10 Animal With The Worst Memory

A lot of animals have remarkable memory. For instance, dolphins, elephants, parrots, and dogs have remarkable memory and are able to remember things for a long period of duration.

In this post, we’re going to look at animals with poor memory. A recent study on a variety of animal species produced a 27-second average of short-term memory.

Don’t be surprised by the fact that some animals on this list, despite being intelligent animals, have a short memory.

Many animals around the globe have remarkable memory. For instance, dolphins elephants, parrots, and dogs have a remarkable memory and can retain information for quite a long duration.

In this post, we’re going to look at animals that have poor memory. A recent study that was conducted with a variety of animals has resulted in a 27-second average time to recall short-term memories.

Here are the top ten animals with the worst memory on the planet

  1. Ostriches
  2. Turkeys
  3. Sloths
  4. Giraffes
  5. Seals
  6. Snakes
  7. Hamsters
  8. Baboons
  9. Bees
  10. Chimpanzees

Animals With Bad Memory

10. Chimpanzees

I am sure you’re thinking “Chimpanzees are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. What could be the reason they can have a bad memory?” but they really have. 

Their memory capacity and ability to reason might be comparable to the average five-year-old, however, your short-term memory may be awful.

A chimpanzee is able to remember what was just happening for about two minutes. It’s worse than the short-term memory of a rat!

It doesn’t mean they’re incompetent, however. They’re extremely long-term and have a great working memory. 

But when you smack your tongue out today, it’s likely not going to keep track of the exact action you took within a half minute.

9. Bees

It may seem obvious, but you might not be aware that memory is extremely crucial for all bees including honeybees. 

They must remember where their hives are and where the nectar-rich flowers are, and also how to navigate about. However, when it comes to their short-term memory they fall short.

The majority of honeybees have an average short-term memory of approximately 2.5 minutes

It means that you can start with a sentence and they’d lost track of what you were speaking about before they’ve finished it!.

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8. Baboons

Like chimpanzees, Baboons have a superior memory for the long term however they are not so great for short-term memory. It’s not easy to know exactly the length of time that a baboon’s quick-term memory is.

 However, in the majority of instances, researchers believe that it’s just barely better than a bee’s memory, which suggests it’s actually not all that impressive in my opinion. I’m also surprised that they’ve been able to survive long enough to be this at all!

The public will go on and over again how the baboons are clever, sophisticated creatures that have a complex social hierarchy, and amazing developmental capabilities. 

With a brain that is only a little more than a bee’s, just more than 2.5 seconds I’m seriously skeptical of the extent to which they are actually clever.

7. Hamsters

Oh, hamsters. adorable, affectionate tiny pets that have no worry in the world, and no thought of their tiny head-shaped, fluffy heads. If they weren’t so adorable they’d have probably eaten them.

That’s right, with memories of approximately three seconds so it’s not shocking that they’re not found in the wild anymore and only exist as human pets.

If I witnessed my friend Doug become a victim of snakes, and then forget about the entire incident just a few seconds later I’d be no hesitant in trying to traverse the same path that he crossed before being devoured. Then I’d be snake food, too.

The memories of hamsters are poor, I’m sorry to share it with you If you have an animal, you’re in for a high possibility they won’t remember the name of you and what cuddles that you offered it just a few minutes prior.

The hamsters are so strongly placed on that “dumb as well as forgetful” list, that they could simply forget about what they’re doing as they’re doing it. 

Therefore, do yourself a favor, buy one of these hamsters, and have endless entertainment from being able to say that they are unable to recall the reason for doing anything and that their whole life is a blur of cloud.

6. Snakes

It’s not surprising given the amount of violent snake-themed horror films we’ve seen through the years, however, the majority of snakes have poor and, in some cases, non-existent memories.

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 They don’t remember anything, but it’s the fact that their brains don’t have the capacity to feel emotionally attached to any incident they encounter.

They can also learn to distinguish between predator and prey, however, you can be sure that the snake you keep in your home doesn’t really care about who you are.

They are able to recognize and recall the scent of creatures or objects they’ve seen before however, they are unable to associate any particular memories to that object or animal. In the case of most snakes, their memory operates similar to instinct, and even though they don’t know the exact reason for taking a particular action, they intuitively know that’s the right thing to do.

This means that contrary to the myths that a lot of people would like you to believe, snakes don’t have any concept of what it means to be a dog they may not even be aware of their owners.

And aren’t capable of being close to humans or viewing snakes as anything other than a creature that doesn’t have any harm on it and isn’t big enough to be considered a target, and therefore they let them be.

5. Seals

I suppose the seals that appear in this list shouldn’t be at all shocking. They aren’t exactly geniuses.

But if I put some glasses with a wire-rim on one, and stuck the mouth of a pipe I can definitely recognize the resemblance to Sherlock Holmes.

For seals, their quick-term memory of complete 18 seconds implies that they don’t really know what they’re doing all the time. 

They’re not even aware of their behavior since, in less than an hour, they are unable to recall what they were doing.

Thank God for the nature-based instincts, otherwise, the animals could have faced a tough time.

4. Giraffes

Giraffes truly surprised me once I realized that I should add them to this list. They appear like intelligent animals. I’m amazed that their short-term memory is so very short.

At only thirty seconds long the short-term memory of a giraffe isn’t sufficient to keep them from forgetting to turn the kettle on.

This could have been a problem in the event that giraffes were kettle-users. But fortunately, they don’t.

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At the very least, they are able to recall events that occurred in the past. If they didn’t, they would be categorized as complete and blundering idiots.

3. Sloths

The way a sloth is portrayed doesn’t shout “I’m intelligent,” so it’s not any surprise at all that they don’t have the best memories. 

If you’ve watched Ice Age, Sid the Sloth ought to have given you a picture of how stupid the animals are.

Their memory is so poor that they sometimes forget the shape of their arms until they believe they’re branches of a tree, grasp them with their arms to the opposite, and fall and fall off.

It’s actually the most extreme type of memory loss and a lack of memory for what your personal arm looks like doesn’t suggest a good future for the future of these animals.

2. Turkeys

It’s not clear what this is supposed to be a bit of a rant, but I’m actually quite glad that turkeys don’t have a good short-term memory. They’d also be able to recall how many “disappear” every year at Thanksgiving.

They’re not the most intelligent in reality, and their appearance is an indicator of their cognitive abilities. This isn’t a good indicator in any way.

They’re smart enough to provide a tasty food source for us all every year at least but nobody will be wiser since they’re not able to remember if they were eight or four turkeys just a few hours prior.

1. Ostriches

Ostriches pounce on people, believe they’re the best in the world as if they’re the most dominant bird, despite being as ignorant as the dirt that they bury their heads with.

It’s a good thing they can attribute this behavior to being able to say that they are unable to recall how ridiculously stupid they truly are.

 With the short-term memory limit of one minute, it is possible that they are in pursuit of something and not even recognizing the reason.

In addition, their big eyes and ridiculously shaped heads contribute to the belief about the animals’ intelligence is actually, not intelligent in any way.

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