Backyard Golf Games for Weekend Play

Are you tired of playing the regular yard games? Are you looking for something different to try that can also assist in lowering the score? 

Check out the many options available for playing golf in your backyard. They’ll add a new game with a fresh twist, and will be a great enjoyment for children as well as adults.

Let’s look at the possibilities.

Types Of Backyard Golf Games

There are a variety of options that take golfing to a whole new level. Some blend it with other popular games to provide a completely different type of game. Skins, for instance, are a form of competition within the group. The primary ingredient of each of these is having enjoyment.

Who says you have to play golf with only clubs on the course? These backyard golf games show that there are a variety of ways to put the ball into the hole. These games will test golfers, regardless of their skill.

1. Chippo

Chippo is the result when you lift the corn hole board with your wedge and work on your chipping. The playing surface is made up of two tiny holes on the back, and a bigger one in the middle. A chipping mat lies on top of the primary board. Two sets of mats are set 15 feet apart.

It is possible to play the traditional rules of cornhole with the standard 21-point winning score. If you’d like to keep the same golf-like experience, you can play match play, where players compete to take the hole home by scoring the highest.

The place you put the ball will determine the number of points you receive. If it hits the mainboard, and not an opening, you will earn one point. A hole in the middle gives three points. Chipping it into an open hole in the back earns 5 points. 

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If you hit with the mat for chipping, it will earn double your score. You can also make use of the mat as your Tee and hit it on the mainboard.

2. BirdieBall

BirdieBall can be another sport that can help in improving your chipping. This game combines golf and another well-known backyard game called Bocce ball. This one uses a specially-designed ball that has an identical name. It’s a cylinder made of plastic that you can hit as an ordinary golf ball, but however with a shorter flight. You can also use the wedge for playing.

Certain BirdieBall sets come with the target, which is made up of a flag and a small weighted nylon bag. The goal is to strike the ball in the bag without leaving the bounds. This is a penalty point. The first player to score the score you set for yourself is the winner of the game.

Another variant that increases the difficulty is a bocce ball. You’ll be using any of BirdieBalls as your jacks and place it on its side after throwing the ball with your wedge. The players will be using high-density golf balls in order in an attempt to be closest to the goal. There is a variation to this game, making it winner takes all when a player hits their ball over the BirdieBall.

3. Disc Golf

Dis golf Combines the idea of creating the hole using the least number of shots and the speed of frisbee. It’s a lot more difficult than you believe. What started as a simple street game has evolved into professional leagues as well as its own organization, called the Professional Disc Golf Association. The game is similar to its name with 9 or 18-hole courses spread all across the United States.

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It is also possible to set up your own mini-course using baskets for practice and other hazards, such as an overhanging tree or backyard water features. The benefit of this variation on backyard golf is that it incorporates the element of cardio. It takes a lot of muscle to throw the frisbee in the yard.

Other Variations Of Backyard Golf Games

Another option to boost your game would be to locate a pleasurable method of practicing a particular part of your game to get better at it whilst having fun. Let’s admit it. The driving range can get boring after a few minutes.

4. PutterBall

PutterBall like its name suggests is focused on the short game. It’s also that is the closest to golf, but with a competitive and fun twist. It is made up of an ultra-high-density foam mat that has 12 holes that resemble an array of golf balls at each end. There are covers for each of the holes that can be used to create a uniform surface. Putters can be used or mini-golf versions.

It is played with two or more players If you’re in an entire group. The aim of the sport is to hit six putts on the opposite side first. When you make one putt the hole, you cover it on the hole. If one team reaches six, the opposite side has a chance to take the lead by achieving their six without failing to make it. Another variation is to turn it into an improvised game that elevates one side.

5. Flagsticks

Flagsticks or drains test the accuracy of placing or chipping, based on the way you organize your pins. One popular variant is to set up three pins within circles that are set distance. You can play against yourself or take on your opponent. The aim is to achieve the desired amount of points in the first place. Each hole is considered to be one point.

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The game begins with the players trying to sink the ball simultaneously. If you are successful you can move on to the next round. If not continue, you’ll have to persevere until you get it. While you’re at it, your opponent trying to score points and score points. You can practice distance shots as well by placing the flags at the same distance from each other.

6. Floating Target Golf Game

If you truly would like to raise the stakes, you can make your goal one that is floating. These are floating mats that you can put within your swimming pool or peaceful lake. 

Then, you can chip it from the dock, shore, or even from the poolside flagstick that you can put on the mat. The problem, however, is that you are facing an ever-changing goal.

You can play it as the game of bocce balls where the player with the best shot wins the points. The winner will have to dive into the water to collect the balls. It’s a fun idea to pass your afternoon in the summer afternoon.

Final World

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced golfer or brand new to the game. The backyard golf games provide enjoyment and challenges that eliminate the staleness and preconceived notions that people may have about this thrilling game. You never know! It could be that putter ball or chippo is your style.

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