something you’ve not heard of before. 

If you’re struggling with making an informed choice, try something you’ve never attempted before. This will keep the experience exciting and fresh!

We are really enjoying the game! Try it out in case you haven’t yet.

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