A backyard is an extension of the family and where memories are created garden flowers and there are plenty of barbecues or summer BBQs get enjoyed by family and friends.

It’s no surprise that we will spend a significant portion of our time outside whether that’s gardening, playing football, or reading an enjoyable book, which ensures that the yard is maintained.

A lot of work and upkeep is involved in making your shared space look perfect, and that’s the reason we are here. From removing creepy crawlies out of your house and luring whitetail deer onto their property hosting an unforgettable family gathering during the holidays We cover a broad variety of subjects that make running your yard easier but also help you make the most of your yard more effectively.

We’ll give you our two cents worth of useful DIY tips, and inspiring tidbits of the information You don’t need to call in the experts each time a problem arises or you want some work done. Learn to recognize issues in your outdoor space Find ways to cheaply improve your outdoor areas and take on the role of you owning your backyard!

Today DIY’ing is often undervalued and unappreciated, but it can be handy for emergencies or small jobs around the home. Be savvier and adopt an active approach to re-acquainting you with these crucial skills for life, so you’re ready to take on any new endeavor.

Lion-Yard gives practical and helpful advice on all things related to your property and your home. The lion-Yard team is comprised of experts with a wealth of experience in the yard and home.

Our aim is to simplify your life and inspire you about taking control and assist you in reclaiming your living spaces and outdoor spaces.